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  1. I second the missing 'c' shortcut. I assume there is some logic to it, but it was disappointing to discover
  2. PixelPest — exactly, but for dynamic corners. The corner tool is amazing (although I have no idea why the 'c' shortcut from the beta was removed), but the set radius does not scale with the object. To ELI5 — if I draw a 100mm square, convert to curves, and add 20mm radius to a corner with the corner tool, then scale the square to 50mm, the corner remains at 20mm radius instead of scaling to 10mm as would be logical. Seems like a no-brainer to me, but hey ho...
  3. Is there any hack to show the bleed area on a document using artboards? I presume this is also on the to-do list for the update?
  4. Seems crazy not to have the search box everywhere a pantone selector panel is – it's next to useless without it.
  5. Bump. Constantly resetting values for corner radii after scaling the object. Current workflow is: - duplicate object - bake corners on duplicate - scale original and duplicate - match corner radii on the original to the duplicate - delete duplicate. Painful.
  6. Just tried AD 1.6 with Indesign CC – nope. Still need an old copy of illustrator messing up my system just for this. Arg.
  7. Thanks for the reply Carl. This'll work in principal, but it's not ideal – non-editable and only really practical for a few words. Hopefully it's a feature that'll be added soon.
  8. Thank for the reply, but the linked thread is not really applicable in my case – unless I want to skew each letter individually. Incidentally, this seems to be the way my old illustrator files are imported i.e. each letter separated and skewed by a different amount to preserve the effect. Not a practical way to replicate the effect in Designer from scratch though.
  9. Hi, I'm using Designer to add to some old work done in illustrator, but I've run into a limitation – I need to match some type on path, skewed vertically. Is there any way to achieve this in Designer? To expand the description a bit – in illustrator there is an option to skew the type on a path vertically (similar to option 'B' in the example attached). I'm looking for an equivalent option or a method to replicate this in Designer. Any ideas?
  10. Hi Chris, I originally posted this in feature requests/feedback. Mike replied that on windows the 'cut down' version of the swatches panel retained the settings of the main swatches panel (see the conversation in the original thread). I assumed this disparity between windows/mac was a bug.
  11. Seems that some swatch panels don't retain the settings of the main swatch panel (MacOS 10.13, Designer V1.5.5) i.e. the swatch panel in colour overlay in a layer effect doesn't display the search field (or list view) after it is enabled in the main swatch panel. See thread:
  12. In the main swatches panel, yes, but what about in other places? (as in my screenshot which is a colour overlay in a layer effect)
  13. Hi, I'm writing to suggest that a search box be shown anytime a pantone swatch picker is displayed. The picker is virtually useless without the ability to type a PMS number. Surprising that it's is not shown by default, and more surprising that it's sometimes not even available as an option. Would be a welcome addition. Thanks! Cleay.
  14. OK. I think that a toolbar preference for scaling proportionally for all elements (stroke width, corners, effects etc...) might be a good idea - instead of the current situation where you set 'scale with object' checkboxes for each one (stroke, shadow, glow etc...).
  15. I concur - any way around this apart from baking the corners?
  16. I have to agree 100%. Infinite zoom is a great feature of affinity designer, but it's crippled by the horrible scrubby zoom method. Pretty frustrating to use right now - after 20yrs of muscle memory with the marque method I'm only about 50/50 remembering to use the extra option modifier...
  17. I was trying to be tactful, but 'drives me out of my head' is a pretty good description!
  18. OK, I'm hitting this bug (or UI gremlin) constantly. My example is for a stroke width, but it seems to apply to all numerical value fields (e.g. opacity). 1. select a stroke 2. click into the stroke width slider numerical field in the stroke panel 3. type to change the stroke width (any value) 4. hit 'enter' to commit the stroke width change 5. hit 'v' key to change the cursor to the move tool (or any other tool keyboard shortcut) RESULT: the stroke is 'zeroed' in the field by the tool keyboard shortcut press, the stroke width change is cancelled, and the stroke width is set to 0 and becomes invisible. EXPECTED: the width change is committed after the enter key is pressed, and the cursor is changed to the move tool by the subsequent 'v' keypress. The expected behaviour works if I substitute a tab keypress for the enter keypress above - I think it's reasonable to expect that the 'enter' key should commit the field change in the same way, right?
  19. I'm encountering these same layering issues with snapping - seems it's not possible to snap to objects below an existing snapping candidate. So far I've been managing it by hiding / showing layers and sorting the object stack, but it's not ideal. Is there an issue with allowing the addition of candidates through / below existing candidates? Otherwise perhaps a way to remove them as discussed above...
  20. Great, thanks! - it's the handle floating outside the bottom right of the group for anyone else wondering!
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