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  1. I'm trying to print a poster, tiled across multiple A4 or A3 sheets. PagePlus X7 ( where I'm migrating from ) had some useful templates which tiled the output automatically. Can anyone tell me how ( or indeed if ) I can do this in Affinity Publisher, please ? Thanks,
  2. Hi Walt, Thanks for this. Publisher was not remembering the last settings ( I'm on Windows 10 ), however, I discovered EDIT menu - DEFAULTS - SYNCHRONISE FROM SELECTION seems to have done the trick. I'll explore the 'Create Preset' route too. Appreciate your help. D
  3. I'll go with 'inconvenient' We need to be able to highlight inconveniences. It should be just a routine part of the feedback-and-response loop that helps everyone.
  4. OK, fair comment, I was not suggesting Serif have abandoned PagePlus, but that they do not seem to be to be carrying their PageP.us users forward with them into the new era of Affinity.
  5. Thanks Arun, appreciate your feedback. I see there has been a lot of discussion on this, and Serif have resolutely refused to accept that they are upsetting a lot of very loyal long-term Page Plus customers by abandoning the legacy products ... which are what built them the reputation they are now depending on to sell Affinity. I'm beginning to feel like I should have saved my money ! :-)
  6. Wow, that's really looking after your loyal customers. 17 versions I bought. Can you put it on your "to-do" list please ?
  7. Hi, new to Affinity Publisher so forgive me if this is a dumb question, but how do I set up defaults for new documents ? eg, the page size, margins, measurement units, etc? ( I'm getting tired of having to re-set these each time I choose open - new ). Thanks
  8. I've used Serif Page Plus for a VERY long time, and I have literally hundreds of .ppp files. Is there a way I can open / import & work on them in my shiny new Affinity Publisher ??? Thanks
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