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  1. I figured it out; just had to layer regular one on the bottom and use textured ones blending mode on top. How do I keep stroke of box proportional when scale it? Thanks
  2. @Alfred thank you, I got it to work but now the blending modes won't work-I want it to look like below but in vector form.
  3. @gdenby thank you I got it to work by doing what you said, I'm new to AD, used to adobe. I've only got it to work on the logo as pixel layer in affinity photo. Is there anyway to do it and keep the logo as a shape/vector? Thank you very much
  4. Thank you! I turned blending mode back to normal; when I drag it over and blue bar appears after I let go, it goes under as background as yours did but just shows white and no texture like before. I tried making logo text layer, shape layer, and pixel layer and everytime still shows up as below, with no change to logo. Any ideas? Thank you!
  5. Hi, I am trying to clip a brick texture to a logo in affinity designer. I looked up how to do it in affinity as its different than photoshop. I place the photo of brick on top of logo layer and here's what happens-pictures of before and after below. The texture goes away completely and thumbnail is white so I'm not sure what to do. Thank you! -Emily
  6. Does anyone know of I program I could use like adobe lightroom where I could look through and do basic edits on a group of photos before opening individually in affinity designer. I used to use lightroom and adobe bridge with camera raw, I heard affnity was coming out with program like it but has not yet. Is there a free or cheap software I could use then open into affinity photo after? Thank you -Emily
  7. Hi, I am new to affinity photo and just switched over from photoshop. I open an image in affinity photo, then I create new document of size I want to work with like I used to do in photoshop. I want to move the image into the new document and be able to move the image around without moving the canvas. the image is bigger than the canvas and I want to transform image to make it smaller but not exact size of canvas because I was to crop some of it off but be able to move image around to get it in right spot. It's hard to explain, but I want to move the image layer separate from actual canvas/document size like I do in photoshop, but it won't let me. does anyone know what I mean? Thank you
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