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  1. Yep correct. FWIW, after a LOT of trial and error I managed to work around this by splitting the macro and exporting twice. The first export with a height (but no width) entered in the 'New Batch Job' window, then running the second on the resulting images.
  2. This bug still exists in 2022(?!) — when recording a macro and resizing, unless both X and Y fields are set expressly, the proportion based on the single X or Y value entered should be recorded, not simply the calculated end values.
  3. Just saw this topic on a bug that dates from 2018. I ran into the same issue today: Concerning that it hasn't been addressed yet. Looks like I'll have to dust off photoshop...
  4. Thanks for the reply Dan — there are no AD Crash Reports in console app (only 2: Plex from a week ago, and Illustrator from 2020). And no records in diagnostics or logs from the time of the 2 crashes this morning. Odd thing is that the report crash popup that usually appears after restart is absent — it's like the system has no idea it's crashed...
  5. Hi, Starting a few weeks ago, I've been having frequent full systems crashes — cursor becomes unresponsive, fan goes into overdrive, system restart. A full system freeze/crash like this is exceedingly rare on macOS — never had more than a handful in the 20yrs preceding this. I'd not been able to track it down definitively before today, but it is AD causing the crash. I've replicated it half a dozen times today — with and without hardware acceleration turned on. I have no idea what's going wrong, but for now I cannot use AD for more than a few minutes before a system crash. Any ideas?
  6. Bump. Seems like there should be a way to extract a curve from text-on-curve. Perhaps the path should be treated like a child later of the text (or vice versa) — so it's possible to drag it out from underneath to release...
  7. I second the missing 'c' shortcut. I assume there is some logic to it, but it was disappointing to discover
  8. PixelPest — exactly, but for dynamic corners. The corner tool is amazing (although I have no idea why the 'c' shortcut from the beta was removed), but the set radius does not scale with the object. To ELI5 — if I draw a 100mm square, convert to curves, and add 20mm radius to a corner with the corner tool, then scale the square to 50mm, the corner remains at 20mm radius instead of scaling to 10mm as would be logical. Seems like a no-brainer to me, but hey ho...
  9. Is there any hack to show the bleed area on a document using artboards? I presume this is also on the to-do list for the update?
  10. Seems crazy not to have the search box everywhere a pantone selector panel is – it's next to useless without it.
  11. Bump. Constantly resetting values for corner radii after scaling the object. Current workflow is: - duplicate object - bake corners on duplicate - scale original and duplicate - match corner radii on the original to the duplicate - delete duplicate. Painful.
  12. Just tried AD 1.6 with Indesign CC – nope. Still need an old copy of illustrator messing up my system just for this. Arg.
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