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  1. On my ipad I liked the LR image more. However on my Acer monitor of my desktop, I do see AP image has richer look. However to achieve that I had to spend a lot of time while LR gives me results quickly partly may be I am not very familiar with the UI, but at the same time an extra tool for WB adjustment would be a great addition in an already great app. I am also surprised with the compression ratio in best JPEG quality both apps used, AP image is larger. Need to pixel peep to see does it preserve more details too? Thank you very much for your valuable inputs. Atindra
  2. Thank you very much Lee. I am sure with spending some more time there would be workarounds but as you said if a special tool is added, it will be great as it would save lots of hassles. Best regards, Atindra
  3. Hi, I got Affinity Photo on my iPad Pro 10.5 soon after upgrading for iOS 12. I shoot with Pentax K-70 mostly in native RAW, that is PEF format. I used Lightroom since past 7-8 years, I also have trial version of LR mobile on my iPad. I really like the simplicity and output from LR. With very minimal tweaking LR gives excellent RAW development. But major limitation of LR Mobile app is that it cannot save RAW file in various lossless formats, moreover there are limitations of resizing the files on LR while exporting. Both of these things are taken care by Affinity but I don’t like it’s image output. Mostly the images do not match my taste or need to do too much tweaking to match output of my liking. The major culprit I find in development work flow of AP is the lack of grey point based white balance tool. Which I find very handy in most image editing apps/software. It takes care of both temperature and tint with their perfect interdependence in a single go. Does anyone else know any workaround or feel same like me? I am posting images from LR and AP to show what am I pointing to. Image 3 is AP and 4 is LR output files. And this is my first post so please pardon my mistakes, if any. Atindra