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  1. Hi, I'm an infographic designer who did this for years with the Illustrator/Indesign-combo. Please, please, please do something for graphs, infographics, piecharts for Affinity Designer/publisher. I know, there is a basic piechart-builder, but that only works with one segment and would only allow very simple graphics. I do work in magazine production and do infographics for print and web on a daily basis and always have to rely on illustrator's tools which are OK but always seem like they haven't been overhauled for decades. Of course this woul have to go along with data (csv) import and stuff but if done right, you could really reach a niche that doesn't get so much support despite infotainment being among the rising stars in media.So pretty please, hear my prayers. In editorial design, having the ability to work in Publisher, jump into the designer-persona to create an infographic and jump back to publisher for the layout parts would be an amazing workflow. As copy-pasting contents between Illustrator and Indesign doesn't work so well, you still have to save Illustrator-files to then import them into Indesign. Its completely bonkers! I know this has been a request for many with V1, so I'm back to fight the fight! Infographics for everyone!
  2. Please let all the Affinity iPad apps take advantage of the external monitor support.
  3. I'm talking about object styles here. What did they do to upset you Affinity? If Studio panels were children, social services would have been called long ago. Just look at Text Styles - When you create one, a whole big dialog opens where you can name your newborn style, tweak its setting, choose who its parent is. Create one from scratch, or based on your selection. Object styles? Create from selection, and.... nothing happens. Try again... nothing happens. But wait - there it is at the bottom of the styles panel, automatically named with a number. If I right-click I get to name it myself... or delete it. And that's it. No editing, no creating from scratch or nesting. Come on guys, show it some love!
  4. Hello Friends 👋 I have to deal with many glyphs and despite format sets I very often have to pick out individual glyphs or alternative glyph variants. When doing so, a few things are bugging me anew every time. 1. Jump directly to the selected glyph Is it possible to directly highlight the selected glyph in the text field in the glyph panel? Reason why: 1. Instantly find similar glyphs in a glyphset / range and not have to search through the whole Glyphset 2. To check if it is the right glyph (info text + code in the glyph) 2. Show missing glyphs ! Dangerous ! Missing glyphs are not shown. How may I know if the glyphs are not present in the specific font? OK, I can check it in the preflight. But it would be better if I get it displayed directly in the text field: Yes, I think it's sometimes a helpful feature to rely on Apple's internal fallback for missing glyphs, but for professional workflow it's very dangerous because you never know in which font the missing glyph is displayed and exported in PDF. 3. Make a high contrast appearance Why are the glyphs grayed out? All glyphs are very blurry / fuzzy to recognize. More contrast would help to see the glyphs even better. Please make the visualisation in 100% Black on 100% White. Or at least 100% black. And yeah, 4. Maybe we should be given the option to scale the glyphs even further than the largest size at the moment? Reasons: - 5K displays - small diacritics hard to distinguish - Fonts with very similar glyph alternatives with differences in details. → I think all of the suggestions are just a small thing, but it helps for a good feeling in a subtle way dealing with glyphs I'm sure a lot of other publisher users would be very happy about it too!
  5. I didn't know whether to bump the old thread or create a new one as this feature was already requested in version 1. Would very much love if the pressure control tool would be improved for easier editing of stroke width.
  6. Hi, I've checked around the forum and I've seen this question come up before, so I'll mention it again. Can we please have the ability to have "Save History with Document" as a default in app preferences. I like to have my history saved with my work so I can backtrack if I don't like something in the future, and often forget to click it before I save. Thanks!
  7. Hi The spine awareness alignment tools are really useful, Align Away From Spine, Align Towards Spine. Unfortunately, for many text uses, Justify is the appropriate option, but the lack of a Towards and From Spine option limits this, or relies on manual hacks which can break things. Can we add a Justify Away From Spine and Justify Towards Spine option please? Thanks, Chris
  8. I create a lot of digital-only PDF files, and with the introduction of the Footnotes feature for printed works, adding hover-text for digital works would be an equivalent feature that would vastly improve my and others capabilities with digital products. In printed works, Footnotes are the only way to give explanations on certain topics, but with digital-only works you are not constrained by the same limitations. Limiting digital works to printed formatting makes the entire experience feel clunky and outdated. The ability for the user to click, tap, or hover over words, images, or other assets and receive an immediate explanation can be crucial. Between blue light, eye strain, and humans' limited attention span, digital publishers only have so much time and space to be both attention-grabbing and informative. Additionally, not needing to account for extra space that footnotes require widely expands the potential design and formatting options. I switched over to the Affinity series years ago, and hover text has been something I've been hoping could be implemented since day 1. Expanding the digital-exclusive features of publishers would officially make my other current programs obsolete. I hope this can be taken into consideration. Thank you for taking the time to read this far!
