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  1. Many interrogations... I thought, there would be a standard way to operate this logo copy-paste procedure. It seems, that, there is no real answer: no real shortcut to copy paste the style and a frozen format!....
  2. OK @firstdefence, that´s cool explaning: cheers for that. --> But isn´t there a way to copy paste some object (on this case the logo) so that it doesn´t adapt its size when pasted in? I would like the logo to keep it´s original size, independantly of the dpi of the target picture it will be pasted in.
  3. Yes, I guess the resolution may change from picture to picture, since I use to crop some of them sometimes...
  4. Hi guys, I am currently working on a series of different pictures on affinity Photo (Desktop Version). I created my logo on Affinity Designer (vector file). After finishing croping, after-working my pictures, I try to copy paste the logo on them. Everytime I do so, the logo appears bigger/or/smaller on the different pictures. How can I freeze the size of my log, so that it looks like the same on each picture after copy-pasting? Thank you a lot in advance!
  5. Hi Carl 123, Ohh yes it works! Thank you alot for supporting aund alos to anyone contributing to this troubleshooting! BR
  6. Hello Guys, I was working the whole day on my project and just realized, that I got exactly the problem desribed by @Teejay2011 and @BobsDaubs... I tried to restore Affinity Designer, launched the safe modus, deinstalled the Deisgner und reinstalled the latest version (I was already running the latest version). No way to save my work... No possiblity to transfer it to Photo neiter to save it under a new file. Once, reinistalled, I started Designer again, It didn´t want to close, again ....." at least one file is beeing opened. Please wait before quitting the apllication".... My System spec: Windows, intel core i7-7500 2,7Ghz, 16GB Ram... which should be enough? What ist the current solution to this bug? Has anyone an idea? Thanks in advance guys!
  7. Dear Sima, Thank you a lot for your exhaustive post! You seem to have exactly the same errors / bugs, than I do! Hopefully Affinity will handle this bug soon!... Best regards
  8. ...I just tried it out, and I actually, I have the same problem when using Filters > Distort > Perspective :-( .... (latest release under windows 10)
  9. Hey JFisher, sure, here you are (see attached file). --> Ok Carl 123, I´ll try this way. Thanks for the tip! Macbook-Pro + panorama.afphoto
  10. Thank you for your help, but it didn´t worked out neither. I knoy this video by heart inbetween... :-( I made a second view in order to show you the matter from another perspective... Perspective filter issue 2.pdf
  11. Hello everybody, I am trying to apply a perspective layer on a "laptop png" in order to change the screen image of this laptop. Unfortunately once the grid of the perspective filter is appearing on my screen. The new selected image (=the new laptop backrground) I want to apply the perspective filter to, doesn´t follow the grid. (See attached pictures). Has anyone an idea why it´s not working? Cheers Perspective filter issue.pdf
  12. allright, thank you for your notification. That helps me to understand why I had this view on the display. Cheers!
  13. Okay, so I guess, you just found the problem. I am using Affinity Photo. I would surely have to use Afinity Designer to get the "real" vector file open...
  14. Hello everybody, I am desperatly trying to edit a normal vector .psd file (no smart object) . Unfortunately erveytime I open the file, I get an ugly bitmap image. The different layers appears correctly, but I am not able to get a pixelfree image (=vector image). I already tried to take .ai copy of the file, unfortunately it didn´t worked out neither. How can I load a.psd vector file without any quality loss? Any clue someone? Thanks in advance!
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