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  1. Can we add Black, Gray and White eyedroppers in "Levels" and "Curves" to help accurately adjust white balance
  2. I have searched but could not find any mention of using color charts for color correction in photos. I apologize if I have, inadvertently, overlooked one. I see that I can use a single white pixel or patch to help correct white balance and, indeed, this is helpful but I am wondering if I can do more. I have the Datacolor SpyderCHECKR 24 color patch and used to make test shots with this in the photo. I know that other software has a very simple way of using the entire chart to optimize white balance correction. Though tedious, I could enter a list of true colors and then select the corresp
  3. I was recently taking infrared photos, using a camera without lowpass filter & IR filter. And taking photos with RYYB sensor (Huawei Phone). However, Affinity Photo only provide limited white balance adjustment range in RAW files process. In Adobe Camera Raw, the adjustment range of Tint is from -150% to 150%, but only +-50% in affinity photo. Compare affinity photo with two mobile apps: Snapseed and Lightroom IMG_6304.CR2 was taken by Canon 500D & 590 nm filter, with correct built-in white balance parameters. In Google's Snapseed, the tint value is -100 (minimum) but
  4. Hi all, this is my very first post on Affinity Forum and I have very little experience with Affinity Photo. I'm an astrophotographer and today I'ma trying to postprocess a Moon image to create a "mineral moon" image. I usually use an astrophotograpy dedicated software but now I want to try to process the image with Affinity. The very first step of mineral moon processing is perfectly white balancing the moon disk by aligning the RGB hystograms. In my case, as you can see in the attached picture (Image 01), the moon has a strong yellowish/pinkish color (due to some preprocessing I
  5. Hi all, I'm experimenting huge difficulties in white balancing images. So I've tried to create a very simple "test image" to understand if I'm doing something wrong. This is the test image, an 8 bit Pixel layer Then I've created another layer with a reddish tint and blended multiplying it (so i've created a tint shift in the image). Finally I've tried to color balance both with the color balance adjustment layer and with the White balance function of develop persona, both using the single click or using a rectangular selection. The result
  6. Hi, I noticed that Photoshop has far better and more realistic white balance correction abilities. Affinity's white balance seems to give weird results that aren't true to life. Here I have set both to an extreme value of -100%. Unfourtantly, because of this, I have to keep photoshop installed to make white balance corrections since Affinity cannot do it correctly. How to reproduce: Use any regular JPG image, open each photo in affinity and photoshop, and compared the difference when you slide the white balance.
  7. I'm new to Affinity Photo so I may have missed the obvious here, but I can't seem to get 'white' on the colour (color) chooser. I'm using Windows 10 and software version is If I import a black & white image (as shown in the attachment) the white appears slightly brown or beige. All totally uniform. The colour chooser doesn't show any pure white at any point of the scale and greyscale just goes from beige to black. Not sure if there's a preference or adjustment but I really would like to see a true white and, furthermore, to be confident the other colours I produce are reali
  8. Please take a look at this post in Dpreview. Develop Persona has problem with pink tint. https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/63162325 Lightroom , C1 ,RawTherapee and other RAW editors doesn't have this problem. Download the RAW file , and check it out yourself.
  9. Please add eyedroppers (inside of the curves panel) to define custom values for black, gray and white, as in Photoshop.
  10. It seems a little strange that there’s no way to select your white balance point. Am I missing it? I see Auto White Balance in Adjustments which is not the tool I’m looking for.
  11. How do you master white balance and especially using Affinity Photo, it seems very subjective. Is the correct white balance measurable?
