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Found 589 results

  1. AD doesn't have an eraser tool like Illustrator, so I thought I'd try simulating it with masking in the Draw persona. Is it possible to make a Reveal All mask in the Draw persona (like you can in Photoshop?) As far as I can tell, the only sort of masking you can do in vector mode would be like the Hide All mask in Photoshop where everything but the solid figures drawn on the mask is hidden.
  2. The only major thing holding me back from using Affinity as my full time vector image tool is the import handling of vector images. I use eps files a lot in my work and when I import(place...) an eps file it gets saved on the layer as an embedded document. I then have to double click on the image to edit it. Then I need to double click on that image to select its curves. I next copy its outline, go back to my original document and then I paste the outline into my document. I then need to delete the imported image(embedded document). If I don't do the above process, The image will not print(cut). Is there any way that Affinity can turn on a user preference that will allow a user to select if they want to import images as embedded documents or converted as curves upon placing them in the document? Or, provide a button that can be clicked to automatically convert to curves instead of doing the above procedure? I know this has been asked before but I haven't seen a definitive answer if this is something that will be available soon or not. It's this and curved text that is preventing me from cutting the strings on Illustrator (I can wait for the other goodies on your future upgrade path). I am using the beta.
  3. Pardon my ignorance and excuse me if this was asked before, I can't seem to find a good answer. I'm trying to develop a poster that'll be 20in by 24in. I've created my document and set my dimensions. My final product's EPS file is massive, which I understand will happen. Previously, I used Illustrator. I could resize the document and the items inside would scale appropriately. So then the resulting file would be smaller and easier to send to print. Right now if I resize the document, it just makes the document smaller and the current content sits in absolute positions wherever they were designed to be on a larger canvas. Is it possible that I'm missing something and someone could point me in the correct direction? Thanks a ton!
  4. Welcome the world of cars and magic.
  5. I created an arrow brush in the past for the someone community you can find it here. It is clear to me that there are some fundamental differences between brushes created in draw persona as opposed to brushes created in the pixel persona. I think most people think the brush type in the pixel persona are raster brushes. The brushes you make in draw persona? What would you call them? Their not vector brushes but the way they draw imitate how a vector brush would act but they based off of pixel data from images. of course I am not talking about the basic Solid brushes (which i assume are vector) but I more referring to custom texture based brushes. My second question is will we be able to create a vector brush within Affinity Designer and drop it into the brush editor and have that brush become a actual vector defined brush? I have some ideas but I can't really execute them if the brush is not a true vector data. Thoughts? Thanks :)
  6. Hi folks; maybe this already exists somewhere and I wasn't able to find it by now, if not, then consider this to be a request: When I'm drawing something inside Illustrator, I can hit SPACEBAR to readjust the position of my point or shape as I'm drawing. This was one of the first things I missed when trying out Affinity. It's not like drawing a point, hitting a, changing its position and then continue drawing would be such a bug deal, but that Spacebar-thing really helps getting into Hyperflowmode. Something that AD is usually quite good at :) So keep it coming guys, cheers
  7. Garytagreg

    Kindle Paperwhite Poster

    I was making a icon to use as a replacement for the one automatically displayed on the desktop when I plug in my kindle paperwhite and it turned out quite well. So, I thought I'd make it even more accurate and make a marketing-type poster. All vector and all done in Affinity Designer, including all the text, lines and icons on the display. It really wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, mainly because its really a lot of rounded rectangle shapes, but that's what makes vector art (and AD) great :) I'm hoping to make a more 3D-ish one that appears to be rotated around 20~30 degrees around the y-axis sometime, but I'm happy with this "straight on" one, too. I've also include the icon as a png if anyone would like to use it. Hope you like it! edit: re-uploaded the png with a few minor fixes for some strokes getting too big after resizing the layer
  8. Garytagreg

