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  1. I did not have a beta, I just installed straight on top of 1.6 (the installation program recognized the previous install, showed an Upgrade button). Now here comes a kicker - I realized that I do have Affinity on a notebook (I almost never use it there). Did the same upgrade on the notebook and the Context toolbar was present. The notebook is Intel with integrated graphics, the desktop is AMD with an AMD discrete GPU. Both are Windows 10 with auto updates enabled, so should be on the latest level. I am not sure what to think. I positively know I never willingly switched it off on my desktop. It also seems there is no keyboard shortcut for toggling it. Anyone else experienced this - please comment.
  2. Unless there is a keyboard shortcut which I have accidentally pressed just after the upgrade, I have no other explanation for the context toolbar missing. I have always seen the toolbar in 1.6. I wasn't even aware how it was called or that it could be switched off. Anyway, if this is not the default upgrade behavior, apparently something must have triggered it on my PC.
  3. OK, I just found the option View - Show Context Toolbar. So I guess this was on by default in 1.6 and off in 1.7 - as I have never touched this before. Maybe it helps someone with the same issue
  4. After upgrading to Affinity 1.7, when I open a RAW file, I get into the Develop persona. However, the "Develop" and "Cancel" buttons are missing on the toolbar (there is no context toolbar actually). I am able to leave the develop persona by switching to another persona (there is a prompt with OK or Cancel) - but the Help still references the usage of the Develop button on the context toolbar. Is this intended (and the Help is wrong)? Windows 10 Pro latest updates, Ryzen 5 1600, Radeon RX 570 Update - In fact, the Context toolbar is missing in all personas (Liquify etc.)
  5. Thank you... This would be a nice addition to Affinity I guess. Not sure if Photoshop can do it
  6. Hello, I am looking for a way to automate creating of a collage for product photography for several product items. I would have a set of images for each product and I would like to place and resize them into predefined slots of the final collage then export it as a single tiff/jpeg (a rough example is attached). Ideally, there would be a macro that would allow me to select the 5 files in specific order, resize, place in predefined slots on the canvas, apply some border effects and export. I played with the macro functionality, but there does not seem to be a way to open new files or copy/paste from already open files in specific order into the main "template" document. Any thoughts/help would be appreciated. Thanks Tomas