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  1. Hello, I have received a temporary solution, but I think that without this temporary solution this function should be present! Will this lack be solved? And if so ... within what timeframe? Regards, Jan-Willem See the discussion that I open elsewhere on the forum:
  2. Fantastic, your workaround works. Thanks! But ..... in my opinion, this function must be in the base in a program like this. I will post my comment in "Feature Requests, Suggestions and Feedback". Hopefully the makers pick it up.
  3. Hello all, How can I snapping a guideline to an node in to a curve? I have searched everywhere in the program, but can not find it anywhere .... Is still an essential function. I work with Affinity Designer 1.6.1. Regards, Jan-Willem
  4. Jan-Willem

    Variable Guides

    Fantastic! Thank you for your quick response.
  5. Hello everyone, I suggest creating guides that can have a variable angle. Is very useful for making technical design. regards, Jan-Willem

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