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  1. It's really nice to hear it! By the way, really thanks Affinity Team for your brilliant work!. I like Photoshop, but Affinity is fully on track to dethrone Adobe. :P
  2. Ok thanks ;) ,but i have Windows computer and i have to wait for beta... :( So for now I can't try them.
  3. Hi! I am used to using Adobe package, where is a strict division between software for vectors and software for rasters.I saw that the Affinity moves away from this scheme. Affinity Designer can create vectors, but also raster paintings? In addition, I heard that, both- Affinity Photo and Designer are using the same file extension. So I can open the file with the vectors in Affinity Photo? Could someone explain that to me? :P Which program is better to buy for digitalpainting? (for example, in the style of: http://memod.deviantart.com/gallery/) Thanks for all your help! :)

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