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  1. Ok so I was fidling about the menues and I found a way. Going into the "Flow Options" I could while having this marked set the "Start" to "On Next Page". Only problem with this is that it does not seem to be saved in any way. Once the TOC is updated it will go back to default. So from what I see I have to fix the TOC once the whole document is done.
  2. Ok. So i managed to get the TOC spanning two pages as its become too long for one page. But is it possible to set that the second page start with the style that I have marked? Right now it looks a bit messy as the second page does not look good as a continue of first page. How can I make this look better? Thanks!
  3. Ok Thank you all. I understand more of vectors now. I will just learn how to effectivly work with layers.
  4. Ok. Thanks. Im new to vector. And from complex vector icons that I have Downloaded, they come as an vector image without layers. I just want to make something like that. Something that is not possible to edit after create. But then this seems impossible.
  5. This I know. But by doing this i get an asset made from layers/groups. I do not want this as its messy. But how can I save it as an vector image?
  6. So I am trying to create images that I can use as assets, not as a layer asset but as a vector image asset. But I am unable to do this. If I in Designer export to say svg or eps I get them as embeded document, and then I cannot save it as an asset. I have tried searching for this and seen many videos, but it seems I am not sure what the correct search is for this problem. I have tried creating all objects so they all become "curves" but that does not seem to help. And I do not want to raster it as that does not make it vector. What is the correct way of saving this as an object/image that I can use as an asset later?
  7. Thanks I am actually going to try use publisher/designer to create documents instead of using Lucidchart. As this solution is not subscription based and is also more powerfull. I tried now combining A4 and A3 in same document and at looks like this could actually work good. Using 2 different master pages. Not sure what drawbacks this could mean, other than with printing. But then again we try to export 2 copies. One for printing on A4 and one that is exported as a spread sheet, so its good to look at on table/pc.
  8. Thank you for taking your time I totally forgot that part that its 2 sheets and it will read in that way. Other than if a document can use both A3 and A4 pages?
  9. Ok. I have PM you the file so you can look. Is there a way to see or re-order these text frames?
  10. Then why does it keep being wrong no matter how i organize these layers?
  11. Ok so its ordered after what text you write. But how can I change this order after the text is set? Would not dragging a group layer up/down to change the order then? Cause the text is indeed created differently. But they all use same header, except for main heading.
  12. For some reason the Table of Content does not order the text properly. I get that its coming from the order of the layers. But not matter how I order the layers its wrong. What am I missing here?
  13. Any update on this feature?
  14. I did manage by adjusting the paragraphs of both to get something that looks decent enough. And by using a line it looks almost like they are on the same line.
  15. So want to add 2 style names on same line so that it can look something like this. Where I have Name and then TAG or the other way around if possible. This is picked up from a tables in the document. But when i try this I get this. How can I have them on the same line? is it even possible? I have tried searching for this, but not sure what the right search would be. Thanks!