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  1. Bored. Bored, bored, bored . . . Inspiration! Do what all artists do when there's nothing to draw: a selfie! Result!! SIGH What am I going to do now . . . ?
  2. Hello, I don't know if this has been requested/suggested before but I have a small suggestion to improve workflow for someone like me. The idea is to use the align function with a modifier key. Right now whenever you choose multiple objects and align them center or middle from the context toolbar (without going through the alignment option and choosing the first or last selected objects) they just meet in the middle of the selection bounding box. My suggestion is to use the align option from the context toolbar with the command or shift to align with the last object you selected. Attached is an image of what I mean.
  3. I don't know where these ideas come from, nor why they pick on me. But there we are; more unsolicited nonsense made flesh (digitally speaking). Mostly vectors with a few Effects here and there. First off: a mock-Tudor house, a style popular between the Wars, and the Lombardy poplars that were also all over the place. City gent in his working clothes and housewife in her posh frock. Next, the balcony of Buck House (that's Buckingham Palace to you) with a warm sunny queen and a damp soggy king. I have an idea or two more, which I'll post when I get round to them.
  4. Hi, If I use a grid adjusted to my requirements in designer and place content in it, can I also print the grid lines in black. Thanks
  5. This is so necessary for keeping objects in register for things such as animation.
  6. Hello! Is there a way to "smelt" vectors? Combine will not do the trick. i want to smelt 2 rings but it won't work. I want these 2 rings to be one curve, but... see yourself: combine.mp4 Thanks for any advice!
  7. Designer 2.1.1 / Windows 10 I have an issue with inserting a PDF that contains a table of contents (which was generated by LibreOffice Writer). When I open and view the PDF in any viewer, the TOC is formatted correctly with the page numbers on the very right and with dots filled in. -> see attached test PDF (generated with LibreOffice Writer) My goal is to get all pages of that PDF into my Designer document. When I insert that PDF into my Designer document, I see the first page of the PDF and the formatting looks right. To get access to the other pages of the embedded PDF, I double click it and it opens in a new Designer tab, where I can see all pages of the PDF. I then select and copy all pages, to insert them back into my original Designer document. I then have all pages in my Designer document and so delete the embedded PDF from my Designer document. This workflow works great (to get multiple page PDFs inserted) and usually all formatting etc. is kept perfectly. Only one thing does not work as intended: The formatting of the TOC included in the PDF gets a bit corrupted, the dots are gone and the page numbers float behind the entries, instead being aligned to the very right. I know, that this is quite nitpicky and I really appreciate, how amazingly well inserting of PDFs works apart from that. Anyway, I thought I report it. Also, I now have to figure out a way to get a big bunch of such PDFs into Designer documents, without having to manually fix all the TOCs. : ) In short again, to reproduce: + Create a new Designer document + Drag (or Place...) my attached PDF into the document + Double click now embedded PDF to open/edit it in a new tab + See that the formatting of the TOC got destroyed Thanks for eventually having a look at it!Designer-Test.pdf
  8. Is it possible for a bitmap to follow a path? For example, I have a vector of a 2D string and I need a repeat logo to follow it as a path. I'm not sure how I can do this without manually editing the perspective of each logo, which I don't have time for. I'm really hoping this is can be done via bitmaps, but any suggestion is welcome!
  9. If I have a curve and want to edit a node that has two handles, how can I adjust one and have the other handle mirror that adjustment? For instance, let's say I have a semi-circular curve and I want to move the center node's handle away from the node by 20 points. I want the other handle to move 20 points in the opposite direction so that the curve adjusts equally on both sides. I tried dragging the handle using modifier keys to accomplish this, but nothing seemed to work. Maybe not possible?
