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  1. Yes that works to a point. However, I noticed that if you have lots of areas you need to adjust the size and a lot of nodes it doesn't work so well - its not precise enough.
  2. This is a feature that I have in another application that is vector based. The line width can be adjusted between nodes. To the point of making the line between two nodes invisible. It allows for closed shapes that look like they are actually open. The lines on either side of the invisible line shrink down accordingly and form points that resemble the end of a stroke. Not sure if this has been requested or not but wanted to put it out there for the powers that be. Thanks in advance!
  3. Yeah, I ment more the character lineart and shading. The trees would take forever - totally agree there lol.
  4. Could this also be mimicked in AD? This is about the level of detail I'm wanting to achieve.
  5. @Callum Thanks a bunch! I see what you mean by grouping the shapes and it makes sense. I'll start doing that. Now, when you do them in such large chunks is it still possible to do line weights? Tapered at the ends to simulate that drawing look.
  6. Greetings everyone! I just purchased Affinity Designer yesterday and I'm slowly learning how to use it. I do have a specific set of questions though. I've searched the internet high and low for the answer and I'm just not finding anything specific to the artwork I want to do. I love the comic/anime style of art however I'm trying to translate that to AD since I would like to incorporate the vector style. Right now I'm experimenting on the image I have included. I have a general idea of the line arts composition but not sure how to go about it with AD. I've started with the hair but I'm not sure if I should do each curve separate, or do the bangs in one go? I want to mimic the style in the image as close as possible. All the line art videos I've been able to dig up show different styles and much simpler drawings. Any help getting me started would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to reading your comments. Thank in advance!
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