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  1. Searching the help did not produce any result. How do I draw for example a 12-leaf-daisy by only drawing one leaf and than duplicate/rotate it along a circular path? Is there any built in function like "actions" or "automatic repeat by angle and path"
  2. I'm interested in using Affinity Publisher to make some double-sided greeting cards, but I'm struggling to figure out a good way to set up the Publisher document for it. Each card, when folded, should be a quarter the size of an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper. Because of this, we'd like to print two cards per sheet of paper. I've included an Affinity Designer sketch of what I'd like to do. The top two boards show what would be printed on each side of the 8.5"x11" sheet of paper. I've marked them with a horizontal dotted line where we would cut the paper, and a vertical solid line where we would fold it to make the cards. The bottom board is a rough illustration of how one of these cards might look when opened. I was able to find tutorials online that sounded like they'd work when there was only one card per physical sheet, but being able to print two cards at a time is important for us. Other resources led me to the "N-up" layout option in the Print settings. They sound like they're along the right lines, but I had trouble configuring the settings to be quite right... Might anyone know how I can accomplish the layout depicted in my image? Thanks in advance!
  3. Is it possible to close all open documents with a single click without closing the app? In Photoshop you can right click on the tab of any of the open documents and then choose "close all". This closes all open documents but keeps Photoshop open for futher work. I can't seem to do this in Photo, is it possible?
  4. Back in 2020 I suggested having more than one column of palettes either side of the main work area on Mac and was wondering if this is something which is coming to v2? One of the replies showed that this is available, but only on Windows. Is there a reason its available on Windows but not Mac? With an external 27" monitor connected to my Macbook and any Affinity app full screen, I have more than enough space for working, but my palettes are all crammed together because I also need to use it on my Macbook. I prefer having my palettes a click away rather than floating. I know my work area will be reduced on the Macbook, but I can hide/tab my palettes when working so I don't see it being that much of an issue. This feature is available on Adobe apps, and its the only thing I think really needs adding to make workflow even better. Any sign from the devs of this being added?
  5. I wish that Publisher will have support for multiple indices (Index of subjects, index of passages, index of authors, index of ancient authors, index of tables, index of figures etc)
  6. Is there a way to change multiple objects corner radius? If I select them all, the toolbar icons change/disappear for the edge settings. P.S.: Fixed: I figured out to select them and then pressing "M" for rounded corner object does the job and bring the menu back.
  7. Hey everyone! I have a lot of files (right now, 128, but there will be a lot more) from Procreate that need minor editing. I would like to save all .pngs flattened and close all files at once, since at the moment, this takes just about the amount of time that I need for actual editing. It would be great if there was a way to save multiple files in the same manner (for example, flattened) and (or) close them with discarding any unsaved changes. Best wishes, Shu
  8. Hi, some years ago, I made already a video to this topic. Meanwhile the former method doesn't work with the updates/upgrades. But there is another method. 😊 And in this video, I show this. Ciao Jack
  9. Hey guys Sorry if this has been asked before I googled it but I found no answers. I want to curve multiple curves as one straight line. I've created lots of shapes like about hundreds of curves in a row and I want to convert them into one straight curve. as you can see in the pic I uploaded I can only move individual shape which is going to be a lot of work to bend them around. Is there a workaround this?