  10. Hi all, I'm considering buying Designer but one thing that I can't find is if there is a way to fill an object using vector or patterns. I only find gradients and bitmap. I know we can duplicate an object to create hand made pattern but I can't then edit the repetitions like if is a bitmap fill. Cheers, Juan
  11. Hey guys, I recently got Affinity Designer and I really love it. I tested it out and tried a couple of things out. I want to export a picture with an Isometric grid so in the final result I can see the whole grid in the picture. Are there any settings which can enable grid view in the final result? Thanks for fast reply
  12. Hi everyone, I'm not sure this is the correct forum to post this. But I'm really hoping someone else has been in this niche corner I am stuck in now. So I am creating a poster for someone else to use in Adobe Illustrator, and I spent a lot of time in Designer organizing and naming my layers (and actually putting my vector layers into a "layer") but when I try to export to a usable format for Illustrator, Illustrator just opens the file however it pleases without a care in the world for how I have organized the file. Rather than keeping the naming structure and layer structure I specified, Illustrator mashes everything together under one layer, with no names and no groups. The file I worked so hard on looks like such a sloppy mess. Even my text boxes have been divided into letters that have been converted to curves, rather than a defined box for text to reside in. So my question is, has anyone had experience successfully getting Designer to talk with Illustrator? If so, what does it take in order to do so? ^ here's my Designer panel with my organized layers palette (trying to make it easier for the person I need to deliver this file to to edit) ^Illustrator destroying a PDF ^Illustrator destroying an EPS
  13. @Chris B I am having constant issue with Designer opening file from STOCK sites ( eps files ) they open as images rather than vectors. I open them in Illustrator and they are Vector. This happens alot. I the movie industry we use STOCK image sites all the time. Can you fix this ? Its annoying. I don't want to own Adobe anymore but i have to for these types of problems. Gary
  14. I have recently noticed that the integration of all the apps can create difficult and confusing to edit artwork. I love Publisher, it carries all the features and swaps between the apps efficiently but I love designer too for the export persona, for outputting sliced and diced web or other components. However as the Designer section within Publisher doesn't contain this I have to use both for some projects, i.e brochure content taken into Designer to generate web content, specifically sized with retina versions varied formats etc and using the continuous output function to save time. As an example, I took a table from Publisher and pasted into Designer. Despite there being no table functionality or interface in Designer, I get layers flagged as tables, can edit the text within, can scale all, but have no way of setting cell margins sizes etc. Some minor functions are in the top bar, merge and separate cells for example, but no others. Now, I could go back and edit the table as I want it to be in Publisher and copy across again, but what is odd is there is no way to separate the artwork that is a table to make it editable within Designer as native artwork, it remains as a table in a piece of software that puportedly does not support table creation. In addition if I click on and edit the table content using the text tool, I can then draw another table on the page… that I can't then format. This is not so much complaint as an observation of the confusion some of the interlinked functionality can create and should be redressed. It lays apparent that the bulk of each app is contained within the others but that specific functionality is hidden away - which can cause issues as you can't then easily edit out what you no longer require. For example some others… And object with text wrap (AP) will still cause text to wrap when pasted into AD, despite no text wrap functionality on display. A text frame with fill and stroke settings and insets can be cut and pasted, characteristics remain, but fill and stroke settings in AD will only alter the colour and line of the text itself, not the container as text frames don't exist. I had used paragraph decorations to create solid blocks behind copy in the table. The text styles come across beautifully, fully listed in the Text Styles palette, with the aforementioned decorations. But Designer doesn't have paragraph decorations, so again leaves you with appearance characteristics that cannot be altered to suit the required layout without reverting to publisher, or stripping of style and rebuilding using background shapes in Designer. I'm sure there are many many more examples, and know that I have had similar "why can't I edit this" moments many times, but as most often I'm in Publisher I can switch between and utilise all the features where they live. When swapping fully between apps this is more frustrating.
  15. Hello, there are visual aspects of the Layers Palette that bother me a bit. Oh, nothing major, but hey... Since working with Adobe suite software (since discontinued) and now Affinity suite (with great pleasure), Cinema4D and other graphics software, I have always placed the layers palette on the edge right from my screen (today a BenQ PD2700U 4K). A habit... Unfortunately, the layer color tag is very close to the edge and is thus obscured by the thickness of the edge of the screen which has a shadow (see attached screenshot “Oops1.jpg”). Not comfortable at all!... Moreover, the scroll bar hides the color tag (see attached screenshot “Oops2.jpg”). Last suggestion: the automatic naming of new layers does not place a space between the word “Layer” and its number. With an isolated layer number, a single double click on it would allow you to edit it directly, without altering the word “Layer”. See attached screenshot “Options.jpg”... Otherwise, I especially noticed that with several files open at the same time, the focus on the layers of the palette did not stay at the same level when changing the foreground file. Moreover, during a layer grouping, it would certainly be very comfortable for the user to have the focus on the newly created group...