  12. Hi, I got Affinity Photo on my iPad Pro 10.5 soon after upgrading for iOS 12. I shoot with Pentax K-70 mostly in native RAW, that is PEF format. I used Lightroom since past 7-8 years, I also have trial version of LR mobile on my iPad. I really like the simplicity and output from LR. With very minimal tweaking LR gives excellent RAW development. But major limitation of LR Mobile app is that it cannot save RAW file in various lossless formats, moreover there are limitations of resizing the files on LR while exporting. Both of these things are taken care by Affinity but I don’t like it’s ima
  13. Hey there My buttons for white balance under RAW development are not working properly... They go way too far, and I am not sure how to fix it. I've uploaded 3 pictures and one video to demonstrate what I mean... I've also attached two pictures of my Assistant and Performance settings Thank you Example_3.mov
  14. Hello everyone and thank you for your answers in advance. I have a huge issue with Affinity for mac: Using a Canon 1Dx mark ii camera, i capture RAW photos for the best quality, but for some reason Affinity doesn't read the white balance correctly. I usually play with a white balance to tune a nice look when possible, but this time it was a no go, because the product i photographed looks blue instead of purple! Please see attached 3 files: The original RAW, a JPG file exported via Apple Photo app (it easily detected and exported the correct white balan
  15. The problem that occurs is the white balance box selection tool does not line up with the cursor - but is offset some distance away. The workflow that creates this issue is as follows: 1) open raw file 2) crop image 3) attempt to box select white balance tool. If I do not crop the image first, white balance selection tool works as expected.
  16. I have been using AP for 2 years.when i imported raw images shot on Nikon D800 to develop, they looked bit dull but not that bad.Now i have Nikon D850 and the images look ok in camera and Affinity photo for ipad but look awful in develop persona on Mac.Also I was surprised at the auto white balance readings and thought the camera did a bad job.last night downloaded free trial of Photoshop cc and images look fine there in camera raw and also the white balance readings are totally different, more likely expected.I am attaching the screenshot of develop in AP and camera raw.check the WB readings
  17. So Ive been exporting my LUTS from affinity and using them in LumaFusion. The process is great save one adjustment...The White balance adjustment. If I cool down my image in Afinity Photo and export my Lut, my image is warmed up in Luma Fusion and vice versa. Same goes for the tint, If i add magenta, i get Green and so forth. Is this just my iPad or can i get some help. I’m on the IPad Pro 10.5. Everything is updated.
  18. I'm brand new to Affinity Photo and would like to use it to process infrared images. I have seen the tutorial on producing simulated IR images but am thinking of getting a camera converted for IR use. I've used a friend's IR converted camera and when I brought the images into Affinity they still had a browny/red tinge to them. The minimum Kelvin temperature on the White Balance slider seemed to be 2000k. But I understand that it needs to be adustable between about 1200-1800k in order to remove the colour cast. Is it possible to do this in Affinity? Thanks
  19. I have a set of several hundred photos with varyiing white balance settings. I would like to offset each photo by adding 400 degrees K to it. Can I do this in batch and if so how do I go about it? I have very little experience with batch processing. .
  20. Hi, I love the software, but miss some crutches I often use in other software. I think it would be convenient to have a few preset white balance settings in a drop down menu in develop persona. E.g. As shot - Sunny - cloudy - shade etc. that usually helps in finding a good starting point for wb. I guess it would be great if demanding individual users could tweak these to account for their specific cameras, but for me that doesn't seem necessary. At least, rawtherapee works for me perfectly this way. Thanks. Wouter
  21. When I develop two or more RAW images for a panorama or stereo pair, I find it useful to save the basic parameters from the first as a preset, so that the other image(s) are developed the same. I find that the white balance is NOT saved, and has to be set manually. All the other parameters are saved correctly, as far as I can see. I'm running version on a Toshiba Satellite laptop running Windows 7.
  22. I worked with Nikon D810 ( WB : flash ). It is normal to read 'Capture One Pro ( ver 9.3 ) but ... There is a little WB problem reading Affinity Photo . Why would this happen? ( Not Flicker ) thanks.
  23. Hi all, I'm using Affinity Photo for a few days. It's outstanding for editing and retouching, but I've some problems with the raw developing where the biggest is the white balance: is there a way to have the scale in Kelvin? Thanks!
  24. There's a color picker in the white balance adjustment layer, but not in Persona. Why is that?
  25. Hi all When in a 32bit image and adding a white balance adjustment layer, then using the picker to get "white" works as expected, but then when you switch the adjustment layer on and off or go to another layer and back to that layer, the picker colors are lost. When you go into the white balance, the values are like it was picked with the picker, but it doesn't affect anything. To make it work I have to adjust the balance and tint 1% left of what it is now...
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