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  1. Thank for your response Chris_K. 1. I misunderstood the steps in the workbook. Now i checked once again and am ready 2. I didn´t change language setting, but i followed your steps and it worked here. 3. I already did that. Thank you. Keep up the good work and your communication with us customers. I support you where ever i can! Best wishes and a wonderful 2018.
  2. Another issue: The shortcut to resize the brush size isn't working. (wireless Apple keyboard - German layout)
  3. 1. I can't set "points" in the perspective tool as shown in your workbook. 2. Presets in the Tone Mapping Persona are in English, not in German. Perhaps it is because i imported presets from James Ritson (Workbook examples)?
  4. Zwuckel

    Image to Vector Ability

    Yes. And it would be nice to have a slider from simple (with as few anchors as possible) to complex (with all details) - with a live-view for sure. ;-)
  5. What about the opposite way? Maybe you guys can talk to Apple, that Motion (and other programs) accept the .af file format!?
  6. Thank you. I will try to change my workflow a bit. Let´s see if it helps. :-)
  7. It would be helpful if i could hit the option key than click/drag the object without selecting it before. (At the moment i have to select the object on the canvas or in the layer-panel before) Its just one click less but a huge productivity step in my workflow.
  8. Zwuckel

    We need Acrylic blur

    Workaround: unsharpen and paint the area.
  9. Dear Affinity-Forum, its just a tiny thing, but for me it would be helpful if the non-destructive behaviour of the crop tool is working in the layer panel and not in the menu bar. My workflow is based on layers and i´m always experimenting with the on and off buttons on the right. No way for cropping - this is much more complicated. So perhaps there is a way to insert the crop like a mask. In this way i could turn the crop on and off, see where the crop was made and also change my crop settings by double-clicking on the "crop-layer". I hope you're understanding my description. (Got not the best skills in english) ;-) Thanks for this beautiful software. You are doing well! Best regards, Zwuckel