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Found 80 results

  1. I'm sure there is a simple answer, but can't find it anywhere: how can I make font size of text inside a group scale proportionally with the group?
  2. I have an art board with a large Symbol on it which I then duplicate in much smaller scale to additional, smaller art boards. If I create a shape inside the original symbol and set a stroke width of, say 20pt, then the stroke width is an actual 20pt on all copies of the symbol, regardless of their relative scale. I was expecting the stroke to be scaled proportionally. The example shows a 45pt stroke on the circle as set in the 1024pt large art board. You can see it is also 45pt on the smaller art boards, pretty much destroying the design.
  3. You can try these steps from my file 1. On the 'Lock Children' mode 2. Select multiple boxes 3. Try to rescale it 4. Undo (Ctrl+Z) 5. The bug like my screenshot will show *The same bug happened to previous version Artboard that you have been fixed. Cheers. test_multipleTransform.afdesign
  4. Hi, When I scale a vector shape or a group of layers, I can't see fluidly how the object increases or decreases, I only can see the new size when I left the handlers. This issue only appears working with Wacom Intuos 4, if I use the mouse there's no problem! I'm using Designer 1.5.2 (beta 3) + Yosemite 10.10.5.
  5. Hi again, When playing with embedded documents, two things are missing to me (but perhaps I've not found them yet) Let's say my embedded document has a width of 1024px. Once embedded to a parent document, we can decide (quite often) to resize it, and if ever, I'm missing: • An information on the transform panel telling me by how much it has been resized from its original size. (ie. transformed width = 643px --> scale would show somewhere 62,79% • A button + right click menu entry, etc. to instantly scale it back to it's original dimension What do you think?
  6. As a bloody ADesigner starter I wanted to scale my vector-logo by simply holding the cmd-key. But this made the lines thicker when I reduced the size or made them very thin, when I wanted to make the logo bigger. How can I scale my vector lines proportional (excuse my english :mellow: )???
  7. Very MUST HAVE feature, when you are selecting points, they appears in own bounding box, and you can manipulate it like an object — scale, rotate warp (add warp). Just like in 3dsmax. Open 3dsmax and just add many coolest features from there, your app will conquer universe. Just from Edit Poly tool. Add extruding edges — killer feature... Just a lot of basic tools and you will be a king... Also: copying along path, matrix, create object arrays etc.; make instances or copies of objects, make it separate type. Make linked or embedded objects. Would be great to have ability to join many edges to one vertex (but the last is like fantastic)))
  8. Hi, if you have a look at the attached image you see the setting I have. And in that case I just wanted to change the "length" of the curve by typing in a new value for the width. But that "deletes" the object (see second object). The reason is the enabled aspect ratio. Turn the aspect ration off - everything works fine. But I don't see this is necessary. AD could modify the width without forcing the user to deactivate the aspect ratio. Cheers, Stefan.
  9. Hi, I just discovered the following inconsistent behavior: 1.1) create e.g. a rectangle 1.2) grab e.g. the bottom right handle to scale the rectangle >> the rectangle can be scaled freely ( as expected ) 1.3) grab e.g. the bottom right handle to scale the rectangle BUT use Shift >> the rectangle can only be scaled with aspect ratio ( as expected ) same behavior with 2 rectangles a single image has the opposite behavior: 2.1) place an image 2.2) grab e.g. the bottom right handle to scale the image >> the image can only be scaled with aspect ratio ( that's unusual and NOT what I expected ) 2.3) now with Shift >> the image can be scaled freely ( that's unusual and NOT what I expected ) 3.) whereas 2 images behave as expected (vice versa) Thanks, Stefan.
