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  1. Already have Affinity products on Mac and am thinking about purchasing for Windows. A smart person might just buy it on Windows and use it through Parallels on the Mac, but I don't feel bad about supporting the design & development teams that put so much effort into this. That said, I was curious if there is a bundle price (all products/all platforms) so I don't have to worry about managing licenses. If so, I'm curious if current purchases count towards that price. Thanks a lot!
  2. Nice job! I saw this yesterday, it's not as complete, but definitely gets to the heart of the process. Personally, I like seeing how the shapes are created (the different approach people use) and whatnot. I set your original video to 1.25 and 1.5 speed at times, but it has a lot of good content. This one as well, in its own right.
  3. Allan, that's the one - thank you! Not just for the original tutorial, but sharing it again. I was scanning YouTube for the yellow 9, but I couldn't find it. Then I thought it was a 4 when I looked up production companies. My first thought is it could have been Number 9 films, which looked nothing like our geometric 9 that I remembered, but the Channel 4 looked kind of similar, so thought it was either Channel 4 / Film 4. Regardless, this is exactly what I was looking for. If you cleaned it up a little, I think you could sell it. It has great information and technique. I haven't touched AD in a while, but was looking to get back into it. Your tutorial is amazing in many regards and I was considering the purchase of Motion and FCPX. I'm curious, after all this time has gone by, what would you change? Would you still recommend Motion and FCPX?
  4. I need help locating a tutorial. I watched a tutorial years ago by someone that I think once worked for Film4. The tutorial demonstrated making a vector mask in Affinity Designer, importing it into Apple Motion for some masked animation (videos in the background of text), then did scoring in Final Cut Pro. I can't find the tutorial, but it was supposed to demonstrate something like the Google Play Your Heart Out advertisements: https://youtu.be/lQIFVT80fbo?list=PLGc5GJ9a7RPXDjs8u1S5Vur_43ef4bwEj It might not have been Film4, but I remember the tutorial used scenes from Monster,Inc. and I think Spiderman. It was simple, yet clean and professional. The scoring went to I think Hudson Mohawks, Chimes; which Apple used for its Stickers commercial. The reason I'm bringing it up here is because I'm pretty sure I clicked on a link in this forum (again, years ago) when I discovered it, and I'm hoping someone also remembers it and can help me out. Here's to hoping...
  5. Purchased new Hardware I originally purchased Affinity on my aging MacBook Pro, but recently put a few grand into a new Windows-based system. Do I have to now re-purchase Affinity Photo and Designer for my Windows machine? Thinking about even more Hardware I was also thinking about putting it on another laptop that I just want to leave at another location (so I don't have lug around laptops), do I have to purchase a third copy for that? Cost vs Principle Personally, I think the software Serif has put out is well worth the money and even under-valued. I wouldn't have minded paying more money when I initially made the purchase. However, I am a person of principle and will only be using the software on one machine at a time and I don't want to have to repurchase the same thing 3 times. Of course, I would certainly do it if I were using the computers at the same time, and certainly if I were a business, but I'm a very casual designer.
  6. @MBd: sorry, I did not see your post, it is practically the same question. @Str2: I have an older MBP with an i7/6490M and I don't really notice any performance issues (or need to upgrade), except the graphics are lacking at times compared to other laptops. If using Metal means that older Macs wouldn't be supported, I hope they don't shift too soon. I could see a reason for them to migrate towards it, but the current version works on a lot of older models. @Leigh: I don't see how the current App would be any quicker or more performant without it. The whole point of Metal is to remove some of the middle layer in order to make a better use of resources, resulting in a more efficient application.
  7. After watching the WWDC and seeing how Adobe expects to improve performance by using Metal, I was curious if Serif is currently using it or if it is planning to? AD is already pretty performant, but if I could squeeze more battery life when I'm away from the wall, I would be much obliged :)
  8. Yes well done and well deserved… but that's why I purchased it in the first place :)
  9. There's also "Convert to Text Path" in the layer menu
  10. So I found out if you select the three layers/objects, the narrower one will be the one that moves when you right click and select "Align Center" from the alignment menu. Likewise, tinier one will move when "Align Middle" is selected. This doesn't necessarily solve if the shape you want to move is bigger, though. I didn't check, but perhaps locking the two layers we don't want to move would help this. Still, there aren't any guide/snapping lines that appear, which was what I was looking for, for workflow and productivity.
  11. I wish I had an easy way to show/demonstrate. I don't think I described what I'm trying to do. The circle is not gonna fill the gap, I want it to offset evenly between both rectangles. I'll try to take a screen capture. Imagine both rectangles are horizontal and I want a buffer of space to be between the rectangles and the circle. I don't want the circle to clip to the rectangle. The circle is already created, I just want AD to automatically position the circle midway between the two rectangles. A green vertical line will appear to align it in the middle, but as I drag up or down along that green guide line, I don't see anything to suggest a midway point between the tangent of the circle and the two rectangles. (Mind you this is only an example, my actual objects are much less simple)
  12. I purchased AD not too long ago and I was also looking at Sketch. I read too many issues with bugs and after looking at many YouTube videos, I settled with AD — I didn't realize there was a free trial :) Price Sure AD could be priced a little higher, but I wouldn't pay US$100 for it. I also will say that this was the major factor behind my purchase, so maybe it is adequately priced. I think $69 would be their optimal pricing, though; and $29 for upgrades, $5 for certain plugins (if any exist). I agree with ChrisP, I think Sketch is probably a US$29.99 app. Certainly not $100. Quality/Experience I can't talk about much, but I appreciate the Vector / Pixel options in AD. I will say I've used Photoshop/Illustrator and GIMP/Inkscape in the past and I think AD fits midway between the paid/free. Though, I'm not by any means a power user or artist, so I didn't use all the features Adobe offered and the free softwares are not necessarily buggy, but don't feel as smooth. Other You might be better asking this question some place else. People that participate in this forum will most likely be AD-biased — we all probably have probably purchased it, or had a hand in its development.
  13. Consider having 2 rectangles and wanting to create a circle in between them. How can you snap the circle evenly between the two? I'm looking for the snap lines, but don't see them (and enabled everything under the sun).
  14. MEB, could you make that Vimeo link a sticky for the "Tutorials" forum. That page is better organized and seems to have more content than what I've seen on YouTube.
  15. This seems like it belongs in the "Questions" forum and not the "Tutorials" forum
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