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  1. Thank you all, that will work. Just thought that there is a way to use fractions, but didn't know how. Thanx again.
  2. Hi there, I'm trying to set an exact document dimensions in inches like 7 7/8 x 10 3/8, but have no idea how to type it without decimal point. Any help appreciated. Thanx.
  3. Exactly, Owenr. It takes 1min 10sec to load each HDR Merge, then i can create a macro for the visual changes, but i still need to manually add every time new 7 photos to a new HDR Merge. So, instead of working only 1 time on the first HDR Merge, then batch automating the same process to the rest of the photos and coming back after 2 hours to find all the processed HDR photos in Jpg format, i need to sit in front of my mac all day long and click the same clicks. Is there an option for that in affinity photo or not?
  4. Yes, i tried OpenGL and Metal. It takes 1min 10sec to HDR Merge 7 photos into 1 using either one of the settings. The problem is that i have hundreds of bracketed photos, so without an HDR Merge batch option, i will need to sit in front of my mac for few hours and click every minute. I would prefer a way of automating this process.. Isn't there an HDR Merge Batch option in Affinity Photo? Is there a way to create a macro that will do it for me? Can i automate such a job using 3rd party tool if there is no such an option in affinity photo?
  5. Hi Everyone, I have a lot of "7 image exposure bracketing Raw" Canon 1dx mark 2 files. The problem is that it takes a lot of time to process each photo. I have a macbook pro 15" 2018 i9 32gb 560x gpu. The questions are: 1. Are there any settings i need to change in order to speed up the process, because it looks like metal gpu acceleration is off (my current settings screenshot attached)? 2. Is there an option to create a batch job for all of my 7 part HDR Merge photos, so ill be able to leave it processing and come back in an hour instead of clicking every few minutes each time? Thanx a lot in advance.
  6. Need help asap... Just got my new macbook pro 15" 2018 with i9 cpu and once installed Affinity Photo, the same issue is back again. But, this time i can not find the "Engine" option, so all the colors of raw files are off again. Did the option location changed or what should i do? Thanx a lot in advance.
  7. v_kyr, thank you for your answer. I'll stick with owenr solution because it works in Affinity Photo. Btw, according to the "Affinity engine supported cameras" list, my Canon EOS-1D X Mark II is supported. It is on the list.
  8. Got it. It is what it is.. Your Affinity Photo solution works for me, but now i have 2 more questions: 1. Does it matter if i'll work using Apple engine vs Affinity engine? Would i get speed penalty or rendering quality differences? 2. Where can i find a list of all Affinity supported cameras? Thank you.
  9. Owenr, thank you for a quick answer. I found this option in Affinity Photo, but for some reason couldn't find it in Affinity Designer (still blue). I better change to Apple raw everywhere until one day Affinity engine will support Pro Canon cameras.
  10. Hello everyone and thank you for your answers in advance. I have a huge issue with Affinity for mac: Using a Canon 1Dx mark ii camera, i capture RAW photos for the best quality, but for some reason Affinity doesn't read the white balance correctly. I usually play with a white balance to tune a nice look when possible, but this time it was a no go, because the product i photographed looks blue instead of purple! Please see attached 3 files: The original RAW, a JPG file exported via Apple Photo app (it easily detected and exported the correct white balance - Purple) and a screen shot of how it looks via Affinity Photo (Blue). Is there anything i'm missing or should i just look for a different software for pro work? Original File.CR2
  11. Thank you for the reply, but still in don't understand why rasterizing the effects have to do with 3 crops. To me it looks like a bug. Can't it rasterize the effects as one image without those visible lines?
  12. After working for some time with Affinity Photo, yesterday i got the Designer version (needed to vectorize our logo). After vectorizing, i added 3d effect and some shadow. Had to create a real dimension file of 175"x89" at 300dpi and export it as SVG in order to keep the effects in good quality. The issue that i'm having is that it divides the SVG into 3 separate parts (Slices) automatically and the dividing lines are visible. I tried to disable that feature with no success (or maybe i don't know how). Please advise. slice1.svg Logo.afdesign
  13. Hi everyone, I have Affinity photo and having big issues with it: 1. It doesn't read the fonts from PSD files, so all the files look messed up until i fix it manually myself (the fonts inside the psd are not on my mac and the suggested fonts never look aligned ). 2. Once i export the file as PSD, the text can not be edited anymore after opening the PSD. 3. When i export the file as PDF for print, the pictures don't look as sharp and become kind of bright unlike in the original file, so i need to export as PNG instead to keep the look as the original. I am using this app for designing brochures and ads. The question is: Would it help if i'll buy Affinity Designer, or that app has the same core design/bugs? The thing is that Affinity Photo gives me ALL i need, but these bugs.... Thanx, in advance.
  14. Hi all, when opening PSD files i always getting "Fonts Missing" message with "Suggested fonts" on the right and then when i open the files, ALL the text is OFF, not aligned, messy etc.. I never installed any new fonts on my OS. All my PSD files always open and edit perfectly using any other app like: Pixelmator, GIMP, Photoshop, Preview and so.. Only in Affinity Photo i have this weird bug. I tried "Reset fonts", reinstall the app, restart my iMac and nothing helped. See attached: original file, Missing fonts message, How it should look and how it looks like. Original.pdf
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