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Found 18 results

  1. Perhaps I am doing something wrong. I have a document in Affinity Publisher on a large monitor, under separated mode. When I switch to the Designer persona, the separated studios (menus) disappear, and yet, they still appear selected under the View/Studio menu. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is it something I do not have setup correctly? Or is it a genuine bug?
  2. Any Distortion, Warp, or Perspective distort features soon? This year? Any date release? I need to know if I need to change apps. What is everyone else doing to get around not having Distortion or Perspective distorts in Affinity Designer? Any tips?
  3. I love the Designer and Photo persona switch on Publisher. I believe there was a missed opportunity though. Designer has the pixel persona. When switching to Designer from Publisher, how about adding a smaller button under the designer button for the pixel interface? Same for Photo button and the liquify, tone map, develop personas. Add small buttons under it when switched as well. Just a couple suggestions.
  4. Hi, I am trying out Affinity Photo at this point and I am confused about the following: I am under the impression that the Develop Persona is only for RAW files. If that is so, how come there is a Develop extension for the OS X Photo app which I have used successfully to work on TIFF and JPEG flies? Does that mean that I can also use the Develop Persona in Affinity to work on JPEG or TIFF files? If so, is there be any advantage in doing that? Moreover, if you are working on a RAW file in Affinity, do you necessarily need to edit the photo first in the Develop Persona before you can edit it in
  5. Hi I'm trying Affinity Paint as a less money-rapacious alternative to the Photoshop that I've been using for 20 years, and I hope you can help me with some trivial issues I'm having For starters I can't make sense of the way that the panels work. I'm trying to use layers to paint adjustments onto an underlying image (masking, de-saturating irrelevant areas etc), but I can't even get that far All I want is to have the painting tools and the layers panel visible at the same time. But the painting tools are only visible in Photo persona and the layers, bizarrely, are only vi
  6. I find that I am unable to activate the Vector and Photo personas in Publisher even though I have the latest versions of Designer and Photo both of which are paid up and registered programmes. As I am new to this forum I would appreciate any advice.
  7. Running AF on Mac,High Sierra, user interface will not toggle on or off when opening image. Happened whilst working on HRD Beach tutorial from photobook. Tried restarting system also deleting Application and reinstalling from App Store to no avail.
  8. Hi there,, I bought an iPad Pro for photo editing while on the road. I take RAW photos, and am very pleased that Affinity Photo can import and develop RAW photos. However, there are quite a few very basic shortcomings that outright annoy me when using Affinity Photo for a longer period of time: I do not quite understand the "persona" concept. I've been using GIMP before, and am used to having access to all commands at any time (when possible). Whenever I need to switch "personas", an annoying overlay pops up the right. Even when I have closed the navigator, history or whatever
  9. I would like to be able to save an image directly from the develop/RAW persona without having to do a roundtrip through the photo persona. This would be especially great if the edits could be saved non-destructively. Some pictures don't need editing with the photo persona, this would definitely speed up my workflow for certain images.
  10. When the raw output format is set to 32-bit (HDR) format in the Assistant dialog, are there any differences in making image adjustments (exposure, brightness, colors, white balance, shadow, highlight, ... etc ..., except noise reduction) within the Develop Persona compared to Photo Persona? In other words, what are the advantages in adjusting image parameters in Develop Persona? If there is no difference, wouldn't this method be partial workaround to the histogram bug in Develop Persona?
  11. I Recently purchased Affinity photo for Windows and am starting to look through video tutorials in order to navigate and use the software. I noticed that the tutorials are all using five personas. I only have three (Draw, Pixel and Export) is there a plugin for the other two? are they not in the windows version yet? Did I download the wrong file?
  12. i've been doing more exporting images to web of late, which has seen me hopping between personas a lot more. And stewing. A lot. My reference point vis a vis slices management is FIreworks, which for all of it's many flaws, does several things reasonably well: display and editing of slices, guides and graphic elements simultaneously Export of 8 Bit PNG images with alpha transparency With AD, if I'm trying to optimise elements for better pixel level precision, or even just ensure that multiple elements are fitting multiple slices of a consistant size, there is no way to see or edit tho
  13. A few days back I was using Affinity Designer (Windows), designing a logo and modifying a pre-existing font to suit my needs when it hit me. I wanted to design my own font/fonts! I searched the web to find a program that might be good for this, but all the programs on the market didn't look too amazing. The interfaces looked clumsy, unappealing and even though I am sure that they are good, I felt as if they were limited and always needed a separate program to complement them for their lack in one area or another. In most of the videos and tutorials I watched, people tended to use Adobe Ill
  14. Hey, This week Affinity TV takes a quick look at personas in Affinity Photo and answers the question what are they? What are Personas? Allan
  15. Hey all. I should preface my question with a statement: I've never been a heavy duty Photoshop user. I've got a CC sub, and use it to finish off photos which need skin retouching and cloning. Perhaps I'd use it more if it didn't seem so daunting, with the tons of ways in which a desired effect can be achieved, and the list continues to grow in that arena. Maybe I am assuming incorrectly, but I thought that Affinity was aimed at those who were familiar with PS, but that it wasn't necessary to be, in that tutorials would cover workflow, tools, filters etc.. And for the most part, the tutori
  16. My Affinity Designer seems to be missing its Persona buttons. Is there a setting I'm missing that makes them disappear/
  17. I have one question that may be one theme of my settings or just don't know. I use to change a lot among 3 or 4 windows within AD but now when I switch between some windows the last one changes to Export persona, so everytime I change to one window this appears in Export persona and is kind of annoying because i've to switch again to the Draw persona, so can somebody help me please. Thanks in advance.
  18. Hi, I'm working on my first drawing in AD. I enjoy using pixel and vector tools in one app especially. Because I use Photoshop for pixel work I have some thoughts about pixel persona (apologize if it was pointed somewhere). 1. When I make mask for pixel layer it is not linked to this layer (I see it above). Maybe it has some pros but I can't see them. 2. I can't invert mask. It would be great to use Cmd+I for that. 3. I can't use black and white on my mask. In Photoshop black hides and white shows. Here both show and I need to change tool to Eraser if I want to hide something. 4. I can't
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