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  1. any news on this issue ...? this is very frustrating , why nobody answers...!?
  2. OK, it's not just me... I cringe every time I have to draw a line, to the point that I think of launching Ps... please do something....
  3. thanks @GabrielMand @R C-R, via Snapshot is a better way!
  4. Thanks Gabe, but I do not need to access past steps, just the pixels as they are on the image as I opened it, today I have only denoise in the history panel. All I am trying access is step zero on today's history. I found a way around, if I apply a minor levels adjustment, then the denoise filter, now I can source history to prior denoise, not pretty workaround but does the trick.
  5. Hello, so, I opened an rgb image, I applied the High contrast BW Tone Mapping and saved file as .afphoto, closed the file. Today I opened the image and applied a denoise filter, now I want to history brush in some areas to prior step (before denoise), history brush paints the original rgb state and I cannot set source to the first state on the history of today session. maybe I am missing something very simple... thanks for any help!
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