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  1. For me Symbols are strange experience but maybe I don't want how to use them Affinity way. It looks like good start but with many missing pieces. 1. I miss Replace Symbol functionality. I can't understand why its not there. 2. I miss Edit Symbol. Why I can't just something easy way. I have to dig into groups or something. 3. Why there is no Symbol tools in Publisher. I can't even drag them to the page. 4. I don't understand how symbols are refereced. Sometimes I change them and I it seems some of them are in wrong place.
  2. Hi! I've bought Affinity Photo and Designer via AppStore few years ago. I see both of them in my purchases but when I try to install them (click on cloud icon) the spinner appears but nothing happens. I've tried to wait for a long time, nothing changes. MacPro 5.1, OSX Mojave. There is no info why apps can't be installed. I have them installed on Yosemite (previous system I've used). Is that possible that there is no way to install them on new system if they exist on other one even if I don't use them? Any help will be great.
  3. Definitely find/replace with GREP is must have for me to work with i.e. books. I can't even imagine to typeset 400 or 500 pages without this feature. It is like ten years step back for me comparing to InDesign (I still use CS6 but GREP works great is is real lifesaver).
  4. @R C-R my fault. I tried on two photos with different aspect ratios. Sorry for that.
  5. @owenr Thanks for checking. It seems there was problem with refreshing files in Finder. Right now all sizes are the same
  6. I finally found how to do that but it is not most intuitive approach I expected. To make image 320, 640 and 960 px wide I have to define three exports for my slice and set them to 320w, 640w, 960w. I can set them to: 320w; 320w, 2x; 320w, 3x either (and names are slice.png, slice@2x.png, slice@3x.png) but I don't understand why 320w is 320x188px and 320w, 2x (1280x762px in finder but 640x376px in Affinity Photo). For me 320w, 2x should be twice as dense as original which makes Affinity Photo size correct.
  7. Hi, I would like to ask how can I export in Affinity Photo multiple files from one big source image. I.e. I have source file 4000x3000 px and I need png 320x200 px, 640x480 px, 960x600 px. Thanks for help. Greg
  8. I mean rather use paragraph style for whole paragraphs and character styles for separate words or sentences in paragraph. This way you can just highlight more than one character style on list.
  9. Hi, sorry if I posted this in wrong place. I thought it would be great to add many character styles for the same part of text (within paragraph). I mean something like CSS classes. Sometimes I need to add i.e. Bold, Color and Small Caps character styles to part of text. With multiple character styles I can have three instead of Bold, Color, Small Caps, Bold Small Caps, Color Small Caps, Bold Color, Bold Color Small Caps. Thanks, Greg
  10. william7, thank you for your suggestion. I'll check it. I found it weird too because on my MacPro Affinity is incredibly fast (much more than Adobe). Two weeks ago I made banner 50 x 3 meters and it was very liberating experience to work without lags. Unfortunately I was forced to install Adobe CS6 on my MBP and it works much better/faster than Affinity. I suppose that GPU can be problem but maybe someone can confirm that.
  11. Hello, I have an old MacBookPro (model 2.1 4 GB RAM and Radeon X1600). It can run OS X 10.7.5 and I've installed both Affinity apps there. My idea was to install them instead Adobe CS6. Unfortunately, I can't work with them because they are incredibly slow. It takes very long to move the view even with empty file. Is there something I can do to make them workable? Thanks, Greg
  12. Many thanks. Combining vector and raster in one app is great idea.
  13. Hi, I've finished my first drawing. It was great time to discover AD freehand drawing tools for me. I try to utilize AD as freehand drawing app. I love vector and raster mixing in one place. I've started with sketchbook photo and raster brushes to make composition sketch. Next part was vector drawing with Pen, Pencil and Brush. I think Pen tool is great and intuitive but freehand drawing was very painful for me and I here are my freehand drawing improvements. 1. It would be great to have something like Clean tool. It can be something like brush but with size and tolerance option. When you draw a path with Pencil or Brush it has more points when needed. Clean tool can help reduce points with given tolerance and path is clean and simple. Great inspiration is here 2. I think Pencil and Brush need redraw option. I mean, when path is active user can draw over and change it. It is very frustrating to draw part of image as one path, next part as next path etc. and connect them into one shape. 3. Because I can't clean or redraw my paths on the fly (1 & 2), I've tried to use brush, draw my shape, expand strokes and add them. It works but shape has so many points (it seems brush path is made from circles) and you can't use Pen to make quick changes. First you need to clean shape but it takes more time than drawing new one. I think expand stroke should give shape with needed points only. 4. It would be great to have vector eraser too. Sometimes it is fast and easy to erase part of shape. Best, Greg
  14. Hi all, here is my first AD drawing. It was very interesting experience and after few different approaches drawing is complete. Best, Greg
  15. Guys, did you see Astute WidthScribe? http://www.astutegraphics.com/software/widthscribe/ I think it is great place to find interesting ideas. Best, Greg
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