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  1. affinity is crashing on me everytime i open the program and select allow… Something is happening!! I have to click on don’t to work on appfinity phonto 2.2 and now 2.2.1 I just update and it is still showing this window
  2. Hello! I'm relatively new to this topic hence why I am looking for courses that can guide me through that, step by step. The problem is, that there aren't really helpful videos or Tutorials for designer or Photo like there are for Photoshop. I bought several courses, (all created, using PS or illustrator) and tried to follow along. But every time I'm failing because something is not working in photo/designer like it does on Photoshop or illustrator in the tutorials. That is just frustrating as you might know. Is there ANY good tutorial for drawing/painting digitally on Photo or designer ? It is important that it's the same software I use, because I have to know if something is just not working because it's functioning differently or if it's just me being stupid. Also there often brushes for newbies like me in one of those courses that sometimes do not work on Photo or designer. Thanks for your help! Damijan Ps. I worked on a few vector design projects like logos and magazines. So I'm not completely lost in the apps!
  3. One selection later, with the output as a mask, then the color picker to match the background colour in the image for a rectangle under the image layer, then a white balance adjustment to get rid of almost all of that colour, then a levels adjustment to create a more defined image, then three pixel layers with varying opacity levels to provide some colour with some watercolour brushes, then a merge visible. Then off to a pastel plugin. Then back to Photo for another levels adjustment. Then a vibrance adjustment. The result: Morpeth Castle, "a Scheduled Ancient Monument and a Grade I listed building at Morpeth, Northumberland, England ... restored by the Landmark Trust and is now available as a holiday rental home." My source comes from the British Library, digitised image from page 82 of "The Local Historian's Table Book of remarkable occurrences, historical facts, traditions, legendary and descriptive ballads, connected with the Counties of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, and Durham.,," which is in the Public Domain.
  4. Hey, ...and sorry if my post is duplicated, but I was unable to find on the forum the list of modifications and other changes made to this new version 2.2.1. So, where can we find the list of improvements and fixes for this new version?... Thanks. 😉
  5. Color selection bug when selecting a color using controls with numeric text fields on Color Chooser. Turning OpenCl on and off has no effect. Win10 / Publisher/Designer/Photo V2 color chooser bug.mp4
  6. A bit of straightening and cropping, some Levels, Curves, and HSL Shift Adjustments, then some Tone Mapping, plus a watercolour plugin and here is Harlech Castle, as Sir Walter Scott could never have imagined. (And probably wouldn't have, had he been able to!) Flickr.com has a marvellous link to the British Library's collection of images in the Public Domain, and therefore without copyright restrictions. This came from the Castles Gallery.
  7. I saw the tree and its carvings at the weekend in Dortmund's Westfalenpark and cropped and redesigned the image.
  8. My project with Affinity Photo and Filter Forge. Orginal file: 3600x3600 px, Adobe RGB, file PNG.
  9. My project with Affinity Photo and Filter Forge. Orginal file: 3800x3800 px, Adobe RGB, file PNG.
  10. “Fill tool” is doing multiple fill actions by just scrolling/browsing the “Fill Type” carousel. It’s creating multiple history states by just scrolling the “Fill Type” option and sometimes causing a slow down and even a crash! I’ve attached a video demonstrating the bug, notice the “history studio”. Restarting the app didn’t help! Affinity Photo v1.8.6 iPadOS v14.0.1 (iPad Pro 11 inch 2nd gen) IMG_0903.MP4
  11. Hello dear community and support team and happy Friday… 😊 Right now, I'm trying to build a parallel way of working to the big Adobe products. At the moment I'm using Capture One for RAW handling and complete color edits, but I'll take a closer look at the abilities of Affinity Photo at a time when there is no active job. I'm adjusting around 10–15 images at the same time – which is lots of fun to do in Photo, but then I want to export all images at once with predefined settings in a batch job. My problem is, that I'd like to make some output setting tweaks and would like to have the option to save this setting for repetitive tasks. Have only found the macro section but no "library" where I can save my settings to pick them easily the next time… Did I oversee something, or is this function not implemented (yet)? Thanks in advance for all your input, and have a nice weekend. Ralf
  12. SUNRISE - Hilo Bay, Hawaii Oct.9,2023 (06:15AM Hawaiian Time) Picture take with iPhone 13, Adjustments: ('Live Denoise', Luminance 45%), ('Levels' boost Blacks 13%, Whites 81%) Strictly an amateur photog but the 'fire' in the clouds are done by Mother Nature.
  13. Hi Guys, I need some help, If you have a Look at this photo, the area near the eye which is touching the nose. The inside of the eye which is touching the nose looks very dark. What is the best way to lighten it ? I tried using brightness and contrast adjustment but it is not giving a very natural look is looking very unnatural. How else can I brighten that area ?
  14. Mac OS. To put it simply, Nothing Happens when I try to use the Blur Brush Tool. I have just enough acumen to use the clone stamp. I know which other key I must use to activate it. When I experiment with the usual four lower left keys, Nothing Happens. Some simple critical silly little step or setting is wrong and I have no idea what it is. Opacity? Background? Locked layer? Someone else had this problem I see, and suggestions to help did nothing for me as I tried to blend away the striations you see in in the screenshot. If you try to help me, please—just tell me what the click sequence is to wake this thing up. Well-intentioned analyses about layers and pixels will just confuse me.
