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  1. Thanks Jack, this helps. I am very new at all this. I thought I was missing my product key but i just found that i had it in my email alll along. That should make a difference. After I make sure Affinity is installed properly I will try to Export ;that will be later today and will do as you have indicated. Thank you very much for your help. gmletc
  2. I'm new at all this. I just wrote and thought i posted a question as a new topic but my member info does not show activity. Hmmmm? and i had a question about saving as - and not having option or where is my product key - i just got my receipt for payment but I'm limited in options to save. i would appreciate some direction. maybe a tour for newbies would be in order. i will check tomorrow for response. thanks

  3. I just downloaded Affinity and happy I did. I am sure this is the software I've been looking for. Kudos!! I created a card for my son's birthday and wanted to send it to him as a tiff. it only allowed me to send with the extension .afdesign and i get a mesage that Im not allowed to use any other format. i just got my receipt for payment through app store and have not received nor used any key to open or use Affinity. What is it that I'm missing? i want to export as pdf or tiff or even psd - I will appreciate your assistance and direction.
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