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  1. I do not expect the HZ/Knuth-Plass/paragraph level hyphenation coming in the initial release. But I do hope it will appear in the next version. With this technology Publisher can seriously compete against InDesign - and all publisher user will get very nice text output.
  2. The patent shouldn't last that long – a patent should protect the technology in about 5 years, after that the technology should be freely available to everybody who want to use it. Adobe Paragraph Composer is much, much older than that (it is ca 15 years old. Adobe World-Ready Paragraph Composer is slightly younger [perhaps 12 years old]). Edit: the HZ algorithm patent expired in 2010! according to Wikipedia. Regarding Knuth-Plass algorithm: You can't copyright a method or algorithm, but you can patent a method or algorithm. The Knuth-Plass algorithm patent is also expired nowadays. Besides, I wish that Affinity Publisher will be world ready from scratch. That will benefit all users, including scientific area where they often take upp source texts in foreign languages, for instance hebrew, arabic, ancient greek etc. It is much easier to support multi language (including LtR and RtL) from scratch than adding afterwords (Adobe had some serious problem for years when they added Hebrew and Arabic into InDesign afterwards (bugs that was very difficult to track etc). Adobe still have some serious issue with Adobe World-Ready Paragraph Composer: Combining Adobe-World Ready Paragraph Composer with Story function (problem with hyphenated words). If you only use Adobe Paragraph Composer together with Story function, then it works very well…
  3. I wish that Publisher will have support for multiple indices (Index of subjects, index of passages, index of authors, index of ancient authors, index of tables, index of figures etc)
  4. I would like to see support for cross references in the future version of Affinity Publisher. Not only should you cross reference within same document, but also to other documents within same book. I also would like do do cross reference to a footnote (which is not possible with InDesign today).
  5. I would like to see Affinity Publisher have built-in world-ready paragraph composer. This function would generate a very nice text handling (both on screen and on printout). No unnecessary spacing between words. Currently InDesign give us nicer text output - but a future Affinity Publisher with world-ready paragraph composer should give equal nice text output as InDesign.
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