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  1. I second this. Something to delete directly a node without to go through a complicated action would be great.
  2. I tell you, even a newbie can understand very quickly the problem you're talking about. I second your last paragraph, because I'm browsing the forum for one week now, and this paragraph fits all my thoughts about the forum and the soft (Designer). And personally, it's pretty sad that the strategy of many companies is just: - Well, many users of this soft X are tired because it's expensive and as it's a standard, they don't work on it and just pick up the money every year. We don't have the resources to compete with it, but we can "collect" 20%~30% of its customers because they just need the basis of the soft. Let's pick up up these customers with a cheap product. Profit. Until next beta I'll use AD because it's an amazing program. But if I feel that the ambition of the company is not to compete with the biggest, just to be "good enough", I'll move on too, since another company will offer better alternative. And for the moment, I hesitate to continue with Inkscape. It's slow and its interface is terrible for many things, but soooo more advanced in many ways...
  3. I'm smiling about the number of people (me included) who want things that are already in Inkscape. Almost everything written here, actually. I'm pretty sure that developers are aware of this, but well...
  4. I've just read the sneak peek about 1.7. That sounds great, and many things that I request are here. So, can't wait the update. Just repost this request because for artists it's very, very important, and I didn't see that in the roadmap/sneak peek: - Vector shapes/objects (and groups maybe?) along path. The same thing already done with pixeled textures (like broderie), but with improvements. Allow object along path -> become an object itself -> along path.The size of the object (along path) changes according of the thickness of the path. By the way, it could be the size OR the transparency, that could allow great effects. The last little request for tonight (sorry ^^ ): - Change the thickness of a stroke, not by the pressure tool, but by special points, that doesn't control the form of the stroke, only its thickness where the point is (symmetrically or not). Very important when you want subtlety in your drawing.
  5. My 2 cents: I use some 3D programs (like Catia) where selection is counted. And it's good. Why? because when you spent 5mn to select the solids you want to change (whatever action), and you failed for some reason, it's good to undo the action BUT keep the solids selected. I do understand why some people don't want this behavior, though. Maybe an option in preferences?
  6. Another request, after few hours: - Some actions need to press left mouse button, and then press right mouse button. The problem is that if I release right button first, the behavior of left-pressed-button-only is immediately done, ruining the adjustment made with left+right button. I'd like to avoid this, aka when left and right buttons are pressed, release one or another doesn't change the behavior of the action (stay on left+right one). It could be an option in keyboard preferences.
  7. Hi! New here, I've just bought the the soft, great feelings about it, amazing, I love it! But as usual, after few hours on it (the whole week-end, actually), I already have few requests about thing that are lacking for me. I am an illustrator and using Inkscape because there's no alternative in an affordable price. Adobe Illustrator? Well, forget it. Their actual price policy is a no go for me. Inkscape is painful in many ways but is a good program, very useful, and allows great things. But the truth is that it isn't very user friendly, and the workflow is not that good, for many reasons I won't explain, it's not relevant for what I want to request here. I must admit, it shines in few things that AD doesn't have, and I think it's really sad. I've read the roadmap, so I'll try to avoid requests already asked, except the ones I think that they are really important. 1°) Strokes done by vector object(s). Today they can be done plain, or with textures, but textures are in pixel, I'd like to use shapes, objects, samples, whatever. Why? Because we can do very good effects (when the object is stretched, not repeated), and it's not size dependent. Also, today, textures can be divided in 3, head, body (that is replicated) and tail. We could have many bodies and distribute them randomly along the stroke. Also we could add space between bodies/tail/head. Example of uses, music sheet, vegetation in the background, and so on. It's my N°1 request I think. 2°) Effects studio. Like in Inkscape. Its use is a pain, but is very powerful. With a better system (node based for example?) it could be a killer app'. It's essential for me. We don't need 100 effects, but """simple""" things like voronoi, blur (advanced), color modifications, transformations, and the ability to combine them at will, and we could create complex textures from scratch (like in Substance Designer) that are not size dependent. The actual effects available are good but too limited for my needs. 3°) Warp tool in vector. Like everybody here ^^... I know, it's already on the roadmap. 4°) Multiple gradient colors for the shape/stroke. I mean, if I fill a shape for example with a color, it can be a gradient (linear, elliptic, ...). I'd like to have an accumulation of gradients (with blending modes). I already have a workaround (I duplicate the shape, then fill each shape with a different gradient), but it would be time saving, as we can create 10 gradient for 1 shape and show 1 at a time. 5°) Export preferences in a file for all things we can keep in memory. For example, I can create my own pressure diagram for a stroke (if I use a mouse instead of a pencil) and keep it, a small icon appears. But I can't save it in a file. I'd like to. Many set tools set can be kept and reused, but can't be saved on disk. It's sad. 6°) Improve the pressure tool used in stroke and other things. Allow linear trajectories, bigger size for better adjustments... 7°) shapes filled by vector textures. Already asked, but I ask again. Too useful. With many parameters like distribution, size distribution, multiple objects put randomly (example of use: leaves on the ground in autumn), color distribution and so on. The distribution could be driven by other objects under (as rulers) or the color of pixelized textures. It's a little complicated to explain here, I can be more specific if you want. 8°) Perspective shape. I put many objects/layers/curves/whatever in a rectangular shape, and deform it to fake perspective. (like a ground, a wall). If i double-click on it it comes back to its rectangular shape and I can change things, and when I quit, the perspective is shown. Thanks, anyway. I'll update this post if I have other requests. (sorry for my english, it's not my native language)