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  1. I haven't noticed this problem before, but I may simply have failed to notice it. I found it in Designer and Photo Version 2, but it also occurs also in Version 1. When I copy an Affinity Designer or Photo file with vector objects into another larger image, the stroke widths are changed. This is a nuisance if there's only one vector layer, but it's very frustrating when there are a great many layers: a lot of fiddly work back and forth between the original and the target to restore the stroke thicknesses. I'm running on the up-to-date version of Windows 10 I tested this in Version 1 and found it was reducing strokes as follows: image 1 (source): 800x600 px Grey rectangle 10 pt, red circle 5 pt, small rectangles 5 pt & 0.1 pt image 2 (target): 3,000x3,000 px Grey rectangle 2.4 pt, red circle 1.2 pt, small rectangles 1.2 pt & 0 pt (i.e. < 0.1 -- it's still there) Yesterday's 'live' file in V2 reduced 2.8 pt to 0.7 pt. With the test shapes today, V2 is reducing 2.8 pt to 2.1 pt. The reduction seems to be random, but consistent throughout a session.
  2. I work in German language. All numeric inputs (e.g. Transformation panel) require user input with comma "," as decimal separator. If i type a number with dot "." this is interpreted as the german thousands separator. This is according to the german numbering scheme. E.g. this is correct in German: "100,5" will be parsed as 100.5, "100.5" will be parsed as 1005. But if i want to enter a numeric value in the little header popup dialog i have to enter the number with "." as decimal separator. Input according to German numbereing scheme will not be accepted by the input field. 2022-12-11_designer-beta- Same applies to the document settings. If i type the scale with comma "," as decimal separator the input is ignored without error. I have to type a dot "." to have the input accepted.
  3. I'm fairly new to Affinity Designer. Like most people, I come from the Adobe world. Soon after starting with AD I started to miss the free transform tool found in the competitor's software. I found an old thread in which for over five years people were demanding a free transform tool to be included in Designer. Then with the introduction of v2, those demands seemed to have been answered, in form of the Warp Group feature. The Warp Group is a really cool and powerful feature which, on the surface, seems to do the task of the free transform tool. I did notice some unexpected behaviour with it though. The warp tool curves straight lines when it shouldn't. The image below best illustrates my issue with the tool. In the example I'm warping a simple triangle (with straight sides and sharp nodes) with the Quad Warp tool. I'm expecting the warp tool to keep the sides of the triangle straight. Instead it curves them. To me, this is not the expected behaviour, nor is it how the free transform in other software work and I think it should be fixed. With the Perspective Warp the effect isn't as strong, but it can still be seen (image below). For comparison, the image below shows the free transform behaviour in both Photoshop and Illustrator. So I ask: why should Affinity Designer's Warp behaviour be any different? So far I've really enjoyed exploring AD and its features, but little discrepancies like this in the tools are quite frustrating to me.
  4. Greetings all, I have a document in Photo v2 that has a model holding a credit card. The card is an embedded Designer v2 document of the card artwork. When I save the document, load up Designer and make changes to the card design and save it, shouldnt the changes be reflected in the Photo document when I reload it? This isnt happening.. when I reload the photo file with the model, she's still holding the old card design.
  5. The year is almost over, so let's share some reusable fireworks items for your possible flyers and new year cards. - Note that those firework assets are always groups of vector elements, thus if you want to recolor some of them you best select the whole individual group. These assets are usable for things like shown in the following examples ... The corresponding fireworks assets file as a zip-archive: fireworks.zip
  6. Recently updated to Affinity Designer 2 and I love it except for one thing. It's very difficult to identify groups now and groups within groups now (which I have a lot of). This was so clear in Affinity Design 1. Could groups not be made bolder making them easier to identify? Have pasted 2 images to show the difference between the two.
  7. Hi, I've just downloaded the Affinity Designer trial, and am quite impressed. However, I am a design student and my school computers have adobe programs. As far as I can tell, I can't find any way of exporting Designer files as Ai files? I can see the option to export as psd, and I've tried to open Ai files using Designer with no problems - but I wanted to check whether there was a way of exporting to Ai that I had missed. Thanks
  8. maybe I'm missing it, but is there an option to open a JPEG, or bitmap image and trace,or convert it to a vector file for further editing? If not there should be one, it would be a great option. even if it had only a few modes like black and white, and 5 color it would make me convince me to convert from adobe illustrator
  9. In Designer 1.10.6, one of my projects, a 3000x3000 square in RGB-8 which I intend to use to make a new logo for myself, suddenly gained this weird grey border around the edges of the frame, as seen in the first attached image, and the line is always exactly 1 pixel thick. In the same project, the background, which is the exact right size, positioned perfectly, and SHOULD have no gaps, needs to be 1 pixel too wide and 1 pixel too tall to actually render no gaps in pixel rendering mode. Strangely, this border I can't interact with started appearing on new project files I opened with Designer 1.10.6, before I relaunched the app. On the particular file this happened to, I discovered that Designer has decided it wants to render objects outside the area that would get exported into an image, as seen in the second attached image. What did I do? Toggling bleed, guides, margins and column guides doesn't do anything on any project file. I don't know what I did. Fortunately the exporting works as it should, but this was very strange.
  10. Not exactly sure how to call this "feature" but I think in Illustrator it was called "Isolation Mode". What I want to be able to do is, for example, enter a group and drag a selection over a few elements without interfering with background elements. Without, obviously, having to lock them previously. Is there something to accomplish this? It seems like a really basic feature and it's essential to my workflow. How do you guys deal with this type of situations?