  10. I've just installed Affinity Photo on my MacBook Pro and my question is this: Can I also install the software on my iMac? I've searched the forums using "install," "multiple," and "computers," but nothing came up. ONepenthe
  11. Great googly-woogly! Yes, ’tis moi and, as Popeye would phrase it, ‘I yam back ay-gain!’ with another exciting round of ‘Wha … !?’ Today’s Episode deals with the vagaries of Multiple Strokes (thankfully this is the artistic, not the medical, kind of stroke we’re dealing with.) In past, it has been possible to use the Appearance panel and the ‘Add Stroke’ operation to create multiple instances of strokes. Since installing 1.9.3, that has not been possible. No, I'm not dissing the latest version, merely pointing out a tiny glitch that (hopefully) is able to be resolved. I have attempted creation of multi-strokes on plain text (text-as-text, not converted to curves), text which is converted to curves, on converted and non-converted with Expand Stroke applied, and a few other attempts to Make It Work! … Nuh-unh, Herbie. Stroke don't play dat … Application of a SINGLE stroke (regardless of inner, outer, or centered alignment) is uneventful. Clicking the ‘+’ sign for ‘Add Stroke’ provokes dry, mirthless laughter from the inner sanctum of the application. ‘Try that again, Fool … you’re not playing with an Amateur, you know!’ - can't you hear it? I'm attaching a screencap of the ‘Add Stroke’ settings window. Please advise if you spot something I'm doing (or, not) which prevents multi-stroke application from taking place. As usual, thanks to all for your input. Stay tuned for our Next Exciting Episode, featuring ‘The Jabberwock’ (as performed for us by the now-late Mr Frank [‘More Trouble Every Day’ & ‘Don't Eat The Yellow Snow’] Zappa …
  12. Please make adding/modifying appearance of multiple objects at once possible. I know I can paste a style to objects but would be nice if I could edit the appearance at once.
  13. To round individual corners one need only untick "Single radius" in the info bar at the top of the window. But how do we select 2 or 3 corners and round them at the same time (to be the same radius)? This can be easily done in Illustrator. Thank you.
  14. I created about 100 icons - many have several vector layers including objects with outlines and fill. I want to be able to create multiple color combinations. For example, let's say I have 200 layers with combinations of blue and grey. I want to change the blue to red, or the grey to black. Is there a way to change the color of all layers in one shot? I flattened the layers and used the replace color with selection. That seemed to work, but since the layers were converted, when I changed the color the edges were not smooth. Any thoughts?
  15. Hi, I cannot add a second style with the same fill and stroke colour to the 'styles'. I'm trying to save some styles to the styles menu. They have the same fill and stroke colours but they have a different dash length/pattern. So when I try to add a second one to the styles menu, it doesn't let me do that. I think AD sees this as a duplicate and therefor doesn't let me add it. Only when I change the the colour of it. Anyone out there who can help me out? Thanks
  16. It would be great if we could import multiple (svg/eps/pdf/ai/png/jpg/gif/etc) files into the assets panel.
  17. It would be nice if the Focus or HDR merge could work on the images which are already open in Affinity, not having to find the images in the file system through an open dialog. This would be useful if another program is used as a DAM and/or RAW developer (in my case Capture One). The initial RAW development is done in Capture One, then I can send multiple images to Affinity. At this point I would like to invoke focus or HDR merge on these images (which are already open in Affinity.
  18. I often struggle with choosing the "right" widths of strokes and contours so I keep changing them throughout the process. Unfortunately Designer is not really sensitive with them. If you select several strokes at once and change their width Designer sets the width of all of them to the same value. It makes sense but I often want to keep the ratios between the thick and the thin stokes so I suggest some possible solutions: 1. Add an checkbox "Adjust average value" With this option On you would change the average value of the selected group and the values of each member would change proportionally. (I.e. average 5->10, stroke A 4->8, stroke B 7->14) 2. Slider with two (or even three) control points I like this option more because it would give me a better control and it would be universal. With a group of many different strokes the first control point would represent the minimal existing value and the second point the maximum (they could use slightly different colours, etc.). Moving any of these points would spread all the values. You can also merge both control points together and set all strokes to the same values. You could even add the third (middle) control point representing the average to make the transformation function a curve. 3. Two (or more) sliders These would basically handle the same thing as suggestion 2 but they would require additional space so I think two-point slider would be more convenient from the designer's point of view. I am talking mostly about the width of strokes but I am sure the extended two-point slider would be useful for many other group values.
