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  1. Today i finished my first vector portrait in Affinity Designer
  2. I made this illustration in Affinity Designer from scrath
  3. Hi. This is my first serious attempt with Affinity Designer and 2D vector drawing, up today I have ever done 3D Graphics and 2D Pixel Art and Raster images. It is a Fan Art of Parodius 1988 game from Konami, in particular the level 1 intermediate boss, the infamous pirate cat ship. I have put a lot of effort to recreate the original game humor, especially in the desperate facial expressions of the penguins on the pirate ship mast... I have taken as reference material only a pixel screenshot from the arcade game, and I have completely reimagined it in vector graphics. Some brushes we
  4. Not only my first Affinity Designer image, but my first forum post, as well. So, you know, HI. I purchased Designer a while back, but my computer gave up the ghost shortly after. Other than trying to familiarize myself with the software, and watching a few tutorials, I never had the chance to create anything with it, until now. I wasn't an Adobe Illustrator user, but until yesterday, I was a Photoshop user. After using Designer, I decided to switch to Photo. I have a thing for Mid Century Modern, so I thought I'd try something similar with Designer. Because it is mostly a bunch of simple sh
  5. hello guys, i got a problem with my installation of Affinity Design (free trial). everytime i install it, i get an failed setup command.(in german Fehler beim setup) i read something in the forum about i need the newest version of microsoft .NET but i already installed it before and it doesnt work. pls help me. i want to buy this software in the future thx for help. regards Rumdopf
  6. Hello, I am currently using an iPad with sidecar. There you get a Touch Bar. Some buttons seem not to properly work. For example when in the Pixel persona and brush, clicking on the "Force Pressure", "Wet edges" or "Protect Alpha" on the Touch Bar, won't affect the buttons in the toolbar of the Mac application. However it works the other way round: if I enable/disable on the Mac application toolbar, the Touch Bar buttons get properly synced ("checked" on the application makes the corresponding Touch Bar button checked as well).
  7. Hi, An option to extend a mask/adjustement area to the whole document area would be usefull. Another for the mask to be smarter, or asking if I want the "Dead Zone"* to be filled with white or black would be usefull too. The main problem is about the mask area: when copying an Adjustement layer or a Mask in another document of different size, when adding a mask/adjustement on a picture smaller than the artboard or page area, when working in APub Photo persona, adding a mask or adjustement layer, => the area of the mask will only encompass the picture or
  8. There has been discussion of a problem, but what follows seems more appropriate for Share Your Work, so a new thread, but with a courtesy link to the original thread. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/136552-bleed-area-issue-with-designer-bug-or-feature I am producing artwork to make what are notionally photo greetings cards, but I am making jpg files of the correct size at 300dots per inch CMYK colours and using those instead of photographs to produce one-off greetings cards, then uploading to the company's website and in due course receiving a card by post. htt
  9. Hi there, Today I was experiencing with image brushes and paths. It worked a while and then suddenly as soon as I tried to start a new path with my custom image brush Affinity Designer crashed. And from that point, when reopening the file, when I tried to use the custom image brush, it crashed again and again. Hope the crash log will help. Best regards, JM Borer Process: Affinity Designer [37841] Path: /Applications/Affinity Designer.app/Contents/MacOS/Affinity Designer Identifier: com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner Ve
  10. Hi! Please, is it possible to change the colour of multiple selected curves at one, BUT relatively to their innitial value? EG some sort of slight colorize effect. I swear, I have seen it before somewhere. There were several dots on the colour wheel moving together. Or was it Affinity Photo? Thank you
  11. Recently purchased Designer for my windows computer, I have been using it daily on mac without issues. I randomly receive extremely heavy lag when in designer, it's extremely disruptive to my workflow and forces me to restart the program multiple times an hour. This is not an issue with my pc, my computer is new, there is nothing running in the background and no other software I'm running has any issues at all. Relevant specs are as follows: cpu: i7-9700k gpu: 2060 RTX RAM: 2x8 (16gb) 3600h DDR4 (XMP enabled) This computer was built with the
  12. Creating a SIMPLE animation tool/feature for Affinity Designer is actually VERY easy to do. The devs only need to add codes that will unclick/click the layer(1,2,3) so we will see how the image would look like if animated. By clicking Play, the layers (1,2,3) will be clicked/unclicked/looped. It's a very simple animation but it's good enough to give us an idea and it's a start.
