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  1. I've tried to search this on the forums with limited response. I want to know how to remove a black or dark background from white or colored lettering to reveal transparency. Generally this is for text logos etc. I'm some cases the text has graphics inside it that the selection tool struggles with. Would like this to be one click! Thanks!
  2. The painted brush stroke doesn't refresh on canvas Artwork contains layers on one artboard, one layer with vector illustration (in nested layers, but the illustration is not very complex) and another empty layer. 1. I start painting in pixel persona, the assistant creates a pixel layer inside the layer 2. the stroke I am drawing partially appears partially does not. 3. after zooming in and out and panning the canvas the stroke finally appears. This problem doesn't occur if I create the pixel layer outside of the layer, on the top level without toying with zoom and pan the stroke won't appear at all, the canvas doesn't refresh. version 2.5.3 2024-07-15_23h24_55.mp4
  3. I'm working on web design a lot and I love Affinity Designer. This week I had to create an icon (favicon to be precise), which I obviously designed in Designer. So far so good, but there seem to be no way of exporting an image as *.ico. Are there any plans for adding support for ico files?
  4. The measure tool you added is great, but can you add some more functions. The ability to keep the measurements on screen and build on there own layer? The ability to make the text size increase/decrease The ability to change the stroke width with arrow. This would help tons in sending out drawing and artwork with measurements on them. Gary
  5. Hi. I'm using Affinity Designer for all my identity design and as I have a lot of iterations of artboards in every document, I always need to number manually each artboard which is very time consuming. It's even more complicated to update all those numbers when you delete/add artboards to that same document. An option for an automatic numbering would be awesome. I'm always ordering my layers so that my PDF export is correct, so if I wouldn't have to rename all the artboards, wow, would be great. N.
  6. Why - if I have a die in artboard, can't I see it outside the bleeds? I don't remember having such a problem before... I have to put objects above the artboard to see the bleeds...
  7. The purple Line Issue Affinity Designer 2.5.3 I would like to know what this line, outlined in purple here, is called. It outlines all objects, shapes, and even letters in the Affinity Designer interface. Main question: How can I completely hide this purple line? I would naturally be very happy to receive an answer. Thank you.
  8. Good morning everybody, I am finding another thing that seems to be missing from Designer which I use an awful lot in CorelDRAW and which is kind worrying to me unless maybe I'm missing something. In Corel I have a blend tool. I believe Illustrator has the same thing though I don't use Illustrator. It allows me to create two objects and blend them together. This is particularly useful for creating interesting drop shadows and so on. Is there really no way to do this in Designer? I'm attaching a screenshot to show you what I mean. Corel allows me to choose which aspects of each object interact with one another. Hopefully there is some way of doing this or it will be added as it seems like a very important tool to me. Thanks very much and let me know! Phil
  9. Hello, I have a situation where I have ~650 layers, all well named that I need to search through quickly to hide/show for different permutations of an image. Is there a way I can either sort the layers alphabetically to find them more easily or search for them. Thanks.
  10. Application: Designer Version: 2.5.3 Hardware acceleration Is on OS: Windows 11 home Version: 23H2 Windows OS Build: 22631.3737 Issue: I created 12 rectangles with alternate colours (black & grey) then used warp/perspective on the 12 in a group and pinched them to a right hand centre point. Then I try to add new perspective points so I can create a wave effect, but every time when I use the node tool & hover over the lines on the object Designer crashes, about 15 crashes in an hour now. I also converted all rectangle shapes to curves but the same issue exists. I tried exporting a jpeg of the file with node tool selected & AD crashed then too. The app is okay when node too is not selected Attached is the actual .afdesign file and a screenshot of my layers etc... black_grey_wave.afdesign
  11. maybe I'm missing it, but is there an option to open a JPEG, or bitmap image and trace,or convert it to a vector file for further editing? If not there should be one, it would be a great option. even if it had only a few modes like black and white, and 5 color it would make me convince me to convert from adobe illustrator
  12. I am a new user of the Affinity suite. Trying to see if I can transition from Adobe. I generally work in Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, and Illustrator. From what I understand, Designer, in function, is a mish-mash of a drawing program with a Illustrator. First thing testing out Designer I noticed is ease of changing document setup. I made a document 8.5x11, just to test out the program, it was vertical, I would have to retype the document dimensions in order to change the orientation, so lazy maker-person I am, I thought, "I'll just rotate the canvas afterward." BUT NO. It is NOT POSSIBLE. I thought, "Okay, I'm learning the new program. I'll look it up." What I found was the capability is in photo but NOT in Designer. So TLDR my suggestion/ask is either make it easier to flip flop the document orientation in the creation window, like either photoshop or Clip Studio Paint does (see images below), or LET ME ROTATE AND FLIP my canvas.
