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Found 78 results

  1. Love to be able to treat the line of a transparency as something that could be curved and manipulated with the node tool. If this is something that will be addressed by the gradient mesh feature that's coming, never mind! :)
  2. Hello everyone, As a user of Corel Draw, there’s a couple of little features/tricks that I’d like to see in Affinity (because I’m switching). The following are really more “tricks” than features (at least in the strict sense). I added gifs so you know exactly what I’m talking about. 1. When dragging an object, right-click to copy it. This one is a life saver. I use it all the time. I drag using the left-click, and when you see the + sign it's because I right-clicked. 2. Right-clicking a color sets it as stroke. And if you really need to right-click the color to access options or whatever, you just have to hold it for 2 seconds or something. 3. Contour tool If there’s such a tool in AD, I completely missed it. That tool isn’t very useful for circles and squares, but they are for every other shape. 4. You can adjust kerning and leading using the Node tool. This is much quicker than changing the value in the typography menu. 5. In every menu where you can increase or decrease the value with two little arrows, you can click and drag to change the value. I know you can almost do that in AD, but it requires two clicks or more. 6. When you want to align an object to another, you can select the node you want. This is very useful when you don't necessarily want to align something to the edge of another object. So if I’m mistaken is any of that, or if what I say is not available actually is available, please accept my apologies. I’d love to spend all day exploring that wonderful program but I have other things to do.. such as working to feed my family y’know. I am saying all of this because I think that there's not that many people using Corel Draw compared to those using Illustrator. I wanted to underline a couple things I think Corel Draw have done right.
  3. Either via transformation boundary box like in Gravit https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Byzv_NlyKp_2Qk51a00zWG9uSm8/view or via a transformation tool like pressing S defending a scalding center and then move the mouse to scale and rotate around it If I missed this in Affinity please let me know. Using the transformation window doing symmetrical scaling is not really ideal
  4. I was to do something that I assume is straightforward—create a new node precisely at the intersection of the two curves (see screenshot). I can’t figure out how to achieve this, is it possible?
  5. Please could we have a simple Merge Node command. It is fundamental to building various shapes by hand and its absence in Affinity Designer makes little sense. I would like to be able to take two open nodes (typically from two separate curves joined with add), overlap them, select them both and merge them. The result should be a single node which inherits the respective bézier properties of each side. Creating objects with the pen and pencil tool then joining them with other creations is a complete and total pain right now. I covered a related problem in some detail here http://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/26930-joining-nodes-without-losing-bézier, however the problem of joining separate curves in Affinity Designer remains frustratingly counter intuitive and often produces unexpected or unintended results.
  6. windows 10, AD 1.5 RC I couldn't find any info in the manual or in the forum and there is no options in preferences to set up key (preferably mouse+key) shortcut? Am I missing something?
  7. Is it possible to merge nodes without losing their bézier setting? The task I'm trying to do is to create a design that has some symmetrical elements. I draw one half and mirror it over. The problem I find is when I come to join pieces. There doesn't seem to be a way to get nodes to merge properly. I can snap overlap them, but that is not ideal and may cause problems later. An example would be a heart shape outline. Imagine you draw the left side then mirror it right. Joining the top right and bottom right nodes to their left counterpart loses the bézier on the right of the node. The nodes on the left side retain their bézier, on the right they become sharp. Thanks for any help, this is driving me mad. :wacko:
  8. Hey guys ! I've tried Affinity Designer, and I hope this feature will be implemented soon.
  9. Not sure if this is actually a bug or intended behavior, but it feels strange to me: when I zoom in on node handles, they disappear after a certain zoom level. I can't pinpoint the exact zoom level at which this happens, but I'm attaching screenshots of the behavior. If that's by design, I think I'd be better to leave the handles visible at all zoom levels. I often do fine aligning on nodes and handles and being able to really get in there is very useful. Also, it'd be great if we could enter coordinates for the handles, not just the nodes. I think this was already mentioned a couple of times in Feature requests.
  10. Good evening! I try to get used to Affinity Designer and now have a problem to work with nodes from an SVG file. I have a file that gets loaded asa single layer object. I now want to select some nodes and group them as new object or to cut them with ctrl + x but it always cuts the whole big object, not only the selected nodes. I can delete selected nodes. There is the "Divide" tool, that does get most parts separated into own objects, but sometimes has problems with thin lines like with my shield, it makes big filled objects instead of thin lines. Maybe someone can tell me how I can get own objects out of closed nodes? Problem this shield: gets divided to full black objects: HTML5-SVG-SingleObject.svg shild.svg
