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  1. Hi MEB, thanks, i solved modifying the baseline with negatives values
  2. Hi there! I googled a bit but i couldn't find a proper answer... Is there a way to make the top of the text to fit on a path? Here i found a tutorial for mine same problem but it's for Illustrator -> https://graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/19589/make-top-of-type-sit-on-path-illustrator Thanks for the support!
  3. Hi, I'm very very very very very happy about all the Affinity softwares! The only thing in designer I really feel missing is an autotracer feature. I'd like to import my sketch directly from paper scan! Please, please, add it in your roadmap The workaround i use now is a site (http://www.autotracer.org/ - remove the link if i'm violating any forum rule) that allows me to convert rasters to vectors. BTW thanks anyway for your hard work and keep it up! Alessandro