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  1. I can search for stuff in the pop-up help window, but if I click on one of the help article results, the window goes blank. Any idea how to fix??
  2. In the Apple Photos Extension, the Punch and Pinch labels/icons are reversed, such that the Punch actually pinches, and the Pinch actually punches. It can get confusing. Thanks, Andy
  3. I often use the Liquify persona, directly in Affinity Photo and also through the Apple Photos Extension. Every single time I have to un-check "Show Mesh"...it's so annoying. Please please please include an option in Preferences to have it unchecked by default in both the app and the Photos extension?
  4. Hello I am using the latest Affinity Photos extensions (1.4.3) in Apple Photos. I'm on El Capitan on an iMac 27" 5K. I'm just using the liquid persona on photos taken by iPhone. And no matter what, I always get the same error when trying to save: Unable to edit with Affinity Liquify. An unexpected error occurred". Oddly, it actually DOES save my work. But it's frustrating to always have to clear out of that message when using the extension. I have started the Affinity Photo app prior to opening Photos, I have deleted and re-installed Affinity Photos, I have disabled then re-enabled the Extensions...nothing fixes it. Please help! Thanks Andy