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  1. I have seen some posts about this from a couple of years ago, but cannot find an answer yet. Is it possible to duplicate just one segment of a curve for use on another layer? Sorry if this has been answered before and I have missed it. Pauline
  2. When duplicating and moving an object in Affinity Designer with option+drag, 3 history items are created: Transform Duplicate Transform Intuitively, I expect only one, and when "undoing" with command+z, the "Duplicate" action doesn't make a visible change, leading me to frequently end up with unintended duplicates all over the place. I think that merging these into a single history item would be a huge usability improvement. Check out the bug in a tiny screencast: bug.mov
  3. Hello I am trying to duplicate one image into 4 even parts on my layer. I am not trying to split the image - rather have the image duplicated evenly into 4 or multiple parts Thank you kindly -Cunningham
  4. Hi am experiencing a weird issue, and I think I've seen this before, but for the life of me cannot remember how to work around it. Create SVG object, save to file. Create new Designer document (with Artboard, not sure if that matters). Import the SVG file created in step one and drop it onto the artboard. Duplicate the imported object. Double-click on the duplicate to edit it. It opens in a new tab. Make your edits. Switch back to the tab of the document and observe that both the original object as well as the duplicate have these edits applied to them How do I edit a duplicate object without it also editing the original? I made this recording of the problem: http://share.genealabs.com/NAUepmJ Thanks! ~Mike
  5. Hi well i upload the gif when you copy element with ALT+drag and then copy with CRTL+J the copy doesn´t take the last element distance is a weird function it takes.
  6. It took me some time to find it in the command menu. Still, there is no layer alpha lock. Have to use individual brush alpha feature.
  7. In iPad AP. I've got some pixel layers and adjustment layers. Is there a simple way to copy what I see to a new pixel layer? For example, so I can sharpen it? I can select all layers, duplicate, then merge selected. But the order of the duplicated layers is wrong.
  8. wish file/thumbnail commands for efficiency... Duplicate Save to [iOS] Photos Export
  9. It would be helpful if i could hit the option key than click/drag the object without selecting it before. (At the moment i have to select the object on the canvas or in the layer-panel before) Its just one click less but a huge productivity step in my workflow.
  10. Is there a quick way of duplicating layers in both Apps? At present I only seem to have found the following way: 1. Create a new layer 2. Go to the layer to duplicate - Copy it. 3. Go to the new layer - Paste in the contents of the copied layer. I find it useful to duplicate layers someimes - partly for safety reasons, but sometimes it enables more powerful editing which may not at first occur to one. Also, I'm not quite sure about some of the messages which appear about Pixel layers, and various optimisation messages re Layers - some which pop up from time to time.
  11. Duplicate or Copy change the empty space distance btw. the lines - WHY ? PLEASE HELP No matter how I copy the group or duplicate multiple circles - the distance between the lines changes in proportion ? Why ? I want to keep the distances, how to do that please ? My steps is : 1. Drawing 10 Circles w. distance (step) of 0,5 mm (r-10mm, r-9,5mm, r-9mm ......) :blink: GREEN COLOR 2. Group this all 3. Copy and Paste OR Duplicate this Group ! 4. go to Trasfomation and change Group2 to 5mm X 5mm RED COLOR 5. FxCK look at this ... ......the Distance between the Circles is NOT 0,5mm Step. IT IS SMALLER ! :angry: 6.
  12. Hi, Why when duplicating a page, symbols is converted to groups and are not symbols anymore at the new page ?
  13. Hi, Sorry, I'm total newbie to vector art and AD. I was wondering what's the difference between Copy/Paste (cmd+C and cmd+V) and Duplicate (cmd+J) other than one less command? Thanks
  14. AD family, This issue I'm trying to sort/figure out MUST be something extremely simple. My apologies for posting again on the same topic but my brain has not served me well on this one. Ive designed a simple image/logo made up of 8 or 9 layers, then grouped them together. My desire was then to duplicate the entire image (group of layers) which I successfully via the cmd+j shortcut. you can see the dups in the layers panel in 1 of the 2 screenshots I've attached below. Here's where Im hitting a wall...using the Move tool, I select/click the topmost grouped-layer in an attempt to drag the duplicates apart and play around with them. When I do this all 4 grouped-layers move around with each other as if 'locked' together. I took a peek at the Line view and could see that in fact all 4 duplicated groups had been moved, and were NOT stacked atop each other as I'd thought. Any/all guidance is greatly appreciated. Thanks for bearing with the elementary questions. Regards, -Christo
  15. Hi When i try to record a macro in the windows version of Affinity Photo, I am unable to switch between layers. For example if I create 2 duplicates of my background layer, and make a high pass adjustment to the top layer, I am then unable to switch to the layer beneath to make another adjustment. Also, I am unable to change the name of any layers whilst the macro is recording. Any help much appreciated.