  9. Hi folks, let me ask if any of the gifted developers from Serif X8 times are still alive. As older people might remember, the X8 suite has already had several features which surely would be welcomed very much by today's Affinty community: Auto Tracing (Bitmap Vectorizing) Instant 3D: So I'd like to put these functions on the Feature Requests Menu for 2023. Season's Greetings and all the best, AC
  10. When you set your own keyboard shortcuts in preferences, you can then Save them and Load them into the new version. It would be great if that was also possible for Studio presets and pdf export presets, or anything else that has saved presets(?). Too late for version 1 though, so does anyone know a hacky way of finding the right file in the system to copy over?
  11. For V1, I had submitted plenty of feature requests and some bug reports. I presume that any logged bugs/ improvements won't have to be resubmitted. But what about those who did not make it to V2? Shouldn't it be possible to selectively restore the topics that are still relevant? Or is the idea that you do have to repost them? I wasn't around during the pre 1.9 era, so I don't know the conventions sadly.
  12. These two points should be useful: - Right click on the element and the option "Lock" accessible. - Why can an element be pasted into a locked layer? Best regards.
  13. When scaling text effects the propper settings doesn't change with the scaling. Are there settings which could help with this issue or should it be a feature request?
  14. Is Affinity (Serif) thinking about video editing? I can't imagine this is a new request, though search hasn't turned up any results. I was just watching the Live video again (Affinity Live: 19 June 2019 (serif.com)) and couldn't help but notice all the transitions and zooming in/out, which I imagine they made with Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Pro. I understand each product -- Designer, Photo, Publisher -- has outstanding bugs and feature requests, but it would be nice to forego all these other price-gouging A-named companies and put full stock in Serif. Serif once had MoviePlus. They were on the scene, though lacked some of the UI/UX elements that the Affinity suite has captured. I hope Serif returns to the (more difficult?) video arena. I imagine if executed well there is more potential to make money in add-ons and training than the other software products. Praise Serif's rebranding and relaunching of its traditional product lines has been something I've championed to friends & family ever since I first learned and purchased it back in 2014. I wasn't at all surprised when it won the Apple Design Award in 2015 and since then I've bought multiple licenses (through Apple's app store and through Affinity's site) for many OS platforms, even duplicate licenses for the same platform. I have advocated to use Affinity for work and production environments -- we're not a design studio -- though I would like the licensing process to be smoother. Needless to say, I'm all for giving money back to a team that has "nailed it" and rightly deserves to profit, especially when that probably means standing firm against potential Adobe/Sony buyout offers. Best
  15. On the Mac, if I close all the windows inside the Affinity app, the Affinity app stays active in the Dock, but you can't open it by clicking on it - nothing happens. To open an "empty" Affinity window, you either have to close the application completely and reopen it, or use the "Open with..." option on images. Affinity." I've been using Affinity for a couple of years now, and I'm wildly annoyed by this ill-conceived feature. Developers, please have Affinity open a blank screen with the option to create a new file or open a picture when you click on Affinity
  16. Hi, In Photoshop I used to be able to apply FX to a layer i.e a drop shadow then if I wanted to I could right click on the layer with the FX applied and select "Create Layer". This would create / convert the non destructive FX on that layer to pixels using clipping masks and layers. I found this feature really useful as I could remove parts of the drop shadow layer using masks giving me complete control of the FX. Can i request this feature to be added or do you have plans to add feature to Affinity Photo already? See screen shots attached as to where this feature is in Photoshop. Thanks, Oliver
  17. Feature request: Video editing. Animation, an After affects
  18. From my understanding these tools are going to be in Designer before the 2.0 release. I still want to share my input for how useful these tools are and are on the top of my wish list. I've added screen captures of my specific use cases for both. I look forward to Affinity's team doing an excellent job, much how they did with the live raster warping in affinity. Thanks to the team for giving us amateurs pro tools.
