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I absolutely love Affinity Designer!  I am not an advanced user, I mostly use the program to make simple layout drawings.  I may have missed this feature as I cannot find it, or it may not be available.  I am trying to make scale drawings for where equipment is laid out in a facility, or a scale drawing of a piece of equipment.  For example, I would like to set that 1/4" on the drawing equals one foot and that the dimensions would specify that measurement.  So, if I have a room that is 15' X 25', I would like that shown as my dimension even though I am working on an 8 1/2" X 11" workspace.


Hopefully I explained this because right now I have to do these calculations manually... so .105 equals one foot. It would speed up my simple drawings considerable if I was able to do this.  So, am I missing something or is this not available.


Thank you all for your hard work bringing this awesome program to us; keep up the great job!





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Welcome to the forum 98raptorta :)


You're not missing anything - it's not currently possible to set a Drawing Scale. It has been requested before by other users and hopefully it's something we'll add in the future.

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