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  1. I can create a QR barcode using the QR code tool in Affinity Designer however it is stuck on the default value (the Affinity web address). Clicking on the Data button does not reveal the dialog box that I have previously seen so I'm unable to change the value. Further testing shows this works as expected in Affinity Photo and I'm able to create and copy that across to my Designer document. One strange thing that might not be related is that when I click on the Data button I see a small crosshair appear at the top left of the document canvas. Version 2.5.3 on Windows 10.
  2. Latest picture quiz for our club's bingo and quiz night. will be one copy A3, entry £1.00 per person and money collected will be divided equally to the club member/guest winner and a local charity
  3. Hi all, hope all is well, its been a while since I posted any updates. I've finally completed the first of many children's picture books, you may have seen a copy a while back, but I wasn't happy with the end results from the printers and there has been many, many changes. I have also designed the website in Affinity Designer which contains games and free activities for schools and parents. Ohhh My Strawberry Monkey is the series of books and are stories of friendship based around a cute, pink, lovable, but somewhat clumsy monkey who will certainly cause a few chuckles. The website is mystrawberrymonkey.com and you can find our first paperback here on Amazon If you have grandkids, kids, nieces or nephews go check this out! Allan Thompson
  4. Saw this from a video from the affinity YouTube channel and wanted to know how this was done, since had asked and someone told me it was brushes maybe but they weren't 100% sure. So I wanted to know if someone knows how to do so and if you could show a small tutorial if possible since I wanted to test this on a project in affinity designer v2 and in affinity photo. Hopefully I put this in the area of the forums to ask for help.
  5. Hi everyone, I recorded this quick tutorial on how to create a dot mandala in Affinity Designer via the use of symbols. I hope you guys find it enjoyable.
  6. In the video demonstration I show that the nodes close in on themselves once I delete them in affinity designer v2 (The E with the black color). In the next part I show in inscape that deleting a node accounts for the original shape and doesn't close in on itself, reducing the nodes but keeping the shape (The E with the red color). Is this a feature in affinity designer as well? I can't stress how difficult it is to do my work accurately without this feature. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Inscape is a free software and this feature is on be default so I can't imaging this isn't a thing in Affinity but then again it isn't on by default in Illustrator either. Inscape vs Affinity Designer.mp4
  7. The popularity of Affinity programs is increasing among Arabic-speaking users They want to transition to using these programs instead of Adobe's and take advantage of the 6-month trial offer However, we are unable to use Affinity programs as they still do not support right-to-left Arabic writing Therefore, we hope this support is provided as soon as possible.
  8. I have only linked PDF files (15.4 MB) in an AD file. The 15.4 MB files I linked became 246.1 MB I embedded the links, and the files became 261.5 MB The math doesn't seem right! Also, I've found that if I move or delete something, the size of the files increases!
  9. Just upgraded to Designer 2.5.3 on Windows 11 prior to creating this document. To replicate the issue, I click to place an artistic text (I don't click and drag). I then type a word, select a font from my favourites list, change the font style, and everything changes as expected in the document. I then change to the frame text tool, click and drag to place a frame text box, and my expectation is that it would contain the settings I currently see in my character panel (left over from working on the artistic text a moment ago), but instead it types in the default 'no style' Arial. Same size, but different font family and style. When I deselect the text in the frame, then reselect, the character panel still doesn't update to show what text I have selected. The only correct information is in the context toolbar. (see how they are different in my screenshot) Clicking back and forth between the artistic text and frame text tools sometimes shows the same info in the context bar and the character panel, but sometimes doesn't. Am I missing something stupid simple? I've been using Affinity for a few years now, and I don't remember my expectations being subverted here, or having to constantly change from the default back to the font I was using with every new iteration of the artistic text OR frame text tool.
  10. Hi, On Mac Monterey, Designer and Photo 2.4.1 don't show newly opened or created documents, after you have closed the background window. 1. Close all the document windows. 2. Close the blank, background window, to avoid it to block seeing everything that is on the back in the other apps. 3. Crete or open a new document. No window can be seen in Photo or Designer. The documents are there, since when closing the app you are asked if you want to save them, but you can't see them. To start seeing documents again, you have to relaunch the app. Paolo (who would like some more love for the Apple UI guidelines )
  11. Hi there, I'm getting stuck with masking and the paintbrush tool (in Affinity Designer)... - Pixel Persona - Have a photo I want to mask - When I select a part of the photo with any of the selection tools and create a mask from that selection, things are fine. I get a proper black and white mask layer. - Now I want to REFINE my mask, by selecting the mask layer, selecting the brush tool, setting the brush color to BLACK and then painting black inside the mask over parts I want to hide. The problem is... I can never make the brush tool to paint in COMPLETELY BLACK color! The color setting in the color panel is set to completely black (#000000), but the actually painted color on the mask is always dark gray. Never completely black. Thus there are always semi-transparent parts of the image visible. I can never mask them completely. Any ideas how I can make the brush color to be 100% black? Thanks!