  19. The feature I request is to be able to divide a paragraph (Frame Text and Artistic Text) into several Frame Text or Artistic text , CorelDraw call this option "Break Paragraph Text" and is too useful, we can gain working time. Thanks
  20. Affinity工作团队: 你们好! 与英文排版不同,中文排版有特殊的格式,比如首行缩进、竖形文字排版和标点避头尾。我想这是中文排版工作者迫切需要的功能,但是目前我没有在软件中发现这些。 希望尽快加入支持!谢谢! Below by translation Affinity team: Hello! Unlike English typesetting, Chinese typesetting has special formats, such as first line indentation, “ Punctuation avoid head and tail ” and vertical typesetting. I think this is urgent for Chinese typesetters and users in Asian countries. Hope you can add support as soon as possible! maybe you need some pictures to understand better
  21. Hi everyone, I'm new to Affinity and also bought the suite on the sale. There's a lot to like and it could be an excellent alternative to Adobe, but it's crippled by some unfortunate decisions in the UI and some glaring omissions in functionality. I've worked with Photoshop professionally since 1992 (before it even had layers!) and that's my area of expertise so I'll limited my observations to Affinity Photo. First, the layer palate is non-standard and needlessly obscure. I like that clipped layers are hidden until you click the main layer carrot, but they should appear above when you do, not below! And the mask thumbnail should remain in position next to the layer thumbnail, not drop below. The stacking order in the palate should coincide with the stacking order in the file! I've also had an issue with some or all of the thumbnails disappearing in the layers palate The channels palate is arranged well and has the ability to copy 1 or more of the RGB channels to the spare channels, then it drops the ball, giving no way to view or edit the copied channels (applying adjustments, dodging/burning, painting, selecting sections & transforming, etc). Also no way to overlay the spare channel on the work image. No Puppet Warp! The last major improvement to Photoshop IMO. I use this extensively compositing images together. On a smart object it's non-destructive and you can adjust the layer opacity to view the alignment with the lower layers as you manipulate it. Liquify is limited by comparison. At least Affinity Photo applies Puppet Warp to smart objects when you open a PSD unless you choose to keep them as smart objects. No option to change the modifier keys for mouse/pen actions like resize brush, rotate canvas, etc. Radial blur is rotation only? There's a lot I like about Affinity besides the price and lack of subscription, I love the look, the interconnection between apps, many of the tools and functions. But the screwy layer palate and the lack of direct editing of channels severely limit it's usefulness (at least for me).
  22. I found an interesting glitch by accident, it makes it possible to put folders into folders putting a folder inside a folder is really easy but geting it out is a bit tricky 1. have a full folder 2. hold a folder so you can move it around and open with another finger the full folder you want to put it in, move the folder from your other finger around and if the other projects in your folder move away from it you can just drop it in. 3. to get the folder out of the folder you need to hold the folder inside the folder again to move it around, you will se there is no "back button in the upper left corner to bypass this you have to open any project while you still hold the folder with one finger now you can go back out of the project and now there is a "back" button on the up left corner so you can go out of the folder while holding the other folder, just move the folder out of the current folder sometimes it works first try but sometimes it takes some more tryes (sorry for my bad English) Please make it to a real feature 4CDB4BF3-9F7F-4AF1-BF95-B1F8689B16C9.MOV
  23. We add linear or radial overlay in RAW Develop persona. It would be great if we could mask out desired areas in the same overlay. It will help out to create some artistic styles more elegantly. Also please add inside and outside options in radial overlay. For ex: I create a radial overlay to darken. I wish there is option to specify where to darken pixels (i.e) outside the overlay or inside the overlay and wish there is a brush to mask out or add some areas in the same overlay. These steps can still be achievable with existing tools but very time consuming and lacks artistic touch.
  24. Hey affinity team, a while ago there had been existing an index of common feature requests which gave the users some ideas about which features might be expected in future releases. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/10410-common-feature-requests-index/ Could you please make such a sticky post again? Thank you very much. Benny
  25. I am really impressed with the results I can get with my raw files in the latest version 1.6.4 (Windows), but what bothers me a lot is that all my adjustments are not recorded once I hit the "develop" button. For example, after prinitng the photo I realise that I went to far with the sharpening. In my other applications (DxO, On1 Photo Raw, ...) I can just go back to the raw file and tune down the sharpening a bit, in Affinity Photo I have to start from scratch and apply adjustments from memory, wich regularly fails me after about one hour. Also I use to develop all my photos but only export those that I intend to print (jpg fuill size full quality), publish on the web (jpg reduced size 75% quality) or further work with (tiff 16bit). Would it really be too much effort to implement a feature that a sidecar file is written, every time I hit the "develop" button?
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