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  1. I have the same issue with the histogram. It is very slow making an edit hard. If I add a levels adjustment layer it then 'wakes up' This is very odd. I am in sRGB16, so is it a colour space thing?
  2. Hi folks, 1.8.4 update is most welcome and great to see so many things addressed in this update. Global colours now update gradients and this is going to be very useful. But the Gradient Map global colours do not update and is still broken. Is this on a list of things to do? I use gradient maps a lot, and this would be very helpful indeed.
  3. Hi. I use photoscape along with affinity photo. PhotoScape has a unique option on the rightclick menu to edit or copy the exif metadata. For those who don't know what metadata is, the EXIF is imbedded into a RAW or JPEG or TIFF to record details relevant to the picture. For example, ISO Fstop focal length of lens exposure time are all recorded as well as photograph date drive mode etc. This is a really handy tool so I don't have to carry pencil and paper around with me when taking photos. I note this feature is also missing in Affinity photo. I can cut paste across applications but to have thi
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