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  1. Thanks for the response, @Alfred. This does indeed seem to work while tapping more nodes. Ideally a second or third marquee selection would be possible, but this will suffice anyhow!
  2. I'm sorry if this is an obvious question but I simply can't figure out how to select nodes on a path in any way other than the rectangular selection. If I want to more precisely select nodes (eg, with a more freehand selection or through multiple selections), how can one do that? For example, how could one select only the 'E' in the attached example?
  3. I've just downloaded the trial of Affinity Designer in the quest for an ideal replacement for designing websites other than the typical bloated Adobe Photoshop/Indesign combo, especially after all the hassle of Creative Cloud. Affinity Designer seems more oriented towards illustration, but I was wondering if anyone is using it for more traditional design purposes? So far I really enjoy the feel of AD's UI, it feels very stable, smooth and fast, but I was wondering if there were ways to achieve certain basic things that are quite critical to my workflow. Is there any way to setup column based grids, for example a 12-column grid with custom gutters and so on? I suppose one could manually create all the guides in the 'Guides manager', but it seems a bit cumbersome. Is there any way to define 'Master Pages' or 'Master Artboards' in a sense? Is there any way to set character/paragraph styles so type styles can be re-used and modified document-wide? Is there a way to prevent text frames from showing overflowing text? Is there a way to place images within existing rectangles/frames and access a variety of fitting options? So that one doesn't have to simply place the image and manually use the crop tool. I suppose those are my main questions so far, as these items are the critical building blocks for my design workflow.
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