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  1. Roberto Mosaico

    brush opacity issue

    So, I noticed in beta that the brushes opacity works differently between free hand and holding shift key down, basically if I use the brush click and drag at 30% the brush applies 30% regardless of overlap, but if I click and hold shift overlaps get brushed again, better explained in attached image.
  2. Hi MEB, now we are cooking! thanks r.
  3. any news on this issue ...? this is very frustrating , why nobody answers...!?
  4. Roberto Mosaico

    Autocrop on rotation

    yes, very much needed here too!
  5. OK, it's not just me... I cringe every time I have to draw a line, to the point that I think of launching Ps... please do something....
  6. Roberto Mosaico

    History step

    thanks @GabrielMand @R C-R, via Snapshot is a better way!
  7. Roberto Mosaico

    History step

    Thanks Gabe, but I do not need to access past steps, just the pixels as they are on the image as I opened it, today I have only denoise in the history panel. All I am trying access is step zero on today's history. I found a way around, if I apply a minor levels adjustment, then the denoise filter, now I can source history to prior denoise, not pretty workaround but does the trick.
  8. Hello, so, I opened an rgb image, I applied the High contrast BW Tone Mapping and saved file as .afphoto, closed the file. Today I opened the image and applied a denoise filter, now I want to history brush in some areas to prior step (before denoise), history brush paints the original rgb state and I cannot set source to the first state on the history of today session. maybe I am missing something very simple... thanks for any help!