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  1. Alright, thanks for your reply Where is the best place to see if the "Color editor" suggestion is integrated to AD? (Where would it be announced?)
  2. That linked topic explains the suggestion I am doing here I want to cut an image by using shapes I don´t want masks (I don´t want to duplicate 200 times the same image), I want to actually cut the image by shapes, I wan´t to reduce the amount of items that the project have Currently working on a project that require to split in 200 pieces the image, I want to use square shapes to do so, keeping in the end only the cutted in pieces image So I can use independently of each other every piece of the cutted image The best example of what I want would be a Jigsaw puzzle (I don´t literally want a Jigsaw puzzle)
  3. That is exactly what I don´t want to do, I want to split it in around 200 times I have made the shapes so I only require to split the image, something that I don´t know how to do in AD I appreciate your suggestion, but is not what I am looking for It seems that AD lacks that feature so I have made a suggestion topic for it here:
  4. The green shapes would be used to cut the image in pieces: The result is this: But I want also to be able to move around the separated pieces independently So, how do you cut a image by using shapes?
  5. Is there any announcement/teaser/experimental feature for edit colors yet? I have requested it time ago here: And here: And here: So I wonder if there is any update/notice about it yet I am really excite to start using Affinity designer, Just waiting the missing features to be added to AF
  6. After you export the file to SVG, the Gaussian effect &/or gradient color fade For example, a red circle, I use gaussian effect, then export to SVG, the object that had gaussian effect now in the SVG file is much more transparent, undesired results Same for transparency in gradients, after exporting to SVG, the object is much more transparent than in the affinity designer format Over all Affinity designer does not support SVG format properly, as there are loads of issues I have found in the software and posted topics about them here in this forum Affinity designer is lacking vector features, and some of the features it have does not work properly, including bugs that have not been solved yet I would really appreciate if Affinity designer support SVG format properly
  7. Do affinity have a patch notes for users, or a news and updates added somewhere in the website? I am a PC user
  8. Clearly using other software is not what the topic is about, but your suggestion is already being implemented by myself, thanks, I am currently using other vector graphic softwares, as I told before: ""(I might say, I really want to use Affinity Designer as my main stand alone software to work with vector graphics when it improves the current weaknesses of the software)" I want Affinity designer to be as good as the other softwares are, even better Read my previous topics and previous posts in this topic to understand what are the suggestions I provide to this software
  9. The ones I find more noticeable are those: Those are the most important features that are missing, there might be other improves to be made, but those are fundamental in my opinion With those features The software would be much more usable _ About bugs, those are the ones I request the most to be fixed: 1, Bug that makes the masking object not apply the mask to the object inside when importing* an SVG file(Affinity Designer software convert the mask to a layer group instead, meaning that they are just in the same group, but there is no masking) I could provide a SVG as explample if needed 2. Bug that makes the transparency added inverted to the masked object (This bug is the one that is presented in the SVG file that I sent via email previously) Those are explained here: (Developer already told that they are working to fix those two)
  10. The large field Affinity Designer want to cover means less attention to the main purpose of the software, Vector Graphics SVG format I have view every video tutorial available, read every tutorial available and still, knowing how the software works does not provide full functionality, as it is missing half of the features other softwares have to offer to work with vector graphics What I suggest is very clear, to improve vector graphic tool and add new ones, currently for only-vector graphic projects (SVG format) the software is incapable to provide a stand alone work space, because of the lack of advanced features and the rudimentary vector features it currently offer (I work with vector graphics & SVG vector graphic format) Affinity Designer is good to work with raster graphics, I can´t deny that, because the software have focus on raster graphics over vector graphics The UI is good, I like the way the software is organizing the items in layers and the features it offer for the layer organization Exporting have no bugs, that is a nice thing, but still missing option for exporting, which should be improved (Importing have some bugs for SVG format, that is something they have told that they are working on to fix) I would recommend the software to everyone who works with raster graphics and pixels I would not recommend the software for anyone who works with vector graphics and SVG format, but I have high expectations to what the software have to offer and I hope new features arrive for vector graphics and more attention is provided to that fundamental field (I might say, I really want to use Affinity Designer as my main stand alone software to work with vector graphics when it improves the current weaknesses of the software) I have posted in topics (See my profile) all the missing features and bugs I requested to add/fix/improve, you can find more information in those topics: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/profile/118527-larryh/&do=content&type=forums_topic&change_section=1
  11. I knew, still thanks for your active reviews, You can find more about the suggestion I made in this topic here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/102455-how-make-the-node-tool-act-as-a-curvature-tool/&tab=comments#comment-549947
  12. I am posting this feedback in this section of the forum, I hope this help to improve the software Not going to talk about the bugs, I hope all of them get fixed I am going to compare my experience with other softares, such as Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape (the ones I use the most) For the few time I have used the software I can tell is very minimalistic, (I really hope this is not because the Ipad version limitations, as PC can do much more than a Ipad, so I hope PC version is not being limited to keep in the same quality of the Ipad version) Or maybe is the way the software is going to be, as it could be a minimalistic software not planned to have advanced features, I would like to know which kind of software Affinity Designer aim to be, minimalistic or advanced? Developer team care for both personas this mean less time to focus to improve designer persona and possibly priorize pixel persona over vector persona (The software is meant to be a vector graphic software, rather than a raster graphic software) The exporting persona is not intuitive and does not have much more to offer than the traditional exporting in the user menu The software have very few settings and some of them are not compatible with SVG format (The standard file format for vector graphics) The software have very few tools and some of them are not compatible with SVG format (The standard file format for vector graphics) There are very few tools for vector graphics, and the customization for them are very tricky and not intuitive & limited _ What I suggest is to focus on introducing new tools&features&settings to work with vector graphics and improve the ones that the software already have Currently I don`t use this software because of the limitations exposed, as other vector graphic software have to offer much more optimized tools&features for vector format (SVG), I really hope it get more complexity eventually as for now it is not a stand alone software for its limitations & few features for vector graphics.
  13. I am not familiarized with B-spline tool name, not sure if that is what I am suggesting in the OP: What I suggest is a Curvature tool able to do this: (I don´t work with lines, I work only with shapes) The gif show the difference between the two shape modifier tools - Handle tool: Only modify the position of the nodes - Curvature tool: Modify node and handles (including handles of other nodes too) at the same time _ Do the B-spline tool work as the gif example to modify shapes? (Maybe the Curvature tool and the B-spline tool are exactly the same feature with a different name)
  14. I want to export the full circle Things I don`t want: 1. To create an artboard 2. To change the canvas size 3. To create a new document 4. To resize the object 5. To reposition the object Thing that I want: 1. A setting to export as PNG all visible object in the composition
  15. Just wondering, how often there are bug fixes updates for the software?
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