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  1. ChrisBarch

    Shapes at ends of lines

    I's also like this feature and to include other shapes not just arrowheads that are moveable along the line.
  2. ChrisBarch


    Hi Thanks for the quick reply and the link, perfect! New to forums so I'll make sure I search before posting. Cheers
  3. Hi, new user here having used Corel for many years but recently changed from Windows to Mac. Tried the Affinity trial which I liked very much so have just bought the full version. I produce 2D archaeological drawings from scanned site drawings - plan and section drawings, and these need to be shown at different scales depending on the level of detail required and room on the page (usually A3 landscape). When copying drawings from 1 file to another, the scale doesn't seem to be maintained (though I may be wrong) and they seem to be pasted larger than copied. Is there a way to maintain the scale when doing this? Also, when increasing or decreasing the scale of an object, is this only possible by locking W and H in the Transform panel and altering the Points, e.g. to double a scale with W and H locked, increase W from 100 pt to 200 pt? Is there a way of changing scale by percentage? Many thanks in advance, Chris