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    Where is my account?

    ohhhhh that might be a chance. cant remembre if i bought it via appstore.. i will check on that! Thanks
  2. Hey there, bought AD some time ago (1,5years?) and today i tried to log in with my mailadress but it wont work. says that my adress is unknown. i tried every mailadress i have but none is known... can you check on this please?
  3. Hey There, my problem (i think that might be a bug) is: I draw stuff in the pixel-persona on a seperate pixel-layer. Afterwards i switch back to draw-persona and draw a form (like rectangel or so) and try to change the color. BUT the color is stucked to white (or in this case transparent), won't change. The thing is i CAN change the color of the stroke but not the fill. The colorinformation seem to be given, since i can switch colors between stroke an fill (the stroke-color changes to the fill-color i picked) but the fill-color is not displayed or rather stays transparent. I use windows 10 pro and affinity affinity bug.pdf
  4. That depends on the printer i guess. I always ask the printer first even though its a online company. in my experience every printer has different settings depending on the layout-program they are working with. i often use pdf/x-3:2003 and a low resolution for supersize print-products (often only vector-based).
  5. Hey Folks, somehow i can't solve this problem. I guess i miss something here. (Talking 'bout AD) The problem is: I allready have a vectorized form with diffrent layers an groups. Now i want to change the size of the whole form, like from 200px to 1500px. The stroke-size remains the same, so that the strokes are getting thinner while the whole composition is getting bigger (or other way around just like in my attachment). Is there a way to change the size and keep the proportions still? I attached two files to make it clear. Hope someone can help me?! Thanks
  6. Hey folks, quick querstion: i build a graphic in AD and want to increase the size. is it possible to increase the line-thikness proportional to the size of its container? Know what i mean? You have a box (40x40px) with a border (5px) and want to scale it on 400x400px. But the bordersize shall increase proportional. is that possible?
  7. Hey there, since i updated my affinity designer on ht elatest version (, the program always crashes when unpluging the tools from the dock! I use two screens. In version 1.5 i just draged all most of the toolbar on the second screen so i had more space to work on the main screen. But now, and its it's not a question of how many tools i "unplug" from the toolbar, the whole program crashes. Already reportet on it. Anybody has the same problems or is it just about the performance of my PC? Cheers Dominik from GER