  15. As film photographers, we often work with film scanners. The "Hasselblad X5" is an excellent choice for film scanning, and the RAW format of this scanner is (*.FFF). I have been looking forward to Affinity supporting its (*.fff) format so that we can directly use Affinity to process (*.fff) files and use it to de-mask negatives, calibrate colors... Rather than open another software to handle this format separately. To be honest, I don't know what Affinity's future development plans are, but I do hope that the authorities will support this image format in time to bring a new experience to film photographers.
  16. Hello. I have been an Affinity user since 2018 or so. On January this year I upgraded my universal license to 2.2. Since then I have been using Affinity Photo and Designer on a Mac with out issues. Today I need to use these new apps on my Windows PC (which has 1.0 version installed and working just fine) and when asked to enter email and password, it says that they are not recognized. Email and password are correct, yet I can login to my account on this website without issues. Need assistance, please!
  17. Android tablet getting pretty good. And there is no combination in it if you add the affinity suite. There is no full creative apps in Android it would be amazing if we could have apps like the affinity suite. Thanks and I hope y'all think about it
  18. Affinity Photos app keeps crashing when: importing photos from the Photos app Placing photo in a document App just closes itself. Also gives a null error when importing directly. iPad Pro 10.5, Affinity Photo, 17.0.2
  19. Hello, Affinity Photo is awfully lagging and slow on my Macbook Pro. It wasn't awfully lagging and slow before. But now since I have updated to MacOS Sonoma version 14.0, it's lagging and slower than usual. What should I do to make it faster and not lag? Also, I have attached a photo so you can see my performance settings.
  20. Windows 11 Pro 22H2, Ryzen 7 3700X with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Super New issues 2.2: Project file sometimes silently fails to save latest session changes (do not know how to reproduce). Other people now reporting same problem on Facebook. Project file can be missing hours of work when re-opened. Running a macro instantly crashes the application (crash report uploaded, 100% reproducible). Application does not crash when applying macro actions manually. Macros created in 2.1. Blemish Removal tool when used to dab away dust spots slows down with each successive use, until eventually the application becomes unresponsive for long periods of time. Application does not crash (so far), eventually recovers, but I have always given up when the unresponsive periods become intolerable (30s to 1 min), never pushed it further (frequently reproduceable). Merge Visible sometimes produces a result that has somewhat shifted levels/color (not easily reproduceable). Workaround is to break up merge into batches of fewer layers and then merge the results. Issues 2.2 (carried over from 2.0/2.1): Blur Brush region of influence does not preview blur effect, it previews like an erase tool (reveals layer underneath or transparency grey squares) (100% reproducible). Blur Brush tool is often reluctant to make any changes or makes some small amount of change and then becomes unable to make any more changes (even at 100%) (frequently reproducible). Grid cannot be turned on (100% reproducible). Makes it difficult to snap objects. Amending a TIFF file and saving it directly (without export) severely corrupts metadata (Subject, Tags, Comments). Comments and Subject are completely replaced by seemingly random bursts of Chinese characters, long hierarchical tags and large lists of tags are truncated even though they have not exceeded any limits imposed by File Explorer or dedicated tagging applications (100% reproducible). Application repeatedly displays a reminder dialog to turn on crash reporting when launched. Apart from settings choices being repeatedly questioned, the reminder dialog frequently interrupts train of thought. If it only comes up after a failure, then this suggests there are frequent silent failures happening in the background going unnoticed.
  21. HI Guys, Wanted to know lets say If I have a Photo of a Person and there is this Tint or any kind of hue on her face and if I want to use the HSL adjustment Layer and in that I want to use the colour Picker and first identify which tone is it and then either increase its negative value or increase its positive value based on what correction I want to do, but the problem in using the colour picker is unless you first select a Colour from the available colours at the bottom, the Colour Picker tool does not get activated to be able to use it to place it on the subject to find out the Tint/Hue colour ? And if I go ahead and already select a colour family from the bottom available colours like Red or Yellow then how do I reduce the Tint on a person's face ? lets say it is a grey tin ? then ? which colour do I choose from the bottom to activate the colour picker tool ? Please see the attached image.
  22. Hello, Serif team! Here are some feature requests for Affinity apps: Affinity Photo: Add the capability of seeing missing fonts with Font Manager. It’s a feature in Publisher but not Photo. (Window>Font Manager) All apps: Add the ability to sync saved Studio Presets (and perhaps other global settings) with my affinity account, the cloud, or iCloud; or at least make it easier to understand how to export and import those to other devices I use. Affinity Photo and Publisher: Please add a “rotate 90º right” and “rotate 90º left” button to the View menu bar. It would be faster than clicking rotate left 6 times just to get to 90º. It’s something I’d use every day. Forgive me if some were already posted, I searched and didn’t see anyone mention those. Thank you so much for all the great work you’ve been doing. Have a great day.
  23. When you have many layers that includes different adjustments or effects I feel that the layers panel gets very cluttered, and it's hard to find the layer I am looking for even though I try to be thorough with naming the layers. I think it would be much easier to overview the layers if the name sticked to the same position regardless anything else happening within the layer. I've added a screenshot with a suggested solution (the suggestion probably have a lot of challenges that I have not thought about, but I thought it might at least be a good way to explain the clutter I am experience today, and how much simpler it would be with a consistent title placement). Finally, just want to state that I truly love Affinity and all the great work you do!
  24. I waited all summer to catch this female of natural aviation at the lunch counter getting her fill up. I'm glad Affinity Photo was there when the waiting was over.
  25. Hello how are you? I need your help. I have some product images from a client and I need them all to have the same color tone. In Photoshop I used Match Color to match the colors of the images, using an image as a reference. Is there a tool that does this automatically in Affinity Photo or do I need to do it manually? If anyone has any suggestions it would be very helpful. Thanks in advance!
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