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  1. I'm chiming in to say that I would like to purchase both workbooks in electronic format, preferably in Kindle format. I never buy physical books unless they're secondhand, out of print editions, which is extremely rare for me.
  2. +1 this. It's a must, and I don't understand why it's not already implemented.
  3. I hope there's a fix or improvement in the pipeline for this, because doing it the way that's being described is not working for me at all. Illustrator does this job easily and quickly. Why try to reinvent the wheel?
  4. Rather than create a new thread about the exact same issue, I'll chime in. I'm also wanting to import colour swatches that are in .aco format. The thing is, premade colour swatches available everywhere are usually in .aco format, so why isn't there an option to import those into Designer too? Or maybe the devs can release a tool to convert .aco into .ase format?
  5. I'm really appreciative of the captioning in more recent videos because, I have profound hearing loss. But any chance of captioning your older videos? Would love to be able to watch them and actually understand what's going on. :)
  6. It's now £10.10 per month. Multiply by 12. Do the maths. If you kept PS and Lightroom for a year it would cost you £120 approximately. And that's just for a year. Affinity Photo is a one off payment of £48.99 including VAT with all free future updates. I know which one I'm going for, since AP will do the job just as well as PS would in my case. ;)
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