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  1. In my workflow I do not use RAW files, I normally just use PNG format. I can either use the develop persona or just use the white balance filter without rasterizing my image. They both give the same result. Photoshop's camera raw white balance has always worked a lot better. This is why my first post is showing extreme values to make it clear how different Affinity's approach is compared to Photoshops. Here is a random file I pulled from google photos to demonstrate how poorly Affinity's white balance correction picker and slider are compared to Photoshops. I've also recorded myself correcting both and Photoshop's is effortless. In Affinity, you have to struggle and manually change the slider, and even then it still gives an off tint and never looks proper from my experience. 2019-10-17 09-14-05.mp4
  2. Hi Chris, Thanks for the reply. In photoshop I use CameraRawFilter, for affinity either Develop persona or white balance filter give the same results. I do agree it's difficult to compare slider values from one app to another. I'm a 3D artist, all of my images are normally saved in PNG in production. Sometimes I need to do white balance fixes in Affinity or Photoshop. I believe Photoshop's white balance is much more accurate than Affinity's. I have attached a short video showing exactly what I do and ill attach my source file as well :) 2019-10-15 11-01-20.mp4
  3. Hi, I noticed that Photoshop has far better and more realistic white balance correction abilities. Affinity's white balance seems to give weird results that aren't true to life. Here I have set both to an extreme value of -100%. Unfourtantly, because of this, I have to keep photoshop installed to make white balance corrections since Affinity cannot do it correctly. How to reproduce: Use any regular JPG image, open each photo in affinity and photoshop, and compared the difference when you slide the white balance.
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