  13. I am exporting some images Textures from UE5, to make some adjustments for an asset I am working on. However, it has HSL adjustments as in the attached image below. The question is that the values are obviously different to how Affinity uses them, so how would I go about converting the HSL to match what I would need to put into Affinity Designer/Photo? I know this is a long shot, but I can not find any info on how UE5 treats or does this.
  14. Some irregularities emerge when zooming in, possibly from rounding errors. Zoom factor is visible in the document tab. I'm also including a screenshot of the Performance Settings with hardware information. This is an empty document that was just created. I don't remember seeing this before. Platform is Windows 10, Designer version is 2.5.2. Interesting side note: The RAM Usage Limit slider here lets me go up to 64 GB even though the system currently only has 48 GB installed.
  15. How can I reset the grid colors to default in Affinity Designer V2? I found this post in the forums, which has been answered, but it seems a little outdated because it looks the the grid options and UI has changed since then: Any help on how to reset this would be appreciated or the values for me to be able reset them myself to default values would be appreciated!
  16. Hey guys! I really like Luke's recent work on gradients.io, so I created this AD palette based on his. gradients.io - Luke Davies.zip
  17. Something else I've been meaning to do since I read the book (If the dead rise not by Philip Kerr). 'German history is nothing more than a series of ridiculous moustaches', his character Bernie Gunther says. It's a lot more than that, of course; but he has a point about the 'taches! Following a friend's suggestion, I followed up with the missing one--you know who . . . (If you haven't seen Charlie Chaplin's film The Great Dictator, I should explain that . . . well, you'd do better to look it up! It's very funny, but Chaplin said after the War that if he'd known the full horror of what had been happening he'd never have made it, so it's not in such bad taste after all.)
  18. I've always meant to try my hand at those maps you get at Tourist Information centres, with the attractions illustrated alongside the roads. This one would have to be pretty big if I were to include all the things to see, so I've had to be strict with myself. All the individual buildings etc. are linked files, which I find makes life a lot easier with projects like this. The compass rose is made up of Double Stars (one converted to curves and a point pulled out) and Ellipses. Here are the linked images: I put them together without the background. And here's one I just couldn't quite squeeze in: the signal mast outside the Royal Solent Yacht Club (which would appear on the top right-hand corner of the map).
  19. Is there a way to disable spellcheck, or at least the wavy lines in Designer?
  20. Hello I am not able to have the same snapping functionality in V2 as I am used to from V1. I tried various settings, but it still do not work as I need it to. I am making shapes to fit my bikes when plotted out from protective film. I do this mainly by starting from an rectangle, fleshing out the form by adding points and moving these so that they fit my measurements. Now I need those points to snap on simple axis-positions that other points from the same shape are located. But V2 doesn't do it. I tried to show the problem in the following screenshot. The point on the bottom left should snap at the vertical position of the bottom right point, so on the horizontal line grey line I drew in there.
  21. In Designer, deleting an artboard brings up the following dialogue. I do this often, and always choose the same option. Would love a 'remember this setting / dont ask again' checkbox to skip this. Settings could always let you uncheck this.
  22. Hello forum! I have a weird question that has eluded me for years, so I figured I would ask here. In Ill*strat*r 😉 you can snap any shape to pretty much any line by just holding the ctrl key. I have watched the snapping videos from affinity, and looked around on here, but am unable to replicate this in Designer. Hopefully I'm just missing something simple here. I am trying to snap the left-most edge of the selected box (See screenshot) to the edge highlighted in red. It doesn't snap for me. I've also included my current snapping settings.
  23. Hi A-team, Is it possible we get these features in Publisher and Designer in vector format if it is OK?
  24. Hi, I'm using artboards in a document that contains all my graphics for our web-site. On the web we use SVG. Hence, I drag & drop some SVG files into AD and export from there. When adding an SVG via drag & drop, it gets added to the artboard as [Embedded document]. Some questions: How can I copy such a thing? When I do it the normal way and I edit the copy, the original gets changed too. Is there a way I can convert the embedded document into a normal group? Any documentation available about embedded documents? How to best edit these etc.?
  25. Hello there, So I'm a website designer, and I would like to design in Affinity Designer more. I found a problem though that is preventing me from doing that full-time...When I export my files to PSD (for handing over to developers) and open them in Photoshop, the text layers appear as image/raster layers and aren't editable. Please help. This is a very important issue for me to resolve. I cannot proceed with using Affinity Designer if our dev team can't edit the texts. Other than this, I am really loving this software. Please help. Thanks, Eli
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