  13. I've seen several posts about this but I'm not sure if my experience is related or the status of the fixes. I've created a custom (preset) document which has a 4mm bleed. I then build the design as normal. I set up the Export persona to export to PDF with Include bleed and Include printers marks checked. If I export the slice for the whole document I see the cropped document with no bleed and therefore no crop marks or printer info. If I export via the menu I see a larger document which includes the bleed and the crop marks etc. This is not a showstopper as the menu option gives
  14. I will be happy if you could add the "Shape Builder" tool to Affinity Designer like in Adobe illustrator it will be very helpful. This feature will go with Affinity Designer to the next level. I hope that you will take my request into consideration. Thank you
  15. I'm trying to look for an angled/tilted brush for hand writing with my pen tablet. I know it sounds extremely simple – it's one of the default brushes on Adobe Illustrator – but I can't seem to find it on Affinity Designer. Everything is rounded... Some taper off a the ends. But none are actually angled. Please help!
  16. I've finally entered the world of creative advertising, by submitting my entry to The Chip Shop Awards for judging next spring. Not a cheap hobby. Being allowed to create something witty, close to the knuckle and quite apt is something I've wanted to do for a very long time. This is my entry. It is an ointment manufacturer, helping out the seasonal homeless down under, buy their product and they'll donate the proceeds to a charity. Of course it is full of puns, some of you know me well enough by now! Its called How can you sleep when the Bush is burning? Pungent:
  17. HI, Ok here are the specs of my document : resolution : 5000px x 3000px resolution of my design : 2335px x 2394.7px dpi : 300 vector base design When I am at 100% zoom or more, everything is smooth and clean. When I zoom in, starting at 90% and below, it's start to get pixelated. Also, when I export my image in its actual size as a PNG, for example, everything look fine. But if I export it at 500px x 300px it sucks big time! I even tried exporting it at 2500px x 1500px and it's still pixelated. How can I make sure that my design doesn't get pixelated?
  18. Hey all, When I am using Affinity Designer and trying to draw there is a significant lag. Basically the tokes drag behind the cursor which makes it impossible to draw. My laptop: MacBook Pro 16, 2.3 8-Core Intel i9, 32GB DDR4, AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8GB MacOS: 11.2.3 AD 1.9.3 Any ideas ? Cheers
  19. Hi everybody, Finally finished a new interactive exhibition map after working hard! All graphics are created with Affinity Designer and Wacom Tablet. With around 750 stands and lots of roads making it possible to create milions of unique routes (each stand to each stand), this was pretty intensive Designer work, next to the programming and animating! BTW not really Designer-specific, but if you're interested; when requesting a route it even takes into account the actual traffic to calculate the fastest route on the fly! Hope you guys like it! 😀
  20. I've imported a pdf technical drawing into Designer. I want to delete all the dimensions on the drawing. Each dimension is called DIMx (x being a number). Is there a way I can I select all layers with DIM in the name?
  21. Here are some arrow assets for AD to share, you can color those (or apply a gradient) of course differently to your likings. - [Note: that those who show up two colored (b&w) in the palette, are mostly grouped together shapes and that you may have to ungroup those in order to alter their default assigned B&W colors.] The compressed assets file ... var_bw_arrows.zip
  22. Official cover art I illustrated for The Changing Spaces' upcoming release, "Control". Channeling all those techy cyberpunk vibes with this one! 👾 Mostly hand-drawn/painted in Affinity Photo using a drawing tablet, with a bit of Designer for the typography. ✍️ www.instagram.com/christidutoit
  23. I totally forgot to post this here, which is really dumb of me, because this is probably one of the most important places that this should be posted! I worked with the lovely folks over at Serif/Affinity to create this official sample artwork for the release of Affinity Designer 1.7. You can access the working file of this illustration both on the desktop as well as iPad versions of Designer by browsing the sample artwork section, which will allow you to have a look 'under the hood' to see how the illustration was put together. The artwork also shows up for a moment in the latest Affinit
  24. The image of Peter Behrens' kiss has always fascinated me. Since I'm still trying out the rim with Affinity Designer, I've reinterpreted it with this one. Lines and areas with 2 textures, one textile and one structure.
  25. Vector Assets: Camouflage IIIA simplified outline set of Landscape Shapes used in Camouflage IIIUsed in combination with Bumble trees and Ground Plants There is also a Landscape Kit associated with these 'base vectors'Categories1. Crater2. Boulder3. Jawbone4. Mesh 5. Textures 016. Boulder (dimensioned)6. Textures 02Multicoloured variations not shown and detailing has been removed.Samples as below and .zip file for installation: Camouflage III - Landscape.zip
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