    Coffee Time

    “Coffee Time” I’m really not very good with hand drawing (stick figures only!) so I really like the concept of vector drawing in which I can make changes after the fact and tweak to my hearts content. To learn how to use Affinity Designer (I have played with some vector stuff before in Inkscape but nothing much at all), I decided to make something look as real as I could that wouldn’t need too much raw drawing skill and I came up with “Coffee Time” : 100% created from scratch vector drawing (no brushes or pixel layers except for the use of the fx “Layer effects"). I did use a photo for reference but I didn’t do any tracing or anything. I’m really, really happy how it turned out. I tried out all sorts of things and learned a lot but it was a lot of fun :) As this is a "Learn and Share” forum, I thought I’d share exactly what I did (see the other other attached pictures). It’s not perfect and I’m a beginner, but hopefully others might be able to learn something, too Enjoy! :) My Process: 01 Create 2 sets of circle shapes to represent the top and bottom of the cup. Squish the top and the bottom with the move tool. The top circle has a smaller one on top to remove later to make a lip for the cup. I deliberately used bright colours to make the shapes easy to distinguish from each other. 02 Join the circles with the corners of a rectangle shape to form the side of the cup. 03 Shape the rectangle with the node tool. Add a handle. Clone the top circle and move it down to make the surface of the coffee. 04 Create a set of “shading shapes” to put on top of the side of the cup. These will then be given a gradient colour and transparency to give the illusion of a bumpy surface. 05 Create some circles and overlay some shading shapes . I used the the smart duplicate function to repeatedly rotate duplicates of the shading shape easily. 06 Squish the saucer with the move tool and move into place under the saucer 07 Change the colours to something closer to the final version and play with gradients and transparencies. I also blurred it to make it blend more naturally. Once I got something that looked good, I made a style of it and then applied it to the others and then hand tweaked each one. 08 Do the same to the saucer. Also added some detail (reflection of the inside of the cup and blurred it) to the coffee. 09 Add a background with a gradient. I used the noise slider to give it some texture. I also added some steam with just a hand drawn shape. 10 Add a shadow. I just duplicated the cup and saucer, blacked them out and then put them in place underneath everything and used the shear tool to project it out. I also added some fine detail on the edge of the side of the cup to add to the bumpiness illusion. Made the lip a nice shiny gold with a slightly tweaked version of the built in “metal” style. Added some self shadowing to the saucer and further deformed the circle shape it to give a more 3D look to it. 11 Added reflections and spectral highlights to the cup and saucer. Now it looks nice and shiny. For the final version, I also added some bubbles to the coffee (lots of circle shapes) and the text, converted to curves and then given a steam like style (actually the same one I used for the shading shapes!) and then each character rotated and scaled to make it look like steam from the coffee.
  9. I'm currently trying out the Demo Version of Affinity Designer, and I really like it a lot, the only problem I have is that if I export the Document as SVG, I end up with an SVG that contains only one single PNG as image object, but what I really wanted is a vector graphic. Is this a Demo limitation? If not, how can I export it as a real vector graphic? Icecast Shema.afdesign
  10. Am I correct in assuming that when you add raster shading you can then no longer export as a vector file with vector benefits?
  11. omarvelazquez

    La piedad

    Beginning use affinnitty...
  12. omarvelazquez


    other test with affinity... :D
  13. Lescot


    Using Deviant Arts new logo, added it to a group of folks there playing around with it.
  14. grzessnik

    AD drawings

    Hi all, here is my first AD drawing. It was very interesting experience and after few different approaches drawing is complete. Best, Greg
  15. Hi, my name Tenli from Indonesia, and very excitement with affinity designer so I could forget ai. But, after updated my OSX into Yosemite something not right with my workflow. At previous OSX I could copy and paste from affinity to keynote/pages, but now it can't, so I have to export them into png then place it to keynote/pages or export them into svg open ai then place it to keynote/pages. This step makes me crazy... Is there any a good way so I just opening affinity, and keynote/pages without ai or else? Or it would fixed in the next update? Thank you Keep Rocks Affinity
  16. Hi! I have a Wacom Bamboo. Vector brush to use not the apryeo control. The bitmap is well pressure control. Is a bug? Is not it? (I'm sorry I did not speak English well because Koreans)
  17. Hi, I want to use these 3 parallel lines to create curves and shapes - and remain parallel at all times. Is it possible in AD yet? Illustrator lets you do it by creating a custom brush. Freehand let you add multiple strokes to a vector to create the same effect. Can't see to figure this out in AD. S
  18. will1960


    I really Love Affinity....
  19. Lescot

    Weapon of choice.

    Really love the precision of AD. Had lots of fun with this. The star is a new character for a vinyl sticker. Fascinated by the infinite zoom - everything is so crisp. Used the layer fx alot. Great to have the possibility to give different fx to different elements on ONE layer in such an intuitive way.
  20. Hey Gang.. :) Having a blast learning A.Designer. This is my first take on a vector drawing. I'll show more as soon as i get the time to work on this :) Oh, did i mention this is ALL freakin' VECTOR? yeah.. the light rays too... that seamlessly blend with the background :O the biggest wow for me was.. a layer above every other layer, which has a gradient, noise, and overlay blend mode.. it ties everything together sooo goood... i think im falling in love with you Affinity -.- but i have a girlfriend, darn...
  21. David

    Snotbag Monster (WIP)

    In an attempt to break me in, I decided to jump right in and make a large A3 piece. Going well so far, although missing not having an eye drop tool to sample things, hopefully the idea is once I have completed this I should have sussed affinity to a comfortable level. Things I love so far: • Effects are presented in one easy place with sliders • The path tools, once I figured out how to add points etc I'm finding them beautiful to use. • I don't have so many pallets open to achieve the same work as I do in Illustrator I have come across a couple of bugs, my tool bar got stuck to the foot of the window and then vanished, My artboard started flashing on and off at one point after drawing a box and I had to re-start
  22. Hello, i would like to have the option of drawing live mirrored vector-path! X-axis, Y-axis or any other angle. Very useful, to draw objects like bottles and similar quickly ... ;-) And, it would be helpful to draw alongside a ruler or curved stencil. Thanks!
  23. Hello, is there any way or another mac-tool in the world that draws vector-path with its horizontal or vertical or any other axis / direction mirrored? Useful, to draw bottles and similar objects quickly ... ;-) Thanks for bringing Affinity in my life :-)
  24. It would be great to be able to paste vector graphics from iWork into Affinity Designer. Right now the graphics is rasterized on the way in. See discussion in this thread: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/1540-pie-chart-support/
  25. Just started using Affinity Designer. I have been wondering why when I copy an vector shape from Affinity and paste it in Sketch it gives me a bitmap file in Sketch. Doing the same thing from Illustrator to Sketch you get a vector shape. Anyone has any ideas? Thanks!