  11. One thing that I have seen mentioned on facebook groups is the crop tool. Most seem to agree that either 'crop to original ratio' be set as default or the the user be allowed to set the option that fits their workflow best. For me it is original ratio as I rarely use any other setting. Can this be added to the relevant programs?
  12. With the release of Catalina, Apple has included a ton of localized versions of Noto Sans in its system font library. These fonts can’t be removed or disabled. I actually have the complete Noto Sans and Noto Sans Display font families installed, and it’s difficult to quickly find them now. A way to be able to hide fonts would be extremely helpful. For the time being I’ve favorited the Noto Sans families I use but I don’t want to have to add every font to my favorite list just to avoid seeing the system fonts. i see two ways of doing this. The first is adding a hide action next to the existing favorite one and creating a new hidden fonts tab after favorites this allows the user to still select a hidden font for use if they want to. Alternatively, placing the font list in a preference pane, using checkboxes to select fonts you want to hide, and not showing them in the UI at all. In either solution you would be choosing which fonts to hide, not which fonts to show. This way new fonts that are installed would always be immediately available.
  13. Trying to export to pdf an artwork with different layers, i get pdf file with messed up layers: changed in order and nested and mixed with objects. Please see attached files. Can you help me? prova.afdesign prova.pdf
  14. Hello, not sure what changed because I haven't changed anything at driver level or affinity version for some time now, but lately affinity designer doesn't get the print size from the driver in the print dialog box. It doesn't happen all the time so I still try to pinpoint the problem, but is it possible that this have something to do with that print spooling problem microsoft had with windows lately and they patched?
  15. I'm getting this very unhelpful error message when trying to export my Adesign or Apub documents if more than one page / artboard.
  16. After installing the 3 Affinity programmes from version 1 to version 2. Designer, Publisher, and Photo. I find that I still have all of the Affinity 1 programmes on my PC. Tried to find separate folders to uninstall the old version 1, but unable to do so. Please advise. SidM8
  17. Good morning everybody, I am finding another thing that seems to be missing from Designer which I use an awful lot in CorelDRAW and which is kind worrying to me unless maybe I'm missing something. In Corel I have a blend tool. I believe Illustrator has the same thing though I don't use Illustrator. It allows me to create two objects and blend them together. This is particularly useful for creating interesting drop shadows and so on. Is there really no way to do this in Designer? I'm attaching a screenshot to show you what I mean. Corel allows me to choose which aspects of each object interact with one another. Hopefully there is some way of doing this or it will be added as it seems like a very important tool to me. Thanks very much and let me know! Phil
  18. Hello there, So I'm a website designer, and I would like to design in Affinity Designer more. I found a problem though that is preventing me from doing that full-time...When I export my files to PSD (for handing over to developers) and open them in Photoshop, the text layers appear as image/raster layers and aren't editable. Please help. This is a very important issue for me to resolve. I cannot proceed with using Affinity Designer if our dev team can't edit the texts. Other than this, I am really loving this software. Please help. Thanks, Eli
  19. So in Photo and Designer bitmaps scale proportionally if the "shift" key is held down but for vector images it's the exact opposite. A mixed group scales proportionally if the shift key is not held down. Anyway it's weird and makes no sense. Why not choose one and make it consistent (happy for it to be different to PS, but should be consistent in the same app).
  20. I've tried removing the Ctrl+Y from the wireframe shortcut, and exporting and importing the saved preset, but no matter what I do the little triangle won't go and nothing happens. I can't get Ctrl+Y back as my Redo, very strange as to why they changed a universal command to one that I'll honestly never have any use for. Has anyone had any luck while changing their command back?
  21. Hello, i want t osubdivide a objekct path (like a rectangle) evenly. How can i do this? Yes, i know i can set ankerpoint maually with my mouse, but that is not exactly enought. Think about diagonal edges. My thought was "select to ankerpoints and than divide the path between in (for example) 8 segments." But i dont found an option that can do. I wonder, than inkscape can do this. Well, a picture like help understand what i mean, any idea? cheers, Leuveg
  22. I don't know if I'm just not familiar enough with the affinity suite and haven't found this feature, but there's a feature that I've been wanting for some time. I would like for there to be a tool in affinity designer that streamlines the creation of a new font and allows you to export to a font file format. I want to be able to easily do something like select a letter to work on, design it, and repeat for each letter. Maybe they can add an option to create a "New Font Project..." This would make the font creation process infinitely easier and much more accessible to someone like me who doesn't need to create fonts very often. Every time I want to create a font I'm met with a million steps, and a million potential websites, but never one easy software feature that integrates the design and the workflow into one place. Affinity seems like a prime contender for such a feature, and they already have an amazing base of existing features to work with. Let me know if anybody else feels something similar, or if you think I'm inept and have to get over it 😆. I just want to be able to keep falling back on affinity for my every design need! I just found this forum post and I'm hoping that the new release of V2 makes it possible for affinity to add this feature.
  23. Are Photo and Designer for version 1 for ipad pro still available? If so how do you get them? I want to revert to version 1 from version 2. Perhaps I am not looking in the right places, but I am not finding them anywhere. Thanks much! Dave
  24. Affinity Designer V2 does not currently have bitmap tracing, sorry.
  25. Hi, i tried to recreate this https://youtu.be/QS3PrrOHJIs?t=627 with an image - it doesn't work. So if i want to warp an album art including an image i can't do the same effect with AD?!
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