  19. Affinity Publisher 1.7.3 OSX 10.14.6 Created 4 master pages in new print press ready document. Each master pages has a different custom size: A 450x1900 MM B 450x2200 MM C 450x3000 MM D 1600x1200 MM Publisher give document page 1 always the first entered master page (A). Adding a second page via "add pages" (after of before page 1 doesn't matter for this issue) and master page C selected via the pull down menu does: . indeed result in a new page . and indeed the mouse over indicate the name of the chosen master page C . and content placed in master page C is showed on the new added page . but spread dimensions are not of master page A but that of master page A 🥺 Clearing a page master setting and then applying another master wil still not give the right dimensions corresponding chosen master. I know a can change every spread individual: but I like to control that for all particular pages at once via Masterpages. Can I conclude that it is not possible to work with a document with multiple sized pages controlled and updated in size by multiple sized master pages? test.afpub
  20. I want to edit the color of multiple objects at the same time, independently of their color, Gradients, stroke, transparency, etc Something like this: In illustrator there was two diferent ways to accomplish that, including other modifications available (As saturation and brightness for example), with its own settings panel Do Affinity Designer have a tool/feature that allow to modify the color of one or many objects to other colors?
  21. Using the option "Brush Panel >> Menu >> New Intensity Brush" and selecting multiple PNGs will result in a single brush containing the selected png images as nozzels. If I want to import several PNG files as distinct brushes, the only way is to select each and every single PNG file and create a brush out of it. I would like to suggest the following: Change the option "New Intensity Brush" to "New Multi Nozzel Brush". Create a new option called "Create Intensity Brushes" and allow multiple pngs be imported as distinct brushes.
  22. Hi, i have just tried the Affinity Photo trial, please move this topic if i'm posting in a wrong section. I have two problems with AP during the limited time i used it, first of all, the patterns break when loading a PSD file, i'm not sure if this has been addressed elsewhere or if there's a workaround for this as i'm very new to the software and i couldn't figure out a way to get it working, short of recreating the pattern and trying to apply it in a similar way as it was looking before. Was this an issue with my particular instalation/software/hardware configuration or is this an issue you are aware of/working on resolving? The second issue i had goes a bit deeper, so in... Affinity Photo's biggest competitor... you can apply multiple layer effects of the same kind to the same layer, allowing you to create for example two outlines or a gradient glow/shadow. I didn't find anything of that nature in this program, furthermore PSD files i opened with AP that had multiple layer effects applied to them broke, not permanently, just didn't display properly. You know what i mean. Maybe that option is already there but i was just not able to find it, and then why would imported files break if that was the case? Is this also something you are working on resolving? Overall i was very pleasantly surprised with the program, the workflow was pretty similar to what i'm used to, might even consider giving it a shot past screwing around with a few files and effects on a trail version but those two issues just sprung up on me during the first time i tested it and they are a pretty big deal to me. I don't know if that's an official statement but i've read many times in reviews and recommendations of the program that it is able to properly interpret complex PSD files without issues and breaking patterns and layer effects are a pretty big issue in my workflow.
  23. I am thinking of creating a sort of collage of images in an Affinity document. I need three columns with separation lines. I want to ensure that I can use a standard Affinity template and just place three images in the appropriate place and move them around so that they look good together. I want the image to be visible in one column only. I used rectangles and created mask layers under them. However, this does not seem to be fool proof and I run into issues with the center column invariably. Also, I lose the column border. I have attached the afphoto file. Can you suggest a better method to do this? EMW.afphoto
  24. Ok. So i managed to get the TOC spanning two pages as its become too long for one page. But is it possible to set that the second page start with the style that I have marked? Right now it looks a bit messy as the second page does not look good as a continue of first page. How can I make this look better? Thanks!
  25. So want to add 2 style names on same line so that it can look something like this. Where I have Name and then TAG or the other way around if possible. This is picked up from a tables in the document. But when i try this I get this. How can I have them on the same line? is it even possible? I have tried searching for this, but not sure what the right search would be. Thanks!
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