  10. Hi, Just started playing with Affinity Designer beta for windows and I can not find where to change the document scale.... Or is this not available? Thanks
  11. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, or need to learn the Affinity rather than the Adobe way, but I'm having a bit of a problem working with masked images. If I use a vector mask, then once the original image is masked then I can only resize the masked image, not the original one. If I want to reposition or resize the original image I first have to move the vector mask out of the group, or turn off the vector layer. It's really cumbersome and not great for cropping and repositioning images. Ideally I want controll over both at the same time. As far as I can see, it's the same with pixel masks. Any work-arounds anyone? Thanks
  12. When I in node tool, I have 2 lines selected where the end node of one is on top of the begin of the other. I click the join button. The stroke scale changes from 1 on both lines to 1.4 for the combined. I do not have scale with object selected in "solid line style". How do I make it stop doing that. I want the stroke to be 1. BTW, thank you so much for an amazing software that is affordable.
  13. I would like to scale an object by percent, rather than have to do the math to change the x and/or y.
  14. I've tried the "Scale with Object" option, but it can work only grouped elements. Can It work with Artboard? Please help.
  15. I know this has been asked at least a couple of times, but I am still needing to copy, edit in illustrator, then paste in order to perform transforms (rotate, scale, move) on selected nodes. Can we please get either an indicator of whether this is going to be addressed soon or any workarounds/workflows that can make this less painful? The more I dive into original works in Designer the more I don't understand how artists cope without this capability? Many thanks in advance - John
  16. I've been asked to scale and export a vector icon set from 32px (slices) to 500px. I'm wondering if there is an easy way to do this in the export persona (or some other way). I've been searching but haven't found an easy solution. Any ideas?
  17. Hi, I made a logo in Affinity Designer and everytime I use it to sign an artwork I have to scale it down but then something happens to the stroke design. The big one is the original, the small one scaled down you see.. the small one has flattened strokes on the "f" and "k" It happens to be where the selection cuts it off when i slecet the whole design. Scale With Object on the strokes is turned on and I used Align Stroke with Outside on the shape. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance!
  18. Is there a way to apply the "scale with object" globally, like a preference after the fact? I have a bunch of objects that I should have had the "scale with object" turned on for as I created them. Just wondering if there is a way to apply it now or do I have to individually select each and every object and apply it manually? Thanks.
  19. From my attached file, This bug only happen when I scale up/down object with stoke. Luckily it can be solved by check/uncheck "Scale with Object" in the panel before Expand Stroke. expand_stroke.afdesign
  20. I would like to see something similar to 'transform each' in Illustrator where multiple selected elements can be scaled about their centers (or centres) an equal amount. This is useful for scientific illustratrions where multiple symbols need rescaling. Thank you for providing a really useful tool and I look forward to seeing updates!
  21. Story to illustrate what this feature is useful for: I designed a UI image (in designer) at the size of the retina iPad screen. Later I realised that I should have made the document the size of the old iPad screen and used the @2x export in the slices tool to get the retina resolution. So I edited the document properties and scaled the document down to half its original size. It worked well except that the rounded corners on all my buttons and boxes maintained the original radius from the larger image, giving the appearance that the radii of all those corners had doubled, relative to the new size of the design. Feature request: When resizing a shape in the main UI, it is usually desirable that the corners maintain their radius regardless of the scale of the shape. However, when resizing the entire document, it would be better to scale the corner radii proportionally to the change in document scale so that the appearance of the document remains the same after rescaling.
  22. Hi, I really can’t believe that such a great app does not have a scaling tool that could scale objects f. e. by a factor 10. It is possible to do this with a *10. But not the real internal sizes are resized, but the inaccurate numbers in the transform box. :( A scaling tool is not on the feature roadmap?! Will it be changed?
  23. Not sure if this has been asked yet but is there a way to rotate or scale an object from a user defined origin instead of the default centre of the object?
  24. Would you be able to make an object rotate around another object by changing its anchor point?
  25. Hello Affinity goeroes, I found a problem while copy pasting some text. When i paste it, it shrinks.. Is there a way to fix this? For more information look at the video. Affinity-bug-copy.mov