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Found 12 results

  1. I've run into a niggling issue in formatting a book, where text autoflow is skipping a page, i.e. the right-hand page of a spread is linking to the next RH page, not the LH one. Now, I figured out from this thread that it's because the LH page has text on it. However, the text in question is the document title in the master page header, which I can't seem to insert as a field (the RH master has a field in the header, which seems fine re text flow. The help pages say that available fields include Author, Tags, Comments, Title, Subject, and Revision. Yet 'title' is not an option on the insert field menu, unless you select 'more', which brings up a box where I can type in the document title. Doing this populates the master page with the doc title, but it's not showing as a field, just text. Is there a way round this? Am I missing something simple? (more than likely! 😄)
  2. I find the fields feature to be very useful, but it would also be useful to be able to be able to define your own custom fields.
  3. When doing a data merge I'm unable to insert fields. I've selected a data source which is being previewed in the 'Fields' section. I then highlight the appropriate text in the document and double click on the data field to insert it & it does nothing. Is there a bug or am I doing something wrong? I purchased the software to specifically use this feature. Any ideas?
  4. There are occasions where a field may be blank, ie third line of address Is there any way that Publisher can ignore blank fields, and move successive lines up. I believe that is what happened in Page Plus. If not, can it be included as a request for future updates please?
  5. I'm trying to set up a template with a copyright "stamp" that should look like "©<year> <author>" where the <year> field should be updated to the saving date but show the year only. Trying to have tight text field does not help, the full field content is visible even beyond the field boundary (should be fixed?) overlaying the unwanted part with a filled rectangle of the background's color is a workaround but has drawbacks when changing to a font of different width the background color I think it would be desirable to have more flexibility in defining the format of a (date) field beyond the few choices available through the drop-down menu.
  6. I created a text box for headers at the top of my pages. I want the headers on even (left) pages to say "Chapter One", "Chapter Two", etc. while the headers on the odd (right) pages contain the name of the chapter. So I know I need to make each chapter a Section, and I inserted the Section Name as a field for the odd page header. But how can I create an automatically incrementing field for the chapter number as a word?
  7. Working on a workbook and I wanted to have a day countup / countdown I.e., day 35/330, day 34/329, day 35/328 35 could be done with sections and page number field however I am unsure how to get the 330 to properly “countdown” other than manually typing which I do not want to do as there’s too much possibility for human error. any thoughts?
  8. Hi All, I am new to Designing. And trying to create editable PDF files for my client. What are my current options? Can I create editable PDF directly on any of the Affinity products? If not, how can i go about it? Can I create designs etc on Affinity designer app and then somehow make the PDF editable to be filled by someone. Only basic few words need to be editable. Please help. thanks.!!
  9. I am having a hard time replicating a document i originally created in indesign. I basically created a template letter where the file name is also used as the subject in the letter. For this I wanted to use the fields option, but the problem is that when I use Filename as the field, it adds the extention as well, which is not what I want. When I use the title field, it will not change when I change the filename of the document, or when I duplicate the document to create a new one. So I really hope an option can be added to hide the extention for this use case. What I am not sure about is, if when I use the field "date created", if this would change if I create a new copy of the document to reflect the new copy, or if it would take the creation date of the original base file? I can not test it right now, but I will have to see how this would work. Thing is, I want it to be the date I create the document, but I don't want it change once I reopen the document on another date, if you understand what I mean.
  10. Hi. I use photoscape along with affinity photo. PhotoScape has a unique option on the rightclick menu to edit or copy the exif metadata. For those who don't know what metadata is, the EXIF is imbedded into a RAW or JPEG or TIFF to record details relevant to the picture. For example, ISO Fstop focal length of lens exposure time are all recorded as well as photograph date drive mode etc. This is a really handy tool so I don't have to carry pencil and paper around with me when taking photos. I note this feature is also missing in Affinity photo. I can cut paste across applications but to have this feature in publisher would be very helpful.
  11. Hello At this moment, the input fields in the Affinity programs behave in a way that is not native to OSX. I don't know if this is a deliberate choice, but I feel like it would be nice if they behaved consistent with other OSX apps. I also noticed that not every input field behaves the same in Affinity. An example in the Transform palette: - When hovering over an input field, the cursor should transform to the text-selection icon. - Clicking in an input field yields the expected behaviour; you can start typing where you pointed the cursor. This works perfect. - When using the tab key to jump from field to field, I expect the content of that field to be selected so I can immediately start typing thus replacing the previous content. But right now, if I start typing, my typing replaces the quantity while the units (i.e. px or mm) stay put. I get that you designed the input field this way because in most situations, the designer wants to adjust the size in the same unit. But when this is not the case, a few extra actions are required to clear the input field. Often I want to use the expressions in those fields like "sh" or "sw/2" (which are terrific by the way!). So if I jump to the height input field and type "sh" and press enter, nothing happens because it keeps the px unit and thus the expression is incorrect. In my opinion, this wouldn't be a problem if the whole content of the input field was selected on tab-jumping to it; if I just wanted to change 200 px to 400 px I could type "200", and Affinity would automatically append "px" (as it does now), but if I wanted to use expressions, I wouldn't be hindered by the sticky unit. I'm looking forward to hear your opinion! Bauke
  12. How about a feature that's seen on some software (including most adobe apps)… where as clicking on a field name with a box next to it for inputting values will auto select the preset values so that the user can quickly input their desired values. For now the user has to manually mouse over into the field and highlight the text to delete/input the numbers, The attached screenshot should demonstrate what I mean. Thank you and keep up the great work Affinity Designer looks VERY promising!
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