  11. Would like to know what the different node shape indicators mean. Ex: round, square, red square.
  12. Would like to have hovering or alt-click options for nodes to change them from symmetrical to corner and vice versa. I know there are buttons for this in the options bar but this would still be more efficient. Thanks
  13. I know this has been asked at least a couple of times, but I am still needing to copy, edit in illustrator, then paste in order to perform transforms (rotate, scale, move) on selected nodes. Can we please get either an indicator of whether this is going to be addressed soon or any workarounds/workflows that can make this less painful? The more I dive into original works in Designer the more I don't understand how artists cope without this capability? Many thanks in advance - John
  14. If I have a circle, and I want to delete half of it - to create an arc (i.e. the circle is no longer closed), how can I do that ? :-) I've tried convert to curves, thinking this may stop it from closing. However every time I delete a point, a new curve is generated between the two open points. Any ideas ? Is there a check box somewhere to not close end points ? Thanks Gary
  15. I'm totally new to Affinity photo and am struggling with some basic things. Right now, I'm trying to figure out how to "bend" the text in this image (see attachment) to fit the lip pictured. As far as I can tell, the tool I am looking for is the node tool but I can't find it for the life of me! All the tutorials I have seen show it as being visible in the toolbar to the side, but I sure don't see it there. I think the tutorials are showing an earlier version of this program, though I'm not sure. Any tips?
  16. Hey Affinity team, please have a thorough look at the Illustrator plugins from Astute graphics http://astutegraphics.com/to see why Illustrator is way ahead as a professional drawing tool. Their interfaces are astonishing. Especially, look at the tools included in VectorScribe to see how the interfaces for the Pen tool and Node tool can be merged in favor of direct manipulation instead of interfaces relying on modifier keys. Honestly, I think the Astute graphics team has a great set of inspirational UI tweaks that make vector drawing such a more pleasant and precise experience. I wish Affinity would implement many of similar behaviours. Kind regards
  17. Right now you can hold +alt to break smooth lines when reshaping on a vector line between two nodes, but you can’t hold, say +shift, to reshape and smooth the two connecting points (basically the reverse of hold +alt). I find when converting artwork into vector, I’ll have more corner points that I want to smooth quickly by just reshaping the line(s). Or, artwork conversion creates a one handle node, so something like hold +control or +shift while reforming a line to form corresponding points to smooth would be wonderful. Right now, if the nodes only have one handle, broken handles (non-smooth) or no handles (corner point), I would select the line to form a handle (if it's missing), then select that point(s) until it formed a smooth node. It would be really efficient to just have a modifier key like +shift while reshaping the actual line to quickly form smooth both connecting points.
  18. The 'Snap all when dragging' toggle doesn't seem to do anything when working in APhoto using a curve node. 1. Use the Pen Tool to draw a curve/line segment. 2. Switch to the Node Tool and select a node 3. Turn on the 'Snap all when dragging' toggle in the top toolbar area 4. Start dragging a node or multiple selected node or their handles. Nothing seems to snap to anything. As the help file points out, this feature is independent of the main snap setting. The other two toggles ('Snap to selected curves' and 'Snap to off-curve nodes') seems to be working fine. APhoto: 1.3.4 OS X: Mavericks 10.9.5
  19. In my 3D software when working with nodes I can pick two nodes at once and by using the scale tool move them apart the same distance at once. Is there a way to do this in Affinity Designer?
  20. Saw this on Twitter, a great little online game for budding designers.... http://bezier.method.ac/ Dale.
  21. Why are there areas on a curve that AD will not let me create a node? I was trying to create a node on a curve and AD refused to place one where I wanted it, so I zoomed in and moved the node tool cursor along the curve and noticed that the little tilde below the cursor is missing what seems to be a majority of the time. And when the tile is missing AD will not let a node be created. See attached video. The distance between possible node areas seems to vary. I thought I could create a node anywhere along the curve. What's up? :( Is it when the curve has a certain angle? Does a straight line have this same issue? Node tool1.mov Just tried it and a straight line has the same issue.
  22. Posted this in the beta section but it probably belongs here... --------------- Hey team, I've been working a lot more lately in Designer for client work and I'm wondering if any progress is being made as far as node manipulation? Specifically scaling or rotating a group of selected nodes. This is a pretty critical operation I find I'm constantly coming up against. Right now I can move selected nodes, but I can't rotate or scale them because rotate and scale don't have a keystroke assigned workflow. Going hand in hand with this is some way to define a point of rotation or scaling. There was some earlier discussion on maybe developing such a workflow, any news on this? Thanks and great job on the last few rounds of betas! The app is feeling really comfortable :)
  23. First of all: Affinity Designer is one of the best mac apps! I love it and I can't wait for Affinity Photo. Finally I can ditch bug-ridden Pixelmator. You might have already seen my review in the app store in which I listed a bunch of things that I think could be improved or added, but here I want to focus on just one. When you use a brush with size variance enabled you can control the width of the stroke while painting, but it seems like you cannot currently make changes "after the fact". What I hope to see is the ability to edit the stroke width at each node or point along the path, perhaps similar to the bezier handles. Side note: I think there should be a "Velocity (Inverse)" setting in the "Controller" drop-down menu for the vector brush tool options but it's missing. Thanks for stopping by!
  24. When editing I'd like to see the ability to edit nodes with numerical values to improve accuracy. Such as having the ability to enter the specific angle of the curve and the length coming off of it.