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  1. There are multiple requests sometimes people start a new topic for the same feature that has been asked previously. I would love for the iPad version to have a common feature requests topic as well. This makes it much easier to keep track of feature requests that are common and have been put already.
  2. InnerPeace

    Smart sharpening from PS

    I’m talking about the sharpeming algorithm itself. The smart sharpen algortithm (lens blur)in PS is much better in terms of results than the standard unsharp mask one.
  3. InnerPeace

    IPAD Keyboard Support

    Sorry to bump this theead. I would love this to be inplemented as well. This makes a profound inpact in the speed of ky workflow
  4. InnerPeace

    Designer for ipad

    The twitter video looks quite promissing!:) Please take your time to make it right. It took some updates to make the photo app stable on the iPad, the reviews were mixed the first releases. Best of luck to all developers working on this project!
  5. I absolutely agree. This would make a progound difference
  6. InnerPeace

    DAMn, where is it?

    My suggestion to let users export from the develop persona would be an excellent first step into supporting a DAM for people who would want one or people who want the faster workflow from a DAM.
  7. InnerPeace

    ColorTRUE profile support

    I would love this feature as well. Bur speaking about the iPad pro; these iPads (not the first gen 12,5 but the ones with dci P3) already have excellent color accuracy out of the box. I suggest reading the articles on displaymate.com. Please do note that the 10.5 inch has HDR support and your pictures show slightly more contrast on that display. Also due to the DCI P3 the reds show more vibrance and color nuance on those displays, they might look a little more flat on standard SRGB displays, so please take that into consideration while editting (push the saturation slightly).
  8. InnerPeace


    Maybe I'm asking a little to much at a time, but I would like to be able to edit certain steps like in PS. I can duplicate a certain action and replace a couple of steps to achieve a different result. Basically re-record from a certain point within the macro, that would be terrific.
  9. I would like to be able to save an image directly from the develop/RAW persona without having to do a roundtrip through the photo persona. This would be especially great if the edits could be saved non-destructively. Some pictures don't need editing with the photo persona, this would definitely speed up my workflow for certain images.
  10. Completely agree! I see no reason as to why the modifier keys would be different from the desktop version of Affinity Photo. On-screen modifiers make sense if there's no keyboard attached and I agree that you would still need those controls without a keyboard. But this is exactly how a lot of these things are implemented in Photoshop. For instance: the "x" modifier key switches between foreground and background using your keyboard. You could do the same thing clicking the arrow. You can select different tools with your keyboard and you can click them. There are multitouch gestures that accomplish certain tasks that would be either a modifier key or a shortkey on the desktop. Power-users tend to appreciate the modifier keys and shortkeys because it speeds up your workflow. Again, there is no reason to keyboard modifiers and shortkeys work not the same way in Affinity Photo for iPad. I would propose the keyboard works the same way on the iPad as on the desktop, except for the rare ocasions where it doesn't work (because certain keys aren't availible on the smartkeyboard) or it doesn't make sense. But as far as I'm concerned these would be very rare ocasions. I'm sorry if I sound frustrated or a little too passionate, because this is what actually frustrates me about Affinity Photo for iPad from the beginning.
  11. That would be awesome indeed. Great suggestion.
  12. InnerPeace

    Batch Export

    I completely agree, I really like Affinity's functionality and the ios 11 mass import, drag&drop functionality, but the lack of batch export functionality really slows down my workflow.
  13. InnerPeace

    Smart sharpening from PS

    I´m sorry to bump this thread, I really hope something similar to smart-sharpening will be implemented soon in Affinity. Maybe a first step would be to implement something like the 'threshold' feature from lightroom in the RAW persona. All the necessary functionality is in place as far as I know (same as frequency seperation?), but this makes it more accessible.
  14. I do agree with OP that the current behaviour is a bit confusing using previews for both presets and regular ajustment layers. I think the distinction should be more pronounced and also the previews take up a lot of screen real estate. I like PS' ajustment layer panel using icons. No need to scroll and I know what the icons mean and do. The previews should only be present for presets and ajustmentlayers with presets should be sepperated in the interface. Now it's confusing and annoying for people who are already familiar with That's great to hear. Can't wait! I like the categorization, but (again) I would like this with the presets separately.
  15. I know there are lots of topics created by people requesting specific functionality from adobe PS. One thing that I particularly like and I do mis in nearly all other imaging editing software (including Lightroom) I've tried is smart sharpening. The sharpening algorithm leads to better results and you'll get blending options to prevent clipping due to sharpening. Of course you can apply this filter as a smart-filter so you'll keep a nondestructive work-flow. I would really like to see this feature in both the iPad and MacOS versions