  12. Hi there, I am wanting to create an email signature for a client that can include hyperlinks for email addresses, phone numbers and social media etc in Affinity Designer. Is this possible? I have hunted around and can't seem to find an answer. I tried exporting the design file from Designer to Publisher to see if I could do it there - but when I export the finished design file to my desktop, the hyperlinks I included in publisher don't work (I may have not followed the steps properly..?) If anyone can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it! Thank you and best wishes, L
  13. Infected This is my first drawing using Affinity Designer 2.0 (A revamped version of the colourful Lena which I have not uploaded!) It is really a test of the updates made to the Brush Dynamics in Affinity 2.0 Created a new set of inking brushes that makes use of interpolation and the new Distance options with the brush dynamics. I have found that the brushes are much smoother, faster and more responsive..I really like the ability of 'Distance' to allow for the tapering of the nozzle. Even though you have to adjust the direction of the graph! Affinity Designer 2.0 original 400 x 400mm | 300dpi Brushes inker | Comic Grunge and Concept Painter
  14. The Wall Affinity Designer | 1840 x 800mm 300dpi | Mixed raster and vector but mostly vector! Used Untamed: 'Planetary Toolkit' of for the Sky
  15. One of a series I'm working on, "Heirloom Bacteria." Created mostly in Designer with some back and forth to Photo.
  16. Here are some experiments, of varying quality, that I was playing around with at the weekend. Apart from some (modified) background images everything was done in Designer and Photo. They’re not what I would call ‘production ready’ but they’re okay as long as you don’t go looking for problems. (Any resemblance to real movies or organisations is purely accidental.)
  17. I'm in the process of switching from Adobe to Affinity, and I'm trying to understand how to dow some things. In this particular case, I'm working on some product mockups, I have different t-shirt images on which I want to apply a design. I made an affinity file to use as embedded file in which I have the design, so when I change it there it will change all instances for al t-shirt colors. On top of the embedded file (in photoshop was easy, just place on top and clip it to the design) I place a t-shirt texture as multiply to increase realism. The problem I'm having on both Designer and Photo is that when I clip that t-shirt texture to the embedded file it affects invisible pixels. In the attached image, the design on top of the tshirt is only formed by the text and flowers, but the clipped texture is also affecting the transparent background as if it was not transparent, it is affecting the whole box instead of only the visible pixels. You can clearly see the box definition around the design.
  18. Illustration i made for my profile I'm not used to render with vectors but really liked the result. I mainly used Affinity Designer, but i needed to go to Photo to apply Live Add Noise. In Designer i only used Gradient, Pen tool, Shape, Gaussian blur and Brushes in Pixel Persona. The brushes were only for adding some details, mostly of the work was in Designer Persona The lineart was made using the pen tool but i made the sketch in another software
  19. When you drag select text going from left to right, you should always be able to also select the carrier return special character. This is for a number of reasons related to text layout. However, this function breaks in Publisher and Designer (and likely in Photo too) if your paragraph starts with a number, and the Figure Style of the said number is set to Old Style. Steps to reproduce: Create a text frame object Set the font to one that supports Old Style numbers such as Arial Write a few paragraphs that start with numbers Set the Figure Style for all paragraphs to Old Style Try to select the whole paragraph including the return special caracter See that you cannot, at least not without selecting the line below Set the Figure Style to Default Try to select the paragraph again See that selection works as expected See attached video and samples files for an example of what's happening. Thanks! Gravação 2024-07-11 151638.mp4 Designer Sample.afdesign Publisher Sample.afpub
  20. There's so many things wrong it's just easier to see the attached video, screenshot, and sample file. I've noticed that: Hyphenation value does not display correctly Numeric values seem to be randomly (?) displayed with other unrelated values or even units I've seen point values show up as completely different point values, like the font size I've seen units display different altogether, like paragraph stops in mm showing in px The actual values that appear in the design are correct though. For example, setting a font to 12 pt in the Text Style Editor will result on a text with 12 pt size, even if the Style settings text in the dialog box says 37.5 pt. Also happens in Designer, and likely in Photo too. Thanks! Gravação 2024-07-11 153625.mp4 Publisher Sample 2.afpub
  21. 🇬🇧 Hi, I recently discovered on the web that you could have personalized felts for turntables made by service providers (feylt dot com or mafeutrine dot fr for example), for around thirty euros. Another way to make us spend money, but also open up interesting graphics possibilities. What do you think of these first two adaptations?… 🇫🇷 Hi, j'ai découvert récemment sur le web que l'on pouvait faire fabriquer par des prestataires (feylt dot com ou mafeutrine dot fr par exemple) des feutrines personnalisées pour platine disque, et ce pour une trentaine d'euros. Encore un moyen de nous faire dépenser de l'argent, mais aussi ouvrir des possibilités intéressantes de graphismes. Que pensez-vous de ces deux premières adaptations ?…
  22. Full disclaimer: DALL-E (or rather the innumerable artists it scraped) did the heavy lifting here, but the background effects, glowing halo, halo reflections, tattoo, embedded jewels and a bit of scale surgery were all done in Affinity Photo and Designer.
  23. Hi everyone, I hope you're doing good. I recorded this tutorial on how to draw the BP logo in Affinity Designer. I hope you guys enjoy it.
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