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  1. Hi Often times we have to deal with bad vectors where there are many nodes stacked on top of each other, it would nice if we could just select all the nodes and "merge" them into a single node. Does this feature already exists? Thank you
  2. Hi, Palettes in text files Currently I didn't found a way of editing the exported palettes and edit in a text editor, tried unzipping, etc... but no success. It would useful to be able to edit them in text editors as we could basically convert palettes from other apps to yours and share them online. Extended alignment options Inkscape has a way of aligning objects that is very useful when designing web pages and UIs, it allows you to align objects in relation to corners or sides of specific objects(not the entire selection, sometimes we only want to move one item in relation to another while leaving one of them untouched). Steam Will you guys sell the software on steam(I am looking after the windows version)? It could be great because updates will be handled by their platform, there's a workshop where we can share stuff and they support lots of payment processors.
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