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  1. Hi Affinity Designer devs, ;) as Desktop Publishing needs precison and strictness, scaling and positionning are must-have options for professionnals while importing photos or illustrations in a document. While selecting a photo you should have access to its scale in percentage vs its original size and then be able to numerically modify it. It would also be great to be able to numerically change the x & y position of the image in the container block. The summum would be to display the original resolution of the image file in dpi and the calculated resolution of the image on the printed Designer document. For now, the missing of these basic functionnalities prevents me from using Affinity Designer for my professionnal production. In a more general way, the more you give precise control to the user on the document's contents, the better it will be for a professionnal use. :) Thanks for your involvement in this promising software. Best Regards -- Fred