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  1. 2on2out

    does not open a file

    Agreed. I'd much rather have it correct than rebuilding my file yet again.
  2. 2on2out

    does not open a file

    I am running 1.70.58 and I can not open any of the master files I created as of this morning when it crashed. My original install is this version. I have sent the reports to Apple, but would like to know what the timeline looks like if anyone knows. Thanks, Elizabeth
  3. Mike would you be willing to share your scaling or setup document with me? is it a formula chart? 2on2out
  4. Thanks Mike Can you tell me which one of the pdf exprts for print web flatten or export or pdf/x1-3-or 4 and anything I need to know in the more boxes
  5. Ok Great thanks. Now how exactly should I export this bad boy? in an editable for that is not AP?
  6. Well that depends they will be hanging on Youth baseball field backstops so anywhere from 10-500 feet. 2on2out
  7. This is at the recommendation of the printer I am using even if I take it down to 150 dpi it still takes forever ( I mean 3-4 Hours) to export as a pdf unflattened or a psd file editable...I am using the file export and chose psd editable. Affinity is not a file they can open.
  8. The dimensions are in inches its a 3 x 6 foot banner with bleed space
  9. Can anyone please tell me how you export a file for a banner from affinity photo with a size of 72.5 X 36.5 at 300 DPI so it is a large file. I love the sofware however it is taking hours to export. Is this correct or am I doing something incorrect. I do need the file to be editable. Thanks for your help 2on2out
  10. Hi again, trying to export a banner size file of 6 feet by 3 feet file to a printer and need to export as a psd or pdf unflattened to preserve the editablility. this is taking hours to export.....Help I don't have time to wait this long what am I doing wrong. 2on2outdesigns.
  11. Hi Yes this is what will be done but I wanted an easy way to take the dirt off the pants we sell the photos of the players to the parents after the banner is finished and the moms don't want dirt on the pants. Thanks
  12. Hi Looking to get some help with the color replacement tool in Affinity. I will cut this player out of the background and place on a banner however, I need to know how to rid the dirt. I try the color replacement tool click the foreground and cannot get the color correct to replace it ends up being purple or not the same as the pant color. THanks for your help.
  13. Hey Guys, Have been using Elements and just switched and need to learn how to remove green screen. Have accomplished this with the selections but is rough even after refined wanted to use eraser tool to clean up and cannot figure out how to get any to work. Please help Banner season is close and need to refine my workflow.
  14. Hello New to affinity what is the cleanest way to remove kiddos from green screen in affinity? Selection and then clean up with eraser? Thanks for your help