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  1. I did not understand this portion. So I turn off my assisitant and make some changes like brightness, vibrance etc. how can I get the same result with macro? Do you mean making similar changes in Photo persona and comparing?
  2. Ok. Yes I tried experimenting with assistant but could not get near to camera view. BUt I get it. Is there an easy way by which I can say affinity to correct or apply some set up while opening these images (as I understood macro will not work on Develop persona) and I am mostly working with RAW files. Thanks
  3. To clear, my macro only have details from Photo persona, nothing related to Develop and also I am tried everything only with Photo persona. no changes done in Develop persona (as Macro does not support Develop) Now is there a way to identify what are the things Affinity batch process ignore or what changes I should do specifically extra to get nearer results? Thanks
  4. Yes, That is what is happening.Two points - 1. I created a macro in Photo persona and applied the macro in Batch on RAW files.I get different results when I try to process same image but by directly applying the macro 2. In general when I try to import the RAW NEF files in Affinity, and I find them way too underexposed and flat as I have shared in my original post. My main issue with this post here is, I want the RAW files to come as I see on my camera - Z6 orr how I see it on default RAW viewer on Windows 10 Photos app. The first pic underexposed one is in Develop Pers
  5. Hi, I am using on windows 10 (Surface book first edition). If I do a bulk upload and try to add a macro at same time, I get different output compared to when I open the RAW file in Develop persona, don't make any changes and Develop it. And then apply my macro there. 1. Bulk load output with macro used 2. With Manual load and then Develop and then adding same macro NOTE - I am not able to upload manually edited photo as Affinity forum is failing with 200 error _RAY8629.jpg
  6. HI All, I have already seen the thread - But it does not seem to help me. I am using version of Affinity and Windows 10 (Surface Book First Version). And the second copy is how it looks in default Windows Photos Raw viewer. Please help me what is wrong with this as, I used a batch processing on my RAW photos and they seem to look completely different if I try to do it one photo at a time. Thanks
  7. Hi All, I am new to Designing. And trying to create editable PDF files for my client. What are my current options? Can I create editable PDF directly on any of the Affinity products? If not, how can i go about it? Can I create designs etc on Affinity designer app and then somehow make the PDF editable to be filled by someone. Only basic few words need to be editable. Please help. thanks.!!
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