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  1. I found the problem to be an odd behaviour of lines. If I draw a 20 cm straight normal line and change it to a repeating vector brush then I get a certain number of repeat patterns. If I draw a 10 cm straight normal line, change its length to 20 cm, then it looks identical to the 20 cm line above. But if I change it to a repeating vector brush then I get only half the above number of repeat patterns. They are stretched to twice their width. I find this somehow logical, just not my kind of logic.
  2. Background: I’m working in AP, in Designer persona. In the screenshot below, the two yellow crosses are the same. I’ve used one of them (without the yellow fill) to make the vector textured image brush shown on the screenshot. When I paint with my new brush I get the line of white crosses - I’ve adjusted the width of the stroke to match the height of the yellow cross. My problem: Each white cross in the brushstroke is expanded sideways by 130 % relative to the yellow cross. Adjusting the brush settings doesn’t help. Is this how it is, or is there a way to fix this ? Other than changing the proportions of the shape I use to make the brush ?
  3. I’d appreciate some guidance with a problem I’m having with Designer. I’m trying to copy the effect described in Designer Help, to clip a pixel layer to the outline of a complex vector shape: Here”s the pixel layer above the vector layer I want to clip it to: Here’s what I want the result to look like: But when I drag the pixel layer (to be clipped) into the vector layer (to do the clipping) I get this, which doesn’t do any clipping (same with Paste Inside): Am I doing something wrong? I can clip the pixel layer to a single vector shape. Just not to a vector layer.
  4. Yes, I have this problem too. With big shapes zoomed in, so the shape is bigger than my finger. Sometimes it’s worse than others. I assume it’s an intermittent bug. iPad Air 2, latest iOS and AD.
  5. Yes, I would love dimensioning too. For example to be able to draw a plan of a house at 1:100 scale, so that 10 mm across the page is labelled as 1000 mm. This would allow architects and engineers to use Designer more easily.
  6. To delete a photo, tap the 3 bars at the bottom, right of the thumbnail.
  7. There’s an iOS camera app, CameraPixels, that now does focus bracketing. So now you can shoot and process a focus stack/merge photo without leaving your iPad. With foreground in focus: With background in focus: After AP's focus merge magic with 6 bracketed photos, all in focus: CameraPixels has a number, 0.0 to 1.0, that specifies the focus distance. To shoot the photos in focus bracket mode, you select the start and end focus number, plus the number of photos to take. So you need to experiment first with manual focusing to see what start and finish numbers are right. For this photo, I took 10 photos, starting at focus 0.0 and ending at 0.6. I deleted 4 photos that didn’t look much different from the ones on either side, then dragged them into AP. Magic.
  8. In AP and other iOS apps, you can store/load photos and .aphoto files on the cloud. Look in 'cloud', tap 'locations' at top left. Your wireless remote storage should appear here if it has had a recent upgrade.
  9. Machine learning: buzz buzz buzz. Adobe claimed that one of their PS healing tools uses artificial intelligence. Twenty years ago.
  10. Great tutorial, thanks. I've added your blog to my RSS feed; I'm expecting more like that.
  11. That would be great, but I suspect it's an iOS limitation.
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