  16. FREE Exceptional Amazing Fundamental or Basic of Logo Designing Tutorial Guide or Technique ebook PDF for beginners, university graphic course students or new designers, download it here: English Version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13jBHhjkDK4Wr4fzCACb-YzdIutIrOZOX/view?usp=sharing Malay Version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17NFjfaiP87VTww9KZqZKNbOHyWl_ajCS/view?usp=sharing And here is my Affynity Designer V1 Basic Tutorial Playlist in Malay language. Some simple technique including this video which uses a series of circles and pen tool to create a bird logo in Affinity Designer, quite similar as Virtual Segment Delete in Coreldraw. This video is in Malay Language. Note: If your shape contains a straight line, make it an L shape.
  17. Vector images that were exporting fine with v2.04 are giving a problem with v2.1. The transparency option for background is checked in the Document Setup, and the image correctly shows the transparent background in Designer. While exporting, the preview and the resulting exported file have a white background. It is transparent for other export options. See screenshots... Since the /.png and .jpeg are frequent used, common formats and required for our websites, is there a way to get this emergency patched, assuming it is a minor fix? thanks in advance.
  18. Hi! I am new to Affinity Designer and already have searched the internet to find an answer. The Info I found is that the measurement tool was planned years ago, but nothing to measurements in the newest release. Is there any way to measure the length of a (curved) line in the newest version? I am interested in an exact measurement in physical units (mm). Thanks!
  19. In the below image I was using a basic brush and the bottom parts of the brush are a darker color than the higher parts. This is the pixel brush. I really want to recreate this, I'm not sure how it happened. Can anyone advise me?
  20. Whenever I try to open a file with embedded images, the CPU maxes out and Designer gets stuck in an endless loop saying it’s waiting for document to open. I can open other files easily and quickly regardless of size of the file. But even a small file with embedded image just doesn't do anything. I deleted the MRU.dat file but this didn't help. As per guidance: I am using the latest version of Affinity Designer 2.1.0. I can upload the document but I would need you to provide a safe link. General Description: Operating System MacOS Monterey version 12.6.6 (21G419). MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) Processor 2.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 Memory 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics Intel Iris Pro 1536MB I have turned hardware acceleration OFF Please help! note: Pulled this out from a reply on another thread to try and get some traction as I’m literally blocked on working until this is sorted!
  21. v2.1 designer not saving printer and print info in file, resets every load Every time i reopen a file in 2.1, the printer information has been reset to a different printer. Gary
  22. In Designer (1.7.3 on Mac) I've opened a grayscale PNG. The vector shapes that I've drawn over it display only in grayscale, even though the color palette shows them to have RGB colours. Would be grateful if someone could tell me how to get my vector shapes to display in color. (Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere – I've searched but cannot find anything.)
  23. I downloaded the MSIX and installed Affinity V2 Photo upgrade (2.1.0) but why, why does affinity always make it so hard to handle the designer and publisher? Unable to find the earlier V2 of these on my Windows 10 desktop, and which should I try to upgrade with -- MSIX ir EXE? Please try to give COMPLETE AND CORRECT INSTRUCTIONS for upgrading.
  24. Hi, I wonder if it's possible to do stuff like this: How to customize a font in illustrator! (& the tools I use) - YouTube In Affinity Designer. I have tried myself, but it's not working like in the video. The pencil tool just... Draw a line instead of making the font curves or whatnot. Thank you, Cheers!
  25. Hey guys I just recently made the switch from Adobe ecosystem to Affinity Designer & Photo because i'm not trying to shell out $600 a year for the rest of my life. I'm getting myself adjusted with Designer right now, but i hit a snag. I can't seem to Add/Remove nodes to existing paths like you could in Illustrator. I've tried searching in Help, but nothing comes up. Is this feature not currently available in Designer? If that's the case, then when can we expect this option in a future update? I only ask because it's something I use often. Thanks in advance for your help and time.
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