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  1. LiamQuinn

    Joyful Junctions

    Thanks Kasper, I've actually had that suggested a couple of times already so it's certainly on the list Currently converting my works into CMYK format though to put together a Scotland calendar, but will then be going back to making new ones!
  2. LiamQuinn

    Joyful Junctions

    Hadn't thought of doing it that way, that's great! In the absence of a true offset tool, I'll give that a shot, thank you
  3. LiamQuinn

    Joyful Junctions

    What Are Joyful Junctions? I'm working on developing a collection of illustrative, colourful artworks, based on visually memorable junctions in and around Scotland. I started with Glasgow, my home town, but have now expanded out to other interesting areas with varying complexity. I'll post some examples of my favourites here, but if you like, you can see the whole collection on my Behance Gallery. Improvements I'd Like to Make / Affinity Designer Questions It's my first time using a real graphic design software suite beyond Powerpoint, but it's a testament to the developers that Affinity is so easy to get used to. That being said, I was wondering if there's a way to have a curve follow the same curvature as another. For example, when I have one road running parallel to another for some section, and want to maintain a uniform distance between the curves for the duration of that section. If this tool exists in the program, please do let me know!