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  1. Thanks, very cleaver. I tried this with auto levels, but could not really figure out how to change the levels in the duplicated layer to arrive at a black picture. Possibly too many possible solutions if you also include changing levels for all colours... ? Let's hope Serif will implement this improvement proposal.
  2. A lot of photo editing software tools automatically crop a photo when the user does a small rotation for instance to straighten the horizon. In Infinity Photo this seems not to be the case (unless I overlook an option). This means 4 additional mouse-move operations, that are not really needed in my view. Can this auto-cropping be implemented, even if only as an option (for those that want the control)?
  3. I noticed that a number of automatic adjustments such as auto levels and auto contrast are available as buttons in the menu, but there is not an "auto" button on the equivalent adjustment window. But moreover, the parameters of any auto adjustment, are not exposed, and not adjustable later on. I would like to propose to implement either of both of the following: add a button on the adjustment window (for all adjustments where it makes sense) to adjust the relevant parameters automatically (resulting in the values and slider positions to be adjusted accordingly). When any of the existing auto buttons is clicked, an adjustment layer is added (like when starting the equivalent adjustment), and the settings found by the software are shown. This will offer (in hopefully most cases) a good starting point to the allow the user to fine tune these settings.
  4. Perfect, worked, even on a hidden mask in an adjustment layer. Thanks.
  5. Is it possible to "invert" a mask in Infinity Photo, similar to inverting a selection, but then also including inverting the greyscale (i.e. 20% white becomes 80% white)?
  6. I want to darken the sky compared to the lower part of the picture, and not having a sharp boundary. I was trying to do this by using a gradient mask. Starting from the original picture I added one adjustment (levels), then press Alt and click on the adjustment layer (= white), and then select the gradient tool and create the gradient. Works very nice, only affecting the sky, and no sharp transitions. However, if I add a second adjustment (e.g. exposure), that adjustment is (obviously) affecting the whole picture again. I have two questions. How can I create a gradient mask that works on several adjustments, and how can I do that in such a way that I am able to modify the initial gradient at a later stage, using the same interface as when I create the gradient in the first place (so retrieving the line with the end-dots, to then just moving them slightly)?
  7. Thanks Owenr. The artifact is not happening at export, but straight away visible after the rotation. So, for a minute I thought your suggestion would not help me. But I changed the setting you proposed after all and the artifact indeed disappeared. Perhaps still a bug, but then that the default setting is not ok ? Great help, thanks !
  8. I posted a feature request on Tuesday and apart from one like I did not receive any reaction from a forum member, or from the developers. What is a usual reaction time of the Serif staff to a bug report or a feature request? Or do they only react on topics that are actioned ... ?
  9. Perhaps this should be placed as a bug ... ? Can I re-locate this item myself, or can this otherwise be done by a staff member?
  10. When I apply a (small) straiten correction (by manual rotation), the result is quite disappointing. I see discontinuities I should not be seeing, and am indeed not seeing when doing the same operation in the standard windows 10 photo app. See attached screenshot of a zoomed in part of the picture, where the mentioned discontinuities are marked. I also tried to attach the original jpg, but it does not upload ... (error -200 ... ?)
  11. I noticed that a number of automatic adjustments such as auto levels and auto contrast are rather hidden in the menus, and that when they are used, they are applied to the pixel layer selected, without creating an adjustment layer. I think it would be useful for a lot of users to have an auto - button on (at least some of) the adjustment settings window(s). I realize this may not always provide the desired settings, but in many cases may at least be a good starting point for further fine tuning.
  12. Thanks for finding out and letting me know. I bought the software, but it did not work for me ... Still only a logo shown for each Rwa photo. I informed them and waiting for an answer. Still waiting ...
  13. Olympus omd10 mark3, windows 10, plus example ORF file attached. P8030205.ORF
  14. I have the same question / issue. Opening a new image and selecting a folder with only raw files gives me ... : Indeed a rather huge disappointment and quite a surprise for such a good quality photo editing software. Any other suggestions ... ?
  15. I find the order of the list of adjustments (in the adjustment dock-window) not particularly logical (e.g. color fill much higher in the list compared to exposure ....). It would improve the usability of the software if it was possible and easy to customize this list. For instance change the order, or add/remove from the list.