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  1. How do you access the pen tool's rubber band mode in Affinity Designer 1.7? (Apologize if you think it's a silly question) Thank you
  2. Whenever I choose this font: "Gotham" and select a different weight, the font list duplicate (see attached image) I've tried to delete and reinstall this font many time, but still, the problem occurs.
  3. Why is it the set of colors different from the layers panel to the options bar?
  4. My issue was solved... this is what I've done: 1. Did a clean uninstall of my video card http://www.amd.com/en-us/products/graphics/notebook/r7-m200 using http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/AMD-Clean-Uninstall-Utility.aspx (AMD cleanup utility) Because I think this is the reason for the error that I've reported a few days ago. 2. Restart my PC 3. Then installed the latest version of Affinity Designer 4. Open the app. (By the way, I have integrated graphics card (Intel) and a dedicated graphics card (AMD)) 5. I have Windows 10, so the auto-update kicks in by downloading the driver for AMD 6. Installed the update, my PC auto restart. 7. Done!
  5. (EDIT) This is the dialog that appears when I try to open it. It occurs after updating the video card on my laptop because I think this would solve the lagging problem. I've uninstalled the program now nothing happens when I try to install the program. (Kindly disregard the other post it's the same)
  6. At first, Affinity Designer lags while I'm working on a project. After quitting the program. It shows an error whenever I try to reopen it. I've uninstalled the program and tried to reinstall but this time it doesn't install at all. I'm using Window 10 I've also tried to download twice from your website but to no avail. What should I do?
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