  16. How do I Duplicate into Rows and Columns? I'm just getting duplicates stacking on top of itself.
  17. Apologies for the newbie question here, I have the feeling I'm overlooking something very obvious but can't seem to figure it out. I've created a logo which consists of 6 layers. The layers have been grouped together. My question is a 2-parter: 1) how do I duplicate the group/image-as-a-whole...then separate (drag?) the dup from the original? and, 2) how can I then copy/paste the dup(s) to a new document or artboard? Thanks in advance for any help on this. christo
  18. I was using the beta and was pretty happy until I started looking for frequently used features from Photoshop at work and GIMP at home. Here's stuff that's missing that would help with productivty: Precision guide-making. You have a "manager" that doesn't let you manage much. It'd be nice to be able to edit the exact position of those guides (Let's say I want to quickly set up guides at 25/50/75% in percent mode or just set specific pixel values to each). Even GIMP's got this! "Pattern" layer style is also quite handy for the same reason as the "Fill" layer. [Edit] Solved or has a workaround: Move selected option for the mouse cursor. It'd be nice to be able to tap a layer and then drag an object around without having stuff that's in the way get selected. PLEASE add the option. Ability to duplicate layers between open files (and in the same position if equal size). Ability to create new alpha channels. It's handy for selections or when 3D texturing to be able to use even the A in RGBA images (or in some special cases, remove one of the channels). "Solid color" layer style like in PS (easier to edit than filling a raster layer with color, plus you needn't worry about resizing). Hopefully none of these are repeats since I didn't see them on the list. Thanks for listening!
  19. In a file I'm working on, Designer crashes each time when I Alt-drag or Ctrl-J one of the elements. The crash dialog is not displayed on restart, so I don't think any report is being sent. I'm working with symbols. The crash is consistently happening, but only when syncing symbols is enabled.
  20. AD is always very 'generous' in creating extra elements when I never asked for them. This is without option dragging or duplicating as a command. Result is I go to move something there are 3 copies underneath. Or because of the same... apparent transparency get's thickened up when i don't want. I've been getting this since the earliest version (I'm an early AD adopter), just put up with it but now we're 1.5 - really this shouldn't be happening Not sure where bugs get posted, can't believe others haven't had this issue. Can this be fixed soon please, or is there something I may be doing to create it? (Running on El Capitan.)
  21. I know I have inadvertently done this in the past but now that I want to --- I can't figure it out. IE; I am creating a design to print on fabric that is sort of a word toss of a child's name in several different fonts. My plan was to make each font for "jane" a different layer but may want to change that particular font/name to ' john' and when I change one it will change all those names in that font at the same time ---- I would appreciate the help. Thanks
  22. Hello Affinity Team, Would it be possible to please let us Alt-Drag any Layer, Layer Groups or multiple Layers in the Layer Panel to Duplicate? It is the easiest way to Duplicate a Layer without altering position but it's neither in Affinity Designer nor Affinity Photo. Thank you very much! Philippe Côté
  23. Noticed a frustrating issue in Designer. Description below; .gif attached. When I duplicate and move an object by option- or command-dragging, and then I undo, I often wind up with a "stack" of erroneous duplicates in the object's original position. This can be hard to notice, and often results in a cluttered layers panel and a heavy document. The issue here is that in other apps, the convention is that option-dragging is a single command, which is entirely cancelled by an undo. But in Designer, an option-drag is actually two commands: there is an implicit copy at first, and then a translation. Undo only reverses the translation, not the copy. It's hard to remember to undo twice when I've only performed one action, and the resulting pileup of artwork is easy to miss. Thanks a ton, Serif—I love Designer, and you guys are just amazing!
  24. Hi This is my first questions as a new Affinity user. I try to transform and duplicate and let Affinity do the job for me. I will set a "start figure" and a "end figure". Then I try to find a way to tell Affinity how many steps the transformation will be in. But I can´t find it. Hope you understand what I try to explain. Please see my document for an example. Kind regards, Roger